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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: Digital Marketing Ask Me Anything With Samantha Russell

17 minute read
Webinar Replay: Digital Marketing Ask Me Anything With Samantha Russell Featured Image

We kicked off the month of November with another digital marketing AMA, and like the others, it did not disappoint! You all came with amazing questions, and Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell was able to cover a lot of ground. In case you missed it, read on for key takeaways and watch the replay here or below at any time!

Should Financial Advisors Post to Personal or Company Social Media Pages? [3:27]

You always want to claim your business profiles even if you are not going to be very active on them. You still want to have one though, even if you use your personal platform more. The reasons why are:

  • It serves as a backlink to your website.
  • It will help to legitimize your business

Additionally, you should come up with a schedule to post on your social platforms. Want more on social media platforms for your business? Check out the blog below.

should financial advisors post to personal or company social media pages?

which is best for your business?

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Should Financial Advisors Use Paid Google Ads? [6:47]

There is a big difference between social media ads, retargeting ads and Google ads. 9 times out of 10, it’s not worth the money for Financial Advisors to use Google Ads. People will scroll past it and look at the content below it. We do suggest that people do paid social media ads, however.  When you pay for social media ads, this is called “boosting” your post if it is already performing well.

Boosting posts on facebook

a financial advisors guide

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We have seen mixed results with retargeting ads.  Facebook ads are the best choice, as are YouTube ads. Retargeting ads would be next, then Google ads are the lowest. Want more tips on using Google Ads? Check out the quick video below.

should financial advisors Use Paid Google Ads?

a quick video to help with your ads

Watch the Video 

What Kind of Content Would You Use for an Ad? [12:02]

If you are already posting organically, then use what is performing the best. They will tell you when you are getting a lot of good organic traction and if you should boost the posts that you are already creating organically. 

What Do you Think of LinkedIn Ads? [12:37]

They can be done with certain groups of people, especially if you are targeting young working professionals, entrepreneurs or physicians. If you are a financial advisor targeting retirees, then you probably won’t find much success in that group. LinkedIn doesn’t get as many sign-ons in a day. As you get closer to retirement, you think more about phasing out of your career rather than climbing. Facebook and YouTube is a better place to target this audience.

Should you Buy Content, Such as Videos? [14:00]
Your own original content that you write is always going to perform best. That doesn’t mean you need to do everything from scratch. You can repurpose other things. If you don’t have time to do that, you can hire a ghostwriter or even use our Twenty Over Ten Content Assist library if you are one of our customers. What’s great about our articles is that you can customize them for your own personal use.  Make sure that you are making it personal, so the more you can edit it, the better results you will get.

boosting your SEO and lead capture

using content assist at your firm

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We are also in the early stages of our new platform, Lead Pilot, that also has video, infographic and quizzes, in addition to our content library. If you want to learn more, then check out the information below!

lead pilot

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How Do Keyword Searches Make a Difference? [18:57]
Some keywords are going to be more competitive than others, and what is shown to the searcher is also based on where they are located and it’s based on our prior search history.

Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see keywords and phrases and what people searched for to help you to tailor your keyword search.  With keywords, you are looking for people who are looking for information, and once they digest that information, they will understand what you provide and want to work with you. Want to learn more about keywords and best practices for using them? Check out the blog below.

types of keywords and how to
use them on your advisor site

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Google Search Console is the best place to go for a keyword search. It will give you a lot of insights on what keywords are already driving traffic to your website and which ones you are getting the most click-throughs to. It’s the best place to go for that information.

basics of google search console

a financial advisors guide

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Do You Think Everyday Normal People Scroll Past the Ads? [21:07]

Ads are there for a reason, but the cost per click is going to be so high, so you will blow through your budget. So, they can work, but organic will give you the best ROI so much better than Google Ads.

How Do We Rank Higher for LongTail Keyword Searches? [24:41]

For longtail keywords that are not as competitive, you can usually do better just by writing content organically

How Do You Get More Followers on your Company Pages and How Do You Get More Engagement? [25:44]

For starters, you can upload your list of contacts into Facebook and invite people to like your page. Additionally, you can also comment and like other peoples’ activity from your business page. Your current clients will help you connect with your future clients.

