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By Amanda Larson Webinars

Webinar Replay: 5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

3 minute read
Webinar Replay: 5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors Featured Image

5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

It has become easier than ever to create your own online business, but even more difficult to differentiate yourself as a financial advisor. Long-relied-upon marketing tactics – such as referrals, events, and print advertising – are no longer able to move the prospecting needle effectively for neither established nor emerging investor demographics. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a massive marketing budget to begin celebrating some quick marketing wins.

In this webinar with Advicent, we cover 5 simple tips for your financial planning business to implement today to improve your firm’s digital marketing strategy and boast substantial prospecting results.


00:00 Webinar Overview

00:54 Introduction to Advicent and Twenty Over Ten and presenters

02:42 What is the buyer’s journey?

05:40 Marketing tactics of the past

06:45 Changing the buyer’s journey

08:18 Simple ways to enhance your marketing strategy

08:32 Poll: What best describes your firm’s current website?

11:35 Tip #1: Build an effective website

16:39 Tip #1: Effective website use case

17:52 Tip #2: Elevate your thought leadership status through content

21:40 Tip #2: Thought leadership use case

22:42 Poll: What best describes you firm’s current email marketing strategy?

24:47 Tip #3: Implement email marketing

27:03 Success with AB testing

29:02 Tip #4: Learn the basics of SEO

33:30 Tip #4 SEO use case

34:45 Tip #5: Leverage social media to distribute more content

39:05 Tip #5 Social media use case

39:55 How Twenty Over Ten & Advicent Technology can help

40:07 Twenty Over Ten platform

41:42 Advisor Briefcase from Advicent

42:47 Advicent & Twenty Over Ten thought leadership

43:40 Q&A session with attendees

46:18 Advicent and Twenty Over Ten contact information

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