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By Blair Kelly Outreach

7 Examples of Unique Advisor Niches

13 minute read
7 Examples of Unique Advisor Niches Featured Image

The financial industry is incredibly broad so if you narrow your services to cater to a certain niche, it can really help you to stand out against your competition. At Twenty Over Ten, we have the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients and why they are all different in their needs and requests, there are several that serve very unique niches. Here are 7 that have really stood out for us.

7 Examples of a unique niche that advisors serve

7 Examples of Unique Advisor Niches

1. Highball Advisors

Based out of Greenville, South Carolina, Highball Advisors serves the incredibly unique niche of current and ex-railroad professionals. This is a difficult yet rewarding line of work, and this firm provides clients the services to help them acquire enough wealth to retire.

There are many aspects to this website that we love and this includes their calls to action. The call-to-action on the hero image creates a sense of urgency with the unique phrase, “Start Boarding for Railroad Retirement,” encouraging clients to join the team and work with the advisors. It stands out against the background and the unique phrase makes the visitors want to take action.

Highball Advisors

As you know, providing your readers with useful resources is important for your inbound marketing strategy and for showing that you are a thought-leader in the industry. They have titled this section, “Learning Depot” which is a great “play on words” based on their niche. They have included videos with transcripts in this section with useful topics for clients, such as:

  • Should I Do Roth Conversions for Railroad Retirement?
  • 6 Big Mistakes Keeping Railroaders From Getting the Most Railroad Retirement
  • Protect Your Railroad Retirement Nest Egg From Biden’s Tax Plan

They provide topics that will help answer the pain points for their niche.

Highball Advsiors

A strong social strategy is key and Highball Advisors is on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. In the platform below, they do a great job of sharing videos and blogs full of content that will help answer some of their audience’s questions.

Highball Advisors Facebook

2. Desert Crest Financial

Based out of Henderson, NV, Desert Crest Financial has a beautiful website that clearly showcases the unique niche. While they serve a range of individuals and families, they focus on women experiencing life changes and families with special needs.

Desert Crest Financial who they serve

They utilize strong call-to-action that prompt visitors to click on them to find out more, where they can then easily schedule meetings using Calendly, either with Founder, Patti Peterson or Lead Financial Planner, Stuart Petty, CFP®, ChSNC®.


Schedule a call

They detail their services in their “What We Offer” section, which makes it easy to decide if the firm is a good fit and the next steps that you will be taking should you choose to work with them. It’s important to be transparent and straightforward, especially when you are working with clients dealing with unique situations, such as the ones that they serve.

They are encouraging throughout the page, providing ample opportunities for visitors to find out more and the website answers additional questions so that prospects are not left wondering what to expect when working with them.

What We Offer-Desert Crest

3. Cornerstone Wealth Consulting Services, LLC

Cornerstone Wealth Consulting Services, LLC is an independent and privately-owned business in Beverly, Massachusetts that is dedicated to helping contractors build wealth and protect their family business. We love the animations that they use on their website, such as the one below in their Planning Services section.

Cornerstone wealth

We talk about the importance of using a meeting scheduler on your website as a way to easily generate and convert leads, so we love that they are using our one-click Calendly integration on their website. Once clicked on, visitors can schedule a meeting with CEO, Jason Berube.

Cornerstone Wealth calendly

In addition to the video above taking visitors through their process, they have also included other graphics to add depth and information to their planning services. Adding visuals to text is a great way to draw in your readers’ eyes and we love what they have done with this aspect of their website.

Planning Services

4. PharmD Financial Planning, LLC

Built on the Fresnel framework, PharmD Financial Planning has created a beautiful website to best serve their unique niche of financial planning for pharmacists. We discuss the importance of including fees on your website for transparency’s sake and to attract more qualified leads, so we love the services and fees page where they are clearly stating what they charge.