Another tip is to go through your calendar and anyone that have met or chatted with that week, connect with them on LinkedIn. For Facebook, go about doing that quarterly. You need to have a plan otherwise you are not going to grow your follower base.

4 tips To Convert your social media
followers into customers

A guide for financial advisors

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Can You Tell us More About Lead Pilot? [30:21]

As we mentioned above, Lead Pilot will have a content library for your use with additional content, such as videos, infographics and quizzes. It is broken into:

  • Editorial
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • Interactive

We will be taking the most popular pieces of editorial content to turn into videos and infographics, so it will turn into a whole campaign. There will be a hard launch in February.

overview of lead pilot

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What Is the Best Way to Tell Which Articles are Getting the Most Traction? [33:22]

Google Analytics can do this for you. Go into the content drill down and look at which blog posts are getting the most traffic organically. People go into Google, searching and landing on your blog. You can cater your blogs to this type of information and add more customized calls to action once you have this type of information. Every Twenty Over Ten site has it integrated into your site, so you can start tracking your hits once this is set up. 

There are so many metrics you can see once you log in, so the blog below can help to narrow it down for you by showing the top 5 analytics that you should be tracking.

top 5 google analytics to track

a guide for financial advisors

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How Do You Prioritize Your Time When It Comes to SEO and Know What People are Searching For? [35:42]

Producing content regularly and having a schedule is incredibly important. Make sure that every single page that you have has links going in and links going out if you want it to perform well. If you don’t have a page with any links in it, then this is known as an “orphan page,” so make sure you don’t have these on your website. Every single page has links coming in and links going out if you want it to perform really well.

Have you Had Any Luck With TheKnot.com, Pinterest, Baby Related Registries, etc? [37:31]

Visual content is here to stay, so the more that you can make things visual, the better luck that you have. If you use Instagram or Pinterest and you create art through Canva. You should post where people already are and that is where paid social ads can really help as you can boost a post on Instagram. You can use Canva to create those easily, and it’s free.

the marketing tool that you have been missing

check out canva

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You can also comment on blog posts. It’s a great way to meet people and see where they already are. Being in people’s social feed is so good for this reason. It’s organic, so it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to sell something.  With organic content, the leads, queries and prospects are coming to you. You are not selling them but rather you are teaching and educating them. Using organic content and inbound marketing is so powerful because of this.

What Should you Share in a Newsletter versus What Should You Put on your Website as a Blog? [42:04]

We have a blog post that we produce every day on Twenty Over Ten and then every day on the Lead Pilot. On the first Tuesday of every month, we send out a newsletter. We look at our analytics and see what is the highest content and then we share that again. We also include additional information and are starting to do little facts or blurbs about them. If we want to call attention to something, however, we will put that at the top with a message discussing why we want to discuss this. Make sure you are breaking your newsletter into sections.

It’s also a good idea to include a little personal story, and those personal tidbits seem to get more engagement and content than the usual blog posts.

creating a successful email newsletter

a financial advisors checklist

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What’s the Difference Between Embedding a Video on your Website Versus Linking to It? [45:03]

When you embed a video you actually take the “embed” code and put it in. When you are in the Twenty Over Ten website, you can go into Editor and drop in a link, so then when you insert the link, that hyperlinks it.

However, when you embed, you take the embed code and just copy and paste it into your website. If you have the option, then you should hyperlink. That will house it in Vimeo or YouTube, so your website will continue to go really quickly.

embedding a video onto your advisor website

the do’s and Don’ts of doing this

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Should We Have Contact Information or a Call-to-Action Visible When They Land on our Homepage or Should It be Near the Bottom? [47:41]

You want this information to be “above the fold.” you don’t want to make someone have to go below that to get to the call to action. They should be able to schedule a meeting or call you, some sort of CTA should be visible right at the top. Whatever it may, it needs to be above the fold so that it’s easier to find. 

what to put on your financial advisor website homepage

11 elements to consider

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If you Embed a Video Versus Linking on YouTube, Does it Still Track in YouTube? [48:55]

Yes, it should still track it on YouTube for you. If you are embedding from another provider, which is what most people do, that is different, but for YouTube, it should still track it there for you.

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