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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Looking to Improve your Google Rankings? E-A-T and SEO Can Help You as a Financial Advisor

11 minute read
Looking to Improve your Google Rankings? E-A-T and SEO Can Help You as a Financial Advisor Featured Image

You know how important it is to optimize your advisor website in order to boost SEO rankings and drive the most traffic to your site. So, today we are going to discuss some of the best practices for doing this and how to fully optimize your site. We’re going to start by discussing E-A-T IN SEO. So, what exactly does this stand for? E-A-T in SEO stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. It’s pertinent that you have all of these things on your site in order to increase rankings, otherwise, you won’t be able to rank high. So, let’s break each section down and discuss how you can have each of these on your website when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization to increase your rankings in Google.

What is E-A-T in SEO?

First things first, let’s start with the E in E-A-T or expertise.


We’ve said this so many times, but you need to prove that you are a thought-leader and express that you are an expert in the financial industry. If you don’t immediately prove that you are the authority then why would visitors read your content and really take it to heart? So, how do you go about showing that you are an expert? You need to start by creating valuable content for your readers.

If you cater to a particular niche, then create blog content that provides value and educates your prospective and current clients on your offerings and your area of expertise. By doing this, you are increasing brand trust and letting your site visitors know that you have to help them with their pain points and answer their most pressing questions. In today’s day and age, blogging is a necessity when it comes to increasing your SEO rankings because it drives more visitors to your site and proves your expertise in the field!


What is an authoritative site? Well, in layman’s terms, it is a site that has authority over a subject or upon multiple topics. If your firm shows that it is a strong authority on a subject, then this is similar to being an expert in the field. Create blogs, social media posts, whitepapers, eBooks, etc. on your site in order to provide your readers with as much pertinent information as possible. You want to ensure that the answers are easy to find and you provide the type of content that keeps visitors continuously returning for answers while also boosting your rankings.

Additionally, you can showcase the authority of a page by displaying the author’s credentials, such as:

  • Their professional title
  • Display any certifications they have
  • Include a headshot or photo
  • Include a short bio and then link to the full bio
  • Include a link to an official website

When these aspects are included it really helps to show visitors right off the bat that your firm and website can be trusted and that you have the credentials to back it up.


Obviously, you want to prove that you are a trustworthy source, so how do you do that? A few ways are to:

  • Make sure that links on your website link back to reputable sites that are established and show their expertise
  • Try to avoid anonymous authors
  • Keep your site updated. If a blog hasn’t been posted in a long time, that makes the website seem “old” and may be seen as less trustworthy
  • Include team photos to “humanize” your firm
  • Makes sure the website is secure with HTTPS and is easily accessible

Those are just a few simple ways that your site has the E-A-T factor that helps your SEO rankings to climb higher.

Characteristics of a High-Quality Page

So, a high-quality page is full of content and aspects that will benefit your user. Here are some of the characteristics of a high-quality page that come about from your E-A-T and SEO.

1. Remember that less is more

We get it, your firm is awesome and you want to tell all your customers everything that you can offer them, but sometimes less is more. When visitors come to your website, they generally have something in mind, so if you don’t really need something, then you can delete it! Some of the most effective website design layouts are the simplest.

2. Don’t forget about the power of images

Large blocks of text can be a lot to take in, so break that text up with some captivating images. Images can also be strategically placed to subtly guide users to where you want them to go. Additionally, if your site includes team images and real photos, not stock photos, this really gives visitors a more personal feel and makes them more inclined to work with your team. It adds a human touch to your firm rather than just another advisor website.

Quest Financial Services Team

Twenty Over Ten client Quest Financial Services includes headshots on the team page so you know who you will be working with and it’s great to be able to put a face to a name and not just a stock image.

3. keep it consistent

Just as your team should keep your blogging schedule consistent so that your followers know what to expect, but if you keep the design elements consistent, this makes your firm seem more trustworthy. If the color scheme and format isn’t consistent from page to page, then this will make your site much harder to read and comprehend, therefore your visitors will probably not stay on your website for as long.

Also, make sure that your content flows well throughout your site too. Not only is this easier for visitors to check out, but Google will be able to crawl your page more effectively, therefore boosting your SEO rankings even more.

4. Is it user-friendly?

Is your website easy to navigate and explore? If the site is clunky and your users have a hard time getting from page to page, then the UX (User-Experience) will be lacking, therefore, making your website less efficient. When designing your website, just like anything else, make sure that you are keeping the user in mind and create it in a way that will make their experience the most pleasant and efficient.

5. keep your site mobile-friendly

Did you know that by 2025, 72% of users will access the internet by mobile device only? That’s not very far off, and for that reason, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. If someone googles your site and it won’t load quickly and easily, then they will more than likely go to a competitor for the information that they need.

Sammut Wealth Management

Twenty Over Ten Sammut Wealth Management has a mobile-friendly website that looks great on any type of device so it’s responsive no matter where visitors are searching their site.

6. make sure your content is unique

Don’t just post the same type of blogs and content as your competitors, but provide them with information that will help with any pressing questions they may need to be answered. Make your visitors feel as though they have gained something when they leave your website.

Reynolds Financial Resources

Twenty Over Ten client, Reynolds Financial Advisors includes videos in their resources section which is a great way to get your message out there in a different way than a blog or an article.

Does Your Website Have What it Takes?

Keep in mind that E-A-T SEO can be a tedious process, but guess what? All good things take time and something isn’t going to magically happen overnight. You need to establish credibility and then work hard to maintain it and optimize your site. Remember to place your users first and create a trust-worthy site that includes the necessary information and watch your rankings sore. If you continue working to create the best website possible, then Google will reward you by boosting your site’s rankings and driving more traffic for your business.

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