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By Blair Kelly Showcase

10 Examples of Amazing Advisor Websites and Why They Work

11 minute read
10 Examples of Amazing Advisor Websites and Why They Work Featured Image

Phew, 2021 was quite the year! We are excited for everything that 2022 has in store, but before we get too far in, we wanted to share ten of our favorite sites from the last year. And just as in the past, having a strong online presence is so incredibly important to drive more leads. So, check out these awesome websites and you’ll see why we love them plus the reasons that they work.

10 Examples of Amazing Advisor Websites

1. Coffeehouse Capital Financial Planning And Wealth Management

We love a unique website and Coffeehouse Capital Financial Planning and Wealth Management has all the makings of just that. Based out of Fresno, California, and built on the Prism framework, we are all about the streamlined and easy-to-use homepage with unique sidebar navigation. When landing on their page, you can easily locate each section either by scrolling or by clicking the navigation bar to the left. From there, visitors can check out the About page, Services & Fees, Process, Resources, Client Login and Contact page. There isn’t any clutter and website visitors can find exactly what they need.

Coffeehouse Capital Management

2. Bowen Financial Services, LLC

Based out of Midlothian, Virginia, Bowen Financial Servics, LLC has a beautiful website with a lot of aspects that we love. And we’ve said time and time again the importance of including fees on your advisor website, as it not only helps visitors to self-qualify before that initial meeting but if you don’t include them, many times, visitors are going to think that your prices are actually higher than they are. And it’s important to be descriptive and tell people exactly what they are getting, but being straightforward is just as important. For this reason, we love the simplicity of Bowen Financial Services’ fees page. They briefly discuss the transparency of their fees and then show the annual fees based on the AUM of the client. It’s easy to read and to the point, so prospects aren’t left wondering what they will be charged.

Bowen Financial Services Fees page

3. Birch Street Financial Advisors

We love Birch Street Financial Advisors’ website with the “real” homepage image and easy-to-navigate site. Built on the popular Iris framework, we are all about this website and the awesome aspects, including the Case Studies section.

Using these is an awesome way to tell a customer story and show your client what you can do for them rather than just telling them. By taking a deeper dive into one specific case, you’re painting a clearer picture of your services and allowing clients and prospects a more in-depth look at what they can expect when they work with you. As you can see below, they offer an in-depth look at a couple that is “Gearing Up” or working towards retirement, a couple approaching retirement and then a work optional case study.

Birch Street Advisors case studies

These are a great way to connect with prospects in a more personal and relatable way, making them more likely to choose your services when you show them exactly how they can help.

4. Women’s Worth Advisors

Focusing on a particular niche is a great way to better connect with your audience while getting more for your marketing dollar, and Women’s Worth Advisors does just this by partnering with women and offering financial planning advice from the woman’s point of view. We love their beautiful homepage and immediately upon landing on the page, visitors can tell exactly what this firm does, offering financial planning and advice from the female point of view. We also like the call-to-action where visitors are prompted to “Unlock Your Freedom,” and after clicking on that, you will be taken to a page detailing what it’s like to work with this firm.

Women's Worth Advisors

5. Campbell Financial Group, LLC

Campbell Financial Group has a great website, and there’s a lot about it that we love. One thing that we really like is that they have included an “As Seen On” section just below the fold, showing news/stations or publications where their firm has been showcased. By including this on your advisor website, you are including social proof to your audience, showing others that you are a trustworthy firm and highlighting that you are an expert in the industry.

Campbell Financial Group As Seen In section

6. Glen Eagle Advisors

Just like the past several years, 2022 is going to be all about content creation and including resources for your audience is a great way to show that you are an industry thought-leader.  And while we strongly encourage blog sections and stress the importance of consistently blogging to connect with your audience, the fact that Glen Eagle has a podcast section, as well, is awesome! Entitled, “Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way®” and it can really connect with their audience since it offers content that empowers women in their financial planning and when you scroll down, there is a CTA where listeners can sign up for podcast updates, which is a great way to provide prospects and clients with content while also getting information so that you can add leads into your email marketing list.

Glen Eagle podcast

7. District Financial Advisors

Right when you land on the homepage of District Financial Advisors, you are met with a beautiful image with strong calls to action, directing visitors to take the next step. We love the phrase, “Set Your Plan In Motion,” as it’s a unique way to tell people to get started, making that homepage CTA all the more enticing. If you don’t have this aspect to your website, then you are going to be missing out on a lot of leads, so it’s important that the phrase you are using prompts more people to take action.

District Financial Advisors

8. MD Wealth Management

Built on the Fresnel framework, MD Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisory firm helping physicians plan for a stronger financial future. As you can see, they detail who they serve on their homepage and have also included an “As Featured In,” section showing the publications where they have been featured or quoted, therefore, boosting social proof and the fact that they are an industry expert.

MD Wealth Management

9. Evergreen Financial Group

Based out of Billings, Montana, Evergreen Financial Group has a strong social media presence, and they have included the social media icons for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s so important to have a strong presence on social media, as it’s a way to get even more eyes on your content and direct people to your website. Not only is Evergreen Financial Group on Facebook and LinkedIn but they are on Instagram, as well. This platform is growing in popularity, in fact, an estimated 71% of businesses use Instagram, so it’s no longer just for showing off pictures, but financial advisors and other professionals can use this platform for engagement, and we love the content that they are posting.

Evergreen Financial Group

10. St. Johns Asset Management, LLC

Built on the Fresnel framework, St. John’s Asset Management has a beautiful homepage video and then as you scroll down, visitors see unique graphics and illustrations that make each section stand out for visitors along with strong calls to action, including “Discover What We Offer,” “Request an Appointment” or “Let’s Meet!” Their website is full of vibrant colors that stand out, and it makes for a really strong online presence.

St. John's Asset Management

That’s a Wrap

Did you like what you saw!? It’s always hard to choose our favorite websites because all of them are so awesome, but we think these ten are pretty great. From streamlined navigation to awesome CTAs and more, these websites definitely stand out. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

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