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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: November 12, 2018

8 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: November 12, 2018 Featured Image

Just like that, the holiday season is upon us, as Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! This is a very busy time of years as families start to plan trips together, but it can also be an incredibly busy time of year as the end of the year at work starts to wrap up. Before you start to stress too much about what needs to be done, take time to enjoy it and catch up on our favorite articles of the week on interview tactics, time management and marketing.

1. Speaking To Eighth Graders: Why You Need To Simply Your Technical Financial Jargon During Media Interviews via Advisor PR

When you have been working in the financial world, the technical jargon can seem like second-nature to you, but what about the people who don’t work with finance everyday? It can seem very confusing to them, and while you can take the time to explain the meaning when you have a time, in a media interview, the time is limited.

For this reason, it is common to tell someone to speak in the way that an eighth-grader could understand what you are talking about, so that your message does not get lost in translation.  Many advisors may not be used to speaking in such a way, but here are three reasons why you should.

1. It can lead to misinterpretation in non-live interviews.
2. It can eat up your time during live interviews.
3. You risk losing interest from the audience.

These are things that you obviously do not want to happen when you have the chance to speak to a larger audience, so read on to find out ways to ensure that this does not happen!

2. Episode 120-Getting Stuff Done with Dave Crenshaw via Top Advisor Marketing

Being a financial advisor means wearing many different hats and trying to do many different things for a lot of clients. Just when you think you are ahead, something else pops up, and next thing you know, you are behind schedule. That can be very frustrating, but it is also part of what it means to be an advisor!

In this podcast, author, speaker and business coach, Dave Crenshaw, discusses the importance of time management and accountability. Dave has helped thousands of people stay organized, which is something that is so incredibly important when you are word as a busy financial advisor.

For more information on how to manage your time better and ultimately become a better advisor, then check out the podcast below!

3. Let’s Chat! How to Make Chatbots Your Secret Holiday Weapon via Social Media Today

Artificial Intelligence is definitely going to be a huge part in the future, and that goes for in the financial world, as well.  Chatbots are rapidly becoming a huge part of customer experience, as they are used to answer simple questions to people visiting their websites.

We have talked about the importance of integrating live chat into your advisor website, so this is just another example of people being able to get the answers that they are searching for quickly without having to wait for an email response.

Chatbots are so much faster and more efficient than their alternatives. With 24-hour availability, seven days a week, chatbots can give almost instant answers, so they don’t have to search all over the website.  Read more below to find out how they can help your company during the busy holiday season and throughout 2019!

4. How You Can Combine Authenticity AND Strategy For a Winning Marketing Plan via Perfectly Planned Content

There are usually two different types of people when it comes to a marketing strategy, those who rely on story-telling and quality content, and those who rely on research and strategy.

While both of them are great strategies, there are bound to be aspects that are lacking, but what if you could combine both for an even more stellar marketing plan.  There are some ways to go about doing this, and they include.

1. Set Goals First, Then Works Backwards
2. Decide How Those Goals Can Be Achieved
3. Develop Content
4. Create a Funnel

In order to learn more about how to combine these two strategies for something that will work even better for your advisory firm, then read more below! 

5. Nine ways to improve financial planning at your accounting practice via Advicent Solutions

Once you have established your firm as a strong financial company, then you are probably looking for ways to make your company even better. We have discussed this many times, but having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool is extremely important. Keeping your clients’ information and your interactions with them organized is a huge part of keeping up with compliance.

Once this first step is established, then there are eight other important steps that you need to take in order to improve on your company. You need to:

1. Understand your book
2. Provide value while covering the basics
3. Set up automated monthly marketing campaigns
4. Figure out how you want to charge
5. Automate and integrate with marketing and financial advising
6. Move your communications online
7. Have your clients use PFM and budgeting tools
8. If you have invested in technology, then be sure to use it.

For more details on these tips, then read on below!

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