Fees page on PharmD

Additionally, when advisors include an FAQ section on their website, it has been proven to boost the site’s user experience and even your organic rankings. It can serve as a way to make for a more productive initial meeting, as the prospects will know more about the firm before they even have their first meeting.

FAQ page

We always tell advisors about the importance of a strong insights section, and so we love the one that PharmD Financial Planning has included on their website. Their content strategy is all about filling the little free time most pharmacists have with impactful information about money.

The podcasts are also informative but they are only 15 minutes in length or less as pharmacists, like many medical professionals, do not have a lot of free time and a podcast is a great way to provide a lot of information in a different manner.

Pharmd Financial blog section

5. C.L. Sheldon & Company

C.L. Sheldon & Company is based out of Alexandria, VA and provides fee-only financial planning and wealth management for active and retired military members. They make it clear from the moment you click on their site on their homepage, but expand on it even further in their blog, Financial TTP, and “About Us” Section.

C.L. Sheldon & Company

Slightly below the fold, there is a section asking, “What’s Your Current Financial Situation?” and then it is broken down into four sections:

  • I Don’t Have a Clue (Get Education)
  • I Need to Get Started (Work With a Coach)
  • I Need to Get Things Right (Make a Plan)
  • I Have Complex Finances (Manage Your Wealth)

This really breaks it down for visitors and directs them exactly where they need to go on the website to get the best services that they can get.

C.L. Sheldon & Company

President, Curtis Sheldon, CFP® served for 27 years as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force himself and has an extensive background in financial planning for military members, both active and retired. By simply clicking on the below, readers are able to purchase his book, “Well & Faithfully Discharged,” which will provide readers with even more information to help them lead stronger financial lives.

Well & Faithfully Discharged book

6. WealthKeel, LLC

Based out of Philadephia, PA, Wealthkeel, LLC provides comprehensive, flat-fee financial planning and investment management for Gen X and Gen Y physicians. This is an incredibly unique niche that is evident in their blog section that caters to this audience.

Additionally, they have included an “As Seen On” section where their blogs have been featured, and there are incredibly established publications on there, which is a great way to provide visitors with social proof, as this will make them more likely to trust working with a firm when they have been included in prominent publications.

The gated content is a great way to get contact information from visitors and provide them with videos and insightful blog posts to provide them with additional information.

WealthKeel blog section

They have a straightforward fee page that details two routes with easy-to-understand costs so that there is no confusion about what you will be paying when you work with them, and this is always a plus when you land on a website. It allows visitors to self-qualify themselves and see if they can afford the services and which ones work best for them.

WealthKeel Fees & services

7. Gold Canyon Financial Planning

Based out of Gold Canyon, AZ, Gold Canyon Financial Planning caters specifically to the LGBTQ community.  When working with clients, they strive to create an all-inclusive, objective strategy to best serve their niche.

Their homepage is beautiful, with images that are specific to their location. And not only that, they have provided calls-to-action that stand out so that visitors can figure out which step to take next. We tell advisors to use unique words that cause visitors to want to take action and the homepage CTAs do just that, saying:

  • Transform Your Life
  • Don’t Let Emotions Sabotage Your Finances

By clicking on them, you will be taken to other parts of the website that offer the best information that serves you.

Gold Canyon Financial Planning

We love their team page and are sure that animal lovers all over will love the team page. Not only does it have Co-Founders, Diane A. Ouellette, CFP® and Tracy C. Gale, but it has Chief Wellness Officer, Mickey and Associate Wellness Officers, Cortez and JLo. Though the website is incredibly professional, it shows that they have a light and fun side to them, as well.

Gold Canyon Financial Planning team page

That’s a Wrap!

We work with a lot of awesome advisory firms at Twenty Over Ten and helping them create their dream website is our passion. While every one of them is great, working with firms that serve unique niches, such as the ones above, is extra special. We hope that you all have enjoyed this roundup, and we look forward to creating many more sites like this!

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Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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