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By Blair Kelly Outreach

How To Create Landing Pages for Referrals on Your Financial Advisor Website + 3 Killer Examples

10 minute read
How To Create Landing Pages for Referrals on Your Financial Advisor Website + 3 Killer Examples Featured Image

When it comes to getting clients as a financial advisor, a referral program is a great way to do this. It’s a trusted way to get potential leads and in turn clients. So, what is a referral program? Simply put, it’s a way that you reward customers for spreading the word about your product or services. If you have one of these, having a landing page for your referral is a crucial element for promoting the program.

How to Create a Landing Page for your Referral Program

Having a landing page for your referral program is a great way to drive leads and promote your referral program. Why should you have a landing page for your referral program?

These pages are an easy way to direct traffic to your referral program, encourage registration and create a sense of urgency. When you have a specific page, you can promote to the entire email list and all of your social followers.

How do you Promote your Referral Program?

This is a simple process with a huge payoff.

1. Use Email Marketing for Promotion

We always encourage email marketing and this goes for when you are promoting a referral program, as well. When you have started a new referral program, it’s important to let your audience know! Send a well-designed and detailed email that discusses what the referral program will include.

2. Link to the Landing Page with Email Newsletters

In that same light as the above, make sure you are using a call-to-action and links in order to direct leads to the landing page. This is key and a crucial reason why you need to create an entirely separate landing page for the program.

3. Make Use of a Navigation Link

A navigation link or a strong call-to-action is pertinent to driving traffic to your referral program landing page. When you can drive your prospects to a particular page, it’s incredibly useful as you can tailor and dedicate an entire page to that landing page.

4. Schedule Follows-Up Emails

It’s a good idea to send out “follow up” emails to prospects about the referral program so that you can remind them about it. People are busy and emails can get lost in the mix, so make sure you are staying top of mind when follow-up emails.  However, make sure that you aren’t sending TOO many emails, as you don’t want to bother the recipients.

As with webinar registrations, we would suggest sending one email the following week. to remind them of the referral program. If they have not responded to the initial email or follow-up, then you can send another one reminding them of the program in weeks 2-4. It shows that you are giving them the time and space needed to make a decision, however, you are not bombarding their inbox with constant emails.

5. Schedule Social Media Posts

Incorporate the referral program into your social media strategy, as well, by using Canva to create images to include with your social posts. Post them to “The Big Three” (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and include a link where the audience can easily reach the landing page. Posting important information on social media is a great way to spread the word and open up your website and programs to an entirely different audience. Additionally, when you post on social media, it allows others to share your posts, therefore putting even more eyes on your post.

Advisor Website Examples

We have worked with some clients that have made great use of referral program landing pages, and we just had to share them.


Twenty Over Ten client LGK Wealth Management has a Refer A Friend program with a completely separate landing page and they mention that their business growth comes mainly in the form of client referrals. The importance of referrals is made known by LGK and when the get a referral it tells the staff that the offerings and services provided were well-received by their clients.

There is no better client compliment than referring a friend or a family member.

LGK Refer a Friend program

As you can see, it’s incredibly simple to refer a friend to LGK Wealth Management. In addition to your own name and email, all that you have to do to refer someone is to include:

  • The Referral’s Name
  • The Referral’s Email Address
  • Your Relationship with the Referral
  • The Referral’s Phone Number
  • Reason for Referring Them

It’s as simple as that and you have helped them with a new lead and potentially to gain a new client.


Twenty Over Ten client Financial Consultants of America has a Referral Program that is incredibly easy and straight-forward with two CTA options for setting up the referral. There is a call-to-action, “Send Us Their Info” where you can send over the referral’s name and email in order to help FCA be able to reach out to them. Additionally, with the “Get Our Contact Information” CTA, if you send your referral a message to how they can help with a link to contact them, they can have the referral reach out. It’s incredibly simple and helps out both parties involved.

FCA Refer a friend


Landing Pages for Referrals can be found on blog pages too as seen on the blog post “We’re Never Too Busy To Help Someone You Care About” from Twenty Over Ten client Simon Quick Advisors.

Many of our clients may not realize that we’re always looking to take on great clients with whom we think we would collaborate well with. Yet, our business largely grows based on referrals our clients make.

As mentioned in the blog, Simon Quick Advisors grows much of their client base off of referrals. They discuss what sets them apart from other clients and closes out the blog asking, “Do You Know Someone Who Could Benefit From Our Services?” By telling you that they are never too busy to help, it shows that they are a firm that invested to serving others.

Simon Quick Advisors blog

How to Read Google Analytics Referral Traffic

When it comes to reading your Google Analytics to find out how much of your traffic is from referrals, you do the following:

  • Google Analytics Referral Traffic
  • Start by going to Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals and clicking on google.com.
  • Click on the /images referral path.
  • Use the secondary dimension dropdown and select Landing Page under Traffic Sources.

Google analytics traffic referrals

Final Thoughts

Does your website have a referral program? If so, then creating a separate landing page for it is a great idea. People get distracted easily, so having a landing page allows for fewer distractions and an opportunity to make a page solely about your program. Use this guide to create a landing page for your referral programs and boost your online presence even more.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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