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By Blair Kelly Outreach

A Checklist For How to Keep your Advisor Website Fresh: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

11 minute read
A Checklist For How to Keep your Advisor Website Fresh: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Featured Image

Working with a Content Management System like Twenty Over Ten is absolutely critical in order to give you the platform and tools that you need to easily and intuitively update your website on the fly frequently without needing to know a bit of code. we like to think of your website as a living, breathing thing. It’s like a garden actually, similar to a garden in order to get the biggest fruits you want to weed it regularly, prune, aerate, the same goes for your website. Regular maintenance and attention will ensure optimal functionality, increased traffic resulting in increased revenue for your business!

Why is it Important to Keep your Advisor Website Fresh?

First things first, why is it so important to keep everything updated? If things are performing nicely on your website, shouldn’t you just leave it as is? Not only do search engines like Google reward and love websites that are full of fresh content but it also entices visitors to check back often enabling your firm to provide more value and thought-leadership. If visitors know that you will be posting updated material often, they will be much more likely to check back regularly.

weekly updates

First things first, how do you update your website every week? This may seem like a tedious task, but in reality, it’s something that needs to be done and can be accomplished quite easily!

update and optimize your blogs

The more blogging you can do the better. Blogging is a great way to generate fresh content and boost your site’s organic rank in search. We know that blogging weekly might not be a realistic expectation, however, when you use Twenty Over Ten’s Content Assist, you have awesome content right at your fingertips. Content Assist is developed specifically for financial advisors, It’s built into Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary website-builder, and users are able to choose blog posts by category, load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. What’s even better is that advisors have the ability to customize and edit the content as they please, add in SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise.

It’s important to keep in mind that blogging weekly doesn’t have to always be an article that you write from scratch, it can merely be your option of review of industry articles or reports. This is a great way to show your experience and thought-leadership while also keeping your website’s freshness factor high.

Vision Financial Group blog

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client, Vision Financial Group, updates their blog section regularly and provides blogs that are on topic with their clients, giving them very useful information to offer additional insights into their financial planning.

Also, check back and see if you had any blogs that performed really well and you can optimize those and reuse them. Go in, add in keywords to increase SEO rankings, add in new and fresh third-party links, take out anything that might be updated and change the date so that it will move to the top of your blog section. This is a great way to recycle blog content rather than leaving it to sit and get lost in the mix of new content.

Want tips on how to optimize certain parts of your website? Check out High vs. Low SEO Impact Updates: How to Effectively Optimize Your Advisor Website

monthly updates

We’ve talked about blogging already but what about the other pages of your website? This content is just as important, as it takes everything as a whole to make the website run well.

be sure to check your main pages for outdated information and references

Maybe the pricing for certain products and services on your website has changed and you need to update that accordingly. Check for links and anything else that needs updating, because when someone lands on your page, you want to make sure that they are finding out exactly what they need with the right information. If they were to have a call with you, and they think something costs a certain price, but really it’s been changed, that will not make a very good first impression, which can make your firm seem unorganized, which is exactly what you don’t want.

analytics – log into your google analytics to review trends, your visitors user-flow

It’s important to check your Google Analytics so that you can see how things are progressing on your website. Some of the main things that you can check with your analytics are:

  • Acquisition so that you can know where your visitors came from.
  • Time spent on each page so that you can see which ones garnered the most attention and which need updating.
  • Unique page views so you can see who viewed a specific page at least once during a visit. This will help show how many times each of your pages is visited, so you know how to focus your efforts.
  • How are your landing pages performing? What do you need to keep the same…or what might need tweaking?
  • Demographics will show who is visiting your site so that you can tailor your content accordingly.

Google Analytics

Quarterly updates

Making quarterly updates aren’t quite as time-consuming, considering it’s every few months, but they are still just as important when it comes to maintaining a fresh website.

check all of your links and be sure to fix any that are broken.

Too many dead links on your website can lead to Google penalizations and can result in a higher bounce rate, so you need to check links every month, as you never know when the third-party you are linking to may have switched something up.

Bounce Rate

Want examples of checking your links to cut down on bounce rate? Check out What Is Bounce Rate & How Can I Fix It?

we’ve talked about blogging already but what about the other pages of your website?

Be sure to check your main pages for outdated information and references.

  • Optimize your homepage ensuring that you use a strong headline and place your most important information up top with a call to action above the fold
  • If have an FAQ page be sure to scrub this as well, and be sure that none of your policies and practices have changed that need to be reflected in your FAQs or that new ones.
  • Check-in on your bio pages and make sure that you are portraying “real” pictures of your team, giving your firm a “human” side.
  • Does your contact page have everything your visitors need to easily get in touch with you?

Want more details on how to optimize additional pages on your website? Check out Top Visited Pages on Advisor Websites & How to Optimize Them

Wrapping It All Up

Keeping your website fresh is so important so that you can continue to drive strong leads to your website. It’s not something that has to be done every day, but it’s good to keep it in the back of your mind as your site continues to grow. When people know to expect updated content, then they will be more likely to check back and see what is happening with your firm. Additionally, it will improve the time spent on your pages, as visitors are taking more time to read the updated content. We hope that this helps, and can’t wait to hear how your lead generation soars.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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