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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Summer Refresh: New Platform Features

6 minute read
Summer Refresh: New Platform Features Featured Image

Nailing the small details is key to knocking any web design out of the park. In honor of that mantra, we’re excited to release a suite of new features to create stunning landing pages, advanced content organization, and streamline your workflow!

What’s New?

For many summertime means relaxing beach trips and backyard fun. But this summer our team has been working hard to deliver Twenty Over Ten users with a slew of new features to help you drive engagement and connect with your audience.

1. Flexible landing pages

With our new flexible landing pages Twenty Over Ten users are able to easily hide the navigation and/or your company logo when creating landing pages. Last year, we debuted unlimited landing pages for all users because we felt advisors needed the ability to create one-off pages that could effectively advertise their services, connect with niche markets, drive lead generation, and further engage current clients.

Simply put, landing pages behave differently than other pages on your website. When creating a landing page via the Twenty Over Ten Platform, each will include a pre-styled layout that will fit the overall theme of your current site and our inline editor enables you to add imagery, text, buttons, forms, video, and more.

An advisor’s website is geared to serve the purpose of educating current clients and introducing or orientating prospects. However, a landing page is focused on one specific goal. Maybe it’s a event sign-up, a coupon or to simply grow your email list by offering a freemium. When Twenty Over Ten users create a landing page they get a unique URL that can be shared across social media, in email marketing and other avenues to drive traffic and encourage visitors to take action.

park hill
Example of a landing page with hidden navigation

See how one company experienced a 100% conversion rate when removing their landing page navigation.

At the end of the day we understand that your site visitors arrive at your landing page for a reason: to get the free offer you promoted. By removing the clutter and distractions through our new hidden navigation feature we’re making it easier for you to entice prospects and current clients while also creating a more memorable site experience.

2. Clone pages

Creating a duplicate page allows you to work on a new page without tampering with the existing version. While you can certainly edit a page by copying and pasting the content over to a newly created page, none of the other elements such as featured images, SEO data, etc. would move over. That’s why we’ve created the ability to duplicate pages with one simple click.

4. Multiple Index Pages

The index page of your website is essentially the URL that loads when a browser starts. We also refer to them as home pages or front pages. Our new batch of features enables users to create multiple pages that follow the same formatting and style as your website’s home page or index page. Why start from scratch? Creating multiple index pages is a great starting point and can be useful when creating stunning landing pages or a multilingual site that would require multiple home pages in various languages.

5. Advanced External Link Options

Previously, when adding external links to your navigation, they appeared as buttons. We received numerous requests from advisors who wanted these links to look more like their other navigation links and/or open in the same window. Now, with our new advanced external link options users can create external links and further control how they look and operate when clicked.

6. Drop-downs for Subpages

Before our latest batch of updates, only our Pupil framework featured integrated drop-down menus for pages with subpages. An increasing number of Twenty Over Ten users requested this feature so we’ve now added it to our hallmark framework Fresnel as well as our Rod & Cone framework for more unique layout opportunities and to suit our users needs.

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