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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

4 Ways to Get Traffic to Your New Advisor Website

8 minute read
4 Ways to Get Traffic to Your New Advisor Website Featured Image

In order to convert prospects into clients you first have to get them to your site. Driving traffic to an old website is easy, right? That’s because you already have that domain authority built up. But with a new website it may seem impossible to get any kind of traffic to it. So, what happens when you have a new website? How can you get that traffic to your new site?

Implement These 4 Tactics to Bring Traffic to a Brand New Site:

1. Partner With Others To Boost Your content

It’s essential that you’re consistently generating fresh and relevant content for your website to improve your search rankings, build a good reputation for your firm, and keep your clients satisfied. The more content you put on your blog, the more you will drive traffic to your advisor site. Inviting guest bloggers and other content creators to post content on your website is a great way to partner with others and enhance your website’s overall content. In addition, teaming up and working with others is a great way to drive more traffic to a brand new site. So, it’s a win-win for both you and the other content creators you join up with because you both get to promote the content to boost both of your sites.

In the example below, Zoe Meggert founder of Perfectly Planned Content, shares a guest blog on the Lead Pilot Blog. Partnering up with others in the same field is a great way to build connections and relationships, as well as share relevant and valuable content across multiple platforms.

Another great way to partner with others is through a joint webinar. In our latest webinar, Kyle Moore, CFP® founder of Quarry Hill Advisors, joined us to share how he grew his business in just two years with the help of a two-pronged marketing approach of local SEO and referrals.

Sharing webinar replays on your blog is not only a great way to share the webinar for the people who were not able to attend, but’s also a great way to drive more traffic to your site.

2. Don’t shy away from Giveaways/Contests/Promotions

Reach out to people in your niche to help promote your giveaways or promotions to get additional traffic and engage a newer audience. When you get their email address and offer them something valuable, you are increasing the likelihood that they will visit your website. In addition, giveaways and promotions are a great way to spread the word about your business engage with current and prospective clients and keep leveraging that audience to keep coming back to your website. Furthermore, they give you the opportunity to collect people’s email addresses which gives you the chance to share new blog posts or content with them. Once you have their email address, you can always email them to get them back to your site.

In the example below, Twenty Over Ten client, Rand Financial Planning offers clients the chance to sign up for their newsletters and by doing that, they also will receive the whitepaper, “7 Keys To Financial Independence.” This is a great way to provide something useful for your clients while also capturing their contact information to move you one step closer to increasing traffic to your site.

3. Utilize Paid Ads

Even if you don’t have a big ad budget this can be a great start to get a quick traffic boost. And hey, even if you get some sales that’s big a plus! Providing coupons and offers is a fast way to leverage traffic to your site.

With Google Ads, you pay to have your website appear at the top of search results for specific keywords. Paid search results show up first, at the very top of the results pages. This is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. What’s even better is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so it’s not as pricy as it may seem.

Paid ads are also commonly used on social media. In the example below, Canva utilizes a paid ad on Facebook to increase brand awareness and offer a free-30 day trial. Try out a few ads and look at your Google Analytics to see what’s working best to drive the most traffic for your individual business.

4. Comment and Engage with other content within your industry

Truly engaging with other content and blogs within your industry is a surefire way to boost traffic to your site. However, commenting “great post” is not considered engaging. Instead, put some actual thought into your comments. It’s important to use the opportunity to comment and engage to really build valuable and meaningful connections with others in your industry.

Social media is a great way to interact with others in your specific industry. If someone shares, retweets, or comments on your content or posts, this is a great opportunity to engage back. Use that chance to add some extra insight and show them that you have value and knowledge to offer in your industry.

Let’s Sum It Up

Having the perfect website is a great start, but it can be challenging to make sure people are actually seeing and finding your website. In a highly saturated industry like financial advising, it can seem almost impossible to be able to convince prospects to choose to visit your site over a competitor’s. However, implementing these four tips are a surefire way to make sure your advisor website stands out from the rest and increase traffic to your site fast.

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