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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Ironwood Wealth Management

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Ironwood Wealth Management Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, we have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients on a daily basis, and for that, we are extremely grateful. Whenever our websites go live, we like to have chats with the client to see how the like their new site and find out how the process went. This week, we got to speak with John D. Williams, founder and president at Ironwood Wealth Management. John and his team believe that it is so important to form a strong partnership with clients that can stand the test of time.

Tell us a bit about Ironwood Wealth Management and how the firm got its start.

The firm was created by John D. Williams to help people make smarter financial decisions. As a child being raised by his grandparents, John saw the problems that can result from uninformed financial decisions when his grandfather retired, while John was in high school, and he made a pension election that did not include his grandmother’s life. Today, Ironwood focuses on helping retired and soon to be retired individuals properly prepare for retirement and investment management.

How would you best describe the type of work that you do?

We try help people make smarter financial choices before and after they retire and take away the day-to-day burden of managing their investments, so they can focus on the parts of life that may matter most to them like friends, family and other meaningful pursuits that bring happiness into their life.

We like the story behind your brand. What is it that makes your firm so strong and reliable like an Ironwood tree?

Our firm is pretty conservative, not only with the assets it is entrusted to manage, but also the firm’s own finances. Our firm is also debt free. We also have a defined investment process that we follow. Many times that isn’t the case with many firms.  We also always try to be there for our clients, so they can rely on of for a variety of issues they could encounter.

When it came to designing your website, what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered? And on the other hand, was there anything that came easier than you thought?

I feel our biggest challenge was conveying the sense of caring we have while continuing to express the professionalism we strive for everyday.

You worked with both our design and copywriting teams to build out the perfect site for your firm. Tell us about your experience. Did this collaboration make the design of your website easier?

Yes, although we ultimately changed some of the copy, layout and other elements, having assistance to get us started was a big help.

We love your assessment request feature! How have you seen this help generate leads and clients?

This is a new feature for us so we don’t have much experience with it yet, but we do plan on enhancing it as time goes on.

Ironwood Wealth has this feature that allows a potential client to have a two-meeting assessment with a CFP™

What is your #1 favorite feature on your new Twenty Over Ten website?

While we like many parts and elements of our new website, I would have to say the Client Center because it should really help our clients, and we have plans to add features to it in the near future that should make it even more valuable to them.

We love how you how spelled out your on-boarding process. Has sharing your step-by-step process up front like this helped set expectations with current clients and prospects?

Yes. In sort of in a subliminal way, this is something I think I’ve realized we needed for some time because several people haven’t seemed to understand the process. It wasn’t until I decided to map out the process that I fully realized how important it could be so I think it will help potential clients understand our process, as well as, for our existing clients to better understand how it flows so they are more comfortable suggesting others contact us.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to other advisors that are considering redesigning their website?

Take your own advice … work with a professional who focuses their services on the type of need you have.  If your firm is a Registered Investment Advisory firm or similar type of firm for example, Twenty Over Ten, is focusing on the needs of that group.

Ready to Create Your Dream Website?

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