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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: Digital Marketing Ask Me Anything With Samantha Russell

19 minute read
Webinar Replay: Digital Marketing Ask Me Anything With Samantha Russell Featured Image

We’re kicking off the month of May answering your burning questions with a digital marketing ask me anything with Twenty Over Ten’s CMO, Samantha Russell. Advisors joined us with amazing questions and we covered a lot of ground in just under an hour. In case you missed it, read on for key takeaways and watch the replay.

Does it Matter When I Upload Videos Natively to Facebook or Linkedin? Should I Already Have the Captions in the File?

When you go into Facebook or LinkedIn and you’re uploading a video natively, you can just watch right on the platform, you don’ have to go to YouTube. 

Sam suggests yes, you can use a tool like Headliner, select the video to share and you can choose the video and it will pull it right in. Then, you can make your post. 

  1. Upload your video 
  2. Add your captions
  3. Upload it to all of your social media channels. 

Facebook can add captions, which Sam has not used before. Other platforms don’t have it, so we’re adding captions using Headliner anyways, then use that for every single platform. 

If you have a YouTube channel, you can always link to your YouTube channel but for the highest possible number of views, you want to upload the video natively. You use the file and upload it directly to social media for the most engagement. 

We’re Considering a Discussion With a Few Planners and Recording a Video to Share. Any Thoughts on How to Make This Work As Well As Possible

You can use Zoom to record a panel discussion and share it. They have one person in the background to make sure the best person to speak is being highlighted, sharing 

Plan Design Consultants (Retireholiks). I would look them up on Youtube because they have a really cool way that they go about it.

They use multiple panels, invite all the panelists to be on the Zoom together and then one person moderates and leads the discussion, and asks different people to try and chime in. Have a set list of questions and you can always edit after the fact.


 YouTube Channel

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I Want to Start Making Short Video Content, but I don’t have a big following on Social Media. Should I Wait Until I Have a Big Following or Start Putting Content Out There?

People are not typically going to follow you unless you already have good content, so you always want to start by creating great content. 

Once you start creating great content, then you can be more explicit about directly returning people back to your page. 

One way to do this is to comment on someone else’s post by adding some good information or a stat and then lead them back to your page. Only link to something if it really is driving value. 

Are There Any Copyright Concerns if you are Posting to Social from Other Sources?

Just make sure that you cite your source. If you don’t cite your source, however, nobody will come after you for the most part. They can often see if you shared it, even if you don’t source them because there are tools out there to look at who shared your content. So, even if you don’t cite them, people can still see how many times their content has been shared. You are helping them to promote their content, but you never want to copy from their article and put it into your blog as if it’s your own. 

I am Struggling With a Social Media Strategy for a Business Who Has Minimal Experience with Social Media. Do you Suggest Starting One Social Media Channel at a Time?

If you want to get backlinks on social media, you can have them ask for a guide and you can send them the guide. Don’t just put it on the post, because the more comments that you get on the post, the more the platform will boost the post in the algorithms. This is a really good way to build an audience for yourself. Ask people to comment on the post as it will show it to more people.

Rather than just linking to a great article, take out a stat, talk about the results, and say “If you want to learn more, message me below and I’ll send you a guide.

If you don’t have much experience with social media, should you focus on one platform or do more than one?

  1. Always set up social media pages for all of your businesses even if you won’t be actively posting on them right out the gate, because you want to claim the name. It’s also a good way to build backlinks. A backlink tells the Search Engine that you are being posted somewhere. The more backlinks you earn the better and the more credible it makes your firm.
  2. As far as where you should be posting the most, that really comes down to your audience and who is on each profile. We believe every business should be on YouTube.

Social Media for Financial Advisors

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I Have My Firm Name’s Website, and I’m Wondering If I Have an Extra Domain Name if it Would Be Beneficial? 

You can always have just one domain name and just route it to one page. From an SEO perspective, you won’t get much of a boost. The only reason to have multiple would be if you don’t want the competition to buy your names or if you used to have something at that domain name, and you want people to be redirected. 

I only suggest from an SEO perspective if any of those reasons apply. 

Taylor Schulte CFP®

  Define Financial’s YouTube Channel

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He talks about the process where he bought a domain like Best San Diego Financial Planners than worked with other advisor and they each have different niches, so if you get on that site, there are different groups that they serve 

Is There an Automatic Way to Populate Social Media Sites When We Post our Blog on the Twenty Over Ten website?

We can’t automatically put it out the entire second we hit publish because of compliance. Until that blog is officially published, nothing can go out on social media.

Once the blog is published, you can share it from the bottom of the blog itself, but you can’t put it into a scheduler until it has been approved by compliance.

Check out Hootsuite, you can go in and see what has been published, so you can go in and do it in batches. 

If you haven’t heard about our newest product, Lead Pilot, it’s a separate platform from Twenty Over Ten, but it allows you to push content out. 

If you want to go ahead and share it, you can customize it on the different platforms, then once you’re ready to go pick the date and time that you want it to go out and you can click schedule. 

Everything that you have shared can also be an RSS feed on your website. 

So I would suggest lead Pilot or post natively to the Twenty Over Ten website first, and then using a tool to schedule on the backend.

Learn More about Lead Pilot

And try it for free 30-days on us

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What’s the Best Way to Get Quality Participants for an Online Webinar?

You’re always going to get the most sign-ups for your webinar from email. 

Email will be the number one to get people to register. You can do ads on social media, but email is the number one way.

Increasing Your Webinar Registrations

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Keep in mind that on LinkedIn, you can click contact information and get somebody’s email address but you can’t just take them and put their email into your automated email list, but you can email them to let them know that you will be doing a webinar if they want to attend. 

Most people do not invite people enough, which is where they have a lower registration rate. At Twenty Over Ten, we send out four different emails. So we send one-two weeks ahead of time, a week ahead of time, the Monday of the week, then on the morning of the webinar. Every single time that you send an email, your registration rates will go up.

How to Use Webinars

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Keep reminding people because oftentimes they don’t register for it even though they want to attend. 

When you go to upload your webinar replays in YouTube studio, it allows you to upload a graphic to entice more people to click on it. It will give you thumbnails. We use Canva to create our thumbnails and then we upload it there. A really great thumbnail will increase the number of views you get exponentially.

Should You Gate Content?

I suggest you do not make people give you their email address to watch it, because you won’t get as many views. If you’re just trying to build content and awareness to get a larger audience, the best thing you can do is give the content away for free.

Is There a Recommended Time of Day to Post on Social Media?  LinkedIn, Facebook?

When is your audience on social media? When I post on LinkedIn on Sundays, I often get really good views. It really depends and you have to play around with it, but all of the platforms will give you analytics on what content is performing best, so you need to see what works best for you. 

Typically, 9 am-Noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday seem to be a great time, when most people are online, adjusted for the time zone. You will need to look at your own analytics and take a deep dive. 

I Want To Build My Email List for Email Marketing. What Other Strategies Can I Use To Build Up My Email List?

Webinars are a great way or office hours. Check with compliance depending on how regulated you are about what you can do. Anytime you can create long-form content that just answers people’s questions, that is a great way to collect email. If you start to build up more of a following or connect on social media. When people will comment on our posts, I will often respond back and say “here it is” and I will say would you like me to go ahead and add you to our email list?

Typically, this won’t happen overnight, so it just takes time for people to believe that you are going to teach them something and be worth their time. 

How Do You Recommend Using a Facebook Retargeting Pixel via Our Twenty Over Ten Website?

Facebook offers a tool, Facebook Pixel, which is tracking software that allows you to send hyper-targeted ads to people. 

Facebook Pixel For Financial Advisors

Everything You Need To Know

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You can create a whole campaign about getting people to sign up for your emails and you can get Facebook to do it. We don’t set this up for you at Twenty Over Ten, but we can help you add it to your website. If you have a TOT website, you add it, then anybody who clicks on your website, the pixel will track their IP address. When they log in next time, you can show them ads. It could be a video, an eBook, like your page, sign up for your emails, you can decide what the end call to action is. You can get so hyper-specific in what ways you want to target people. 

Do You Have Any Advice on Hashtags Specifically for Facebook?

Users on Facebook, typically don’t use hashtags as much as they do on other platforms. If you go into any of the platforms like Facebook, one of the things I suggest you do on your own is searching for things you should use and see what is available. See how many people are following a certain hashtag. If it’s huge your chances of showing up in it are less, but if you do show up, you have a higher proportion of potential people seeing it. 

The Idea of Virtual Marketing for Dummies. We Need Someone to Lead Us Through This Step-by-Step. 

Marketing coaches – so we are rolling out a new service where we are offering digital marketing coaches. Right now, we are offering a promotion because of the pandemic and the coronavirus, where it’s 50% for the whole year and then you can add on the marketing coach. It would be $125 a month for committing to a year plus $2,500 or the marketing coach. 

You fill out an intake form in the beginning, then they spend one hour going through everything initially with you, then every month you have a 30-minute check in call. Go to leadpilot.io or you can join a webinar

Is Content Different on Lead Pilot and Twenty Over Ten?

You can’t schedule email campaigns from Twenty Over Ten, and there aren’t infographics, videos, and quizzes like in Lead Pilot. You can schedule a demo with our team, learn more about marketing coaches, how Twenty Over Ten and Lead Pilot is different. 

Struggling With What Content to Share on Social Media or via Email?

We are offering access to our content for advisors to use via Lead Pilot for 7-days completely free (even on our month to month plans).

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