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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The Best Financial Advisor Websites: Summer 2018 Edition

10 minute read
The Best Financial Advisor Websites: Summer 2018 Edition Featured Image

One of the best parts about the work that we do at Twenty Over Ten is the opportunities we get to work with so many different advisors and broker dealers. As such, each website project we work on comes with it’s many rewards and unique challenges. Our advisor websites illustrate just how unique each company is that our team of writers and designers help to create. Once finished, we love hearing our clients’ thoughts on their newly refreshed compliant, lead generating websites. It’s an understatement to say that we love creating websites and look forward to every new project that comes our way.

In addition to all the sites we took live, this summer was filled with so many exciting updates to our platform. We worked hard and brought a fresh and updated feel to many sites. We launched an incredible amount of websites for advisors, so it was really hard to narrow it down to just six, but we managed to make it happen! As a busy season comes to a close, we wanted to revisit the numerous achievements and amazing clients that we worked with as we roll into fall.

1. Scott Advisory Group

Scott Advisory Group, based in Framingham, MA, just outside of Boston, is a family business that takes pride in being a third generation company that has been able to carry on a tradition that was started by Jessica and Samantha Scott’s grandfather. In an industry that is largely dominated by men, Scott Advisory Group caters to women and helps them navigate the sometimes turbulent waters in a profession where only 16 percent of women are advisors.

There are just so many things that we loved about creating this website and working with the Scott Advisory Group. The Scott sisters had the opportunity to work with both our design and copywriting teams, so everything was crafted from the bottom up specifically for them. Their events page is an absolute must-read as they update it constantly along with their blog with recent happenings, thoughts, and resources.

twenty over ten designed website, scott advisory group
Scott Advisory Group

2. Envisage Financial

Envisage Financial, based in Denver, CO, serves a niche market of small businesses. What we love most about this site is the true simplicity of it, as we often tell our clients that it is much more about quality than quantity. When there are too many pages or distractions, visitors will often get lost trying to see everything and find the information they need. The Envisage site has three simple pages – about, blog, and contact. It’s that simple!

Another feature of the Envisage site is their immediate Calls-to-Action (CTAs) on their home, about, and contact pages. Their CTAs are direct and actionable encouraging prospects to schedule a quick 15 minute demo session. Determining the CTA you want visitors to take once they land on your site is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to redesigning your website.

Envisage Financial

3. Centura Wealth Advisory

Centura Wealth Advisory, based in San Diego, CA, has a wealth of information on their site, however, they were able to keep it organized and use graphics that we love to bring a more “personal feel” to their site. Similarly to other clients of ours included in this roundup, Centura serves a niche market catering to the money management of wealthy families.

The firm’s blog is a great addition, as it’s distinctly broken into different sections or categories, making topics like college planning, investing, and retirement funding easy for site visitors to find. We just love when firms keep their blogs up-to-date, fresh with new and relevant content. Not only does doing so illustrate to your visitors that you are a thought leader in the industry but it can also help improve your SEO rankings. In addition, we love that they’ve setup their sitemap to cater to their niche having sections for wealthy families as well as professionals. Both of these sections very clearly spell out what their clients can expect during an engagement through the use of a graphic that illustrates their 5 step Liberated Wealth℠ Process.

Centura Wealth Advisory

4. Ruggaard & Associates, Inc.

Ruggaard & Associates is based out of Ohio and came to us in search of a website redesign and new logo. We love the clean, crisp look of their single page scrolling site. Though the blog section is near the bottom, there is the opportunity to see what the most up-to-date post is at the top, which immediately calls for some engagement. We really like how they also included a “Meet With Us” CTA, powered by Calendly in the bottom right-hand corner, which offers visitors options to schedule their introduction meeting based on their schedule. People like to have options and are also incredibly busy. Ruggaard offers web meetings, phone calls or in-person visits. This type of availability shows that the advisor really cares about future clients and will work around busy schedules.

Ruggaard & Associates, Inc.

5. Newport Coast Wealth Management

Newport Coast Wealth Management is an advisory firm that is focused on helping affluent and high-net-worth individuals, families, business owners, executives, royalty owners, foundations, nonprofits and endowments. Based in Newport Coast, CA, the firm was started by Jay Richardson, who has over three decades of experience with this niche demographic.

Within their single page scrolling site, visitors can easily find important information by scrolling through the easily accessibly navigation bar. This layout is becoming a more popular option in web design, as it removes the need for users to click through multiple tabs to find the answer to their questions. The Newport Coast site is a true lead generating machine providing visitors with the opportunity to join their newsletter and stay engaged via their blog.

Newport Coast Wealth Management

6. Ironwood Wealth Management

Ironwood Wealth Management was founded by John D. Williams, to help people achieve smarter financial decisions. After watching people make unwise investments leading into their retirement years, he decided he wanted to create a firm that focuses on helping retired and soon to be retired individuals properly prepare for retirement and investment management.

Ironwood worked with both our copywriting and design teams to help properly communicate and illustrate the firm’s story, while also maintaining the professionalism for which they are known. Their two CTA buttons in the top right hand corner, enables visitors to access their important accounts, or request an assessment.

Ironwood Wealth Management

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