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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Best Financial Advisor Websites: Summer 2020 Edition

16 minute read
Best Financial Advisor Websites: Summer 2020 Edition Featured Image

Adjusting to life during the pandemic made for a slower spring, but the summer just seemed to fly by! While it was full of ups and down, trying to balance family life with work, it’s something that we have all gotten through together. Like always, we are incredibly grateful for the amazing advisors that we get to work with day in and day out, and we had a blast designing some beautiful new websites. We had a hard time narrowing this list down to just eight but these sure do stand out. See for yourself below in our best financial advisor websites: summer 2020 edition.

1. Provence Wealth Management Group

Provence Wealth Management


Based out of Irvine, California, we love the clean design of Provence Wealth Management Group. The hero image on their homepage is just beautiful with multiple “journies” a visitor can take to easily navigate their site and explore further the different services they provide – “Financial Counseling,” “Investment Management,” “Multi-Family Office” and “Employers.”

Additionally, they have a main, sticky call-to-action strategically placed in the top right-hand corner offering a free 30-minute consultation. People love anything free, and a well placed CTA like this can really boost a firm’s lead generation, so this entices visitors to take that step and meet with them, thus leading prospects further down the sales funnel.

Provence Wealth Management

Immediately when you land on Provence Wealth Management’s homepage you understand that they offer a wide variety of services to meet the unique needs of their clients. We love that each of their services pages outline in detail their process so that clients and prospects know exactly what to expect when engaging with them. By using our accordions feature they’ve been able to increase their visitor interaction by requiring people to click on topic headings to reveal more detail about their processes.

Provence Wealth Management

2. Zuk Financial Group

Zuk Financial

With multiple locations in Washington and California, Zuk Financial Group puts you in a relaxed state of mind immediately upon landing on their homepage. The beautiful beach scene brings about a sense of peace, and since you don’t have a lot of time to draw in your audience, it’s crucial that you are captivating your audience as soon as they land on your homepage. In fact, according to Forbes, