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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: April 30, 2018

6 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: April 30, 2018 Featured Image

We can hardly believe we’re closing out April and summer is right around the corner! If you never got around to spring cleaning, don’t worry! There’s still time to straighten up your marketing plan with some of our favorite marketing news and articles of the week! Take a look to brush up on the latest of social media, compliance and digital marketing.

1. Social Media Strategy: Time to Evaluate via SEI

When Heather Wilson took over as social media manager at Advisor Network a lot of the hard work was done. They had a pretty robust social presence, some really great contributors, compelling content, lots of followers, and the ship was sailing a little off course but sailing nonetheless. There have been a few bumps in the road, but for all intents and purposes, they have a strong plan in place. Recently, they experienced a few changes at Practically Speaking, so now seemed like the perfect time to really take a look at their strategy and make some critical shifts to their plan for 2018.

While daunting to go through, updating their social media strategy was one of the best learning experiences Heather had had in some time. Most importantly, Heather had a really great roadmap to keep them on course and a confidence in how their strategy is aligned to their goals.

If you have been using social in your marketing plan, it might be time to revisit your strategy and update your goals. Or maybe you never had a plan to begin with. Heather has found that a comprehensive plan can be broken down to 6 components detailed below. By navigating these steps, you can really get an idea of where your current strategy is headed, and adjust course as needed.

2. Little Changes Make Major Differences to Your Practice via ETF Database

Have you hit a plateau in your business? Do you feel like you need to make some changes to your advisory practice, but the idea of making those changes to your business totally overwhelms you?

The truth is that you do not have to completely overhaul your advisory business to make a significant impact on the bottom line. In fact, even the slightest changes done consistently can make a major difference in your business.

The key is to simply make subtle adjustments in how you operate your business. If you make one minor tweak followed by another consistently, over and over, these series of small adjustments will produce tremendous results.

3. A Compliance-Friendly Social Media Strategy via Advisor Perspectives

Even if your ability to post to social media is restricted, it is still a very powerful prospecting tool. Here are a few ideas that don’t involve posting content.

4. Marketing In The Financial Services Industry via Forbes

How different are CMO roles? Does it matter in which industry you work? Or are there fundamental differences across industries? As part of Kimberly Whitler’s CMO Insights Series, she interviewed Andrea Gellert, CMO of OnDeck, the leading online small business lender. Below is her insight on why now is a tremendous time to work in marketing in the financial services industry.

5. Webinar Replay: 5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors via Twenty Over Ten

It has become easier than ever to create your own online business, but even more difficult to differentiate yourself as a financial advisor. Long-relied-upon marketing tactics – such as referrals, events, and print advertising – are no longer able to move the prospecting needle effectively for neither established nor emerging investor demographics. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a massive marketing budget to begin celebrating some quick marketing wins.

In this webinar with Advicent, we cover 5 simple tips for your financial planning business to implement today to improve your firm’s digital marketing strategy and boast substantial prospecting results.

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