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By Paige Jones Outreach

6 LinkedIn Company Page Updates Financial Advisors Should Be Aware Of

6 minute read
6 LinkedIn Company Page Updates Financial Advisors Should Be Aware Of Featured Image

Good news 🎉! LinkedIn recently announced that it rebuilt its Company Pages feature to provide a whole new experience for its users. The newly designed LinkedIn Pages and new features can help you connect with your clients and tap into the content that is most relevant to your audience. More in-depth and personalized communication is a plus on any social media channel, but LinkedIn is an especially helpful platform for financial advisors to connect with clients. 

According to LinkedIn’s data, its member base of 590 million generates more than two million pieces of content in the platform feed per day. That’s a lot of content! The recent LinkedIn updates will help you produce better content that potential clients will want to see and interact with. Here’s our roundup of the top new things you need to know:

1. New CTAs

Admins of your business page can now add customized call-to-action buttons to posts to drive specific actions such as “contact us,” “sign up,” “register” or “visit website.” At Twenty Over Ten, we’ve always stressed the importance of including a CTA on all types of content, whether it’s a page on your advisor site or at the end of a blog post so this is a very welcomed new feature.

Similar to any CTA, LinkedIn’s new CTA feature will give your audience an easy way to take the next step, like signing up for your company newsletter or scheduling an initial call with your business. This makes posting content on social media even more helpful in turning leads into clients. These customizable buttons are a clear and convincing way to get potential clients to find out more, so always include these when you can! 

CTA on LinkedIn Pages
Golden Phase emphasizes a link to its website with a CTA button.

2. Content Suggestion Tool

With this feature, page admins can see trending content in their industry by choosing a topic and filtering selections by location, job function, or seniority level. This will help show you what potential clients are interacting with so that you can curate and create content they’ll actually want to see.

Since different advisors will be targeting different target audiences, you can control the demographics of the audience you’re tracking. Audiences can be segmented by industry, location, job function, and several other categories so that you can tailor the suggestions to your specific niche.

new linkedin content suggestions feature

3. Analytics

LinkedIn Page analytics will now include aggregated data from all LinkedIn Pages so that admins can compare their page engagement metrics with overall engagement levels for LinkedIn Pages. Keeping a close eye on your analytics is an important practice on any social media platform to know if your digital marketing is working. The updated data on LinkedIn will help you have a more in-depth understanding of what’s working and what needs to be tweaked in your social media strategy.

new LinkedIn Pages analytics

4. “Share with Employees”

This new option lets page admins post content to employee feeds to help build engagement internally. The feature is part of a suite of tools to help companies connect with their employees on the platform. Along with the share feature, page admins will be able to discover and re-share content posted by employees or when your company is mentioned. Employees typically have 10x the social reach of their company, so sharing their posts can go far! 

5. Page Tagline

Your page tagline is the text below your business’ name in the introduction card on your profile. It’s displayed in search results and can be used to promote an area of expertise. Now, page admins can add catchy taglines with maximum 120 characters, which will enhance your page and will eventually attract more users through search. 

You can also now associate pages with hashtags to better monitor and participate in conversations about your business, industry, or related topics! 

new linkedin tagline feature

6. Mobile App Updates

Last but not least, admins are now able to post updates and respond to comments using LinkedIn’s mobile app. For times when your on-the-go but want to engage with your connections, this update is perfect. 

If you’re a Hootsuite or Crunchbase user, LinkedIn is now integrating with even more third-party partners. Vimeo is now partnering with LinkedIn to allow native posting of videos straight from Vimeo on to your LinkedIn page. Since video and multimedia is a hot marketing tactic right now, this will help make sharing video content even easier

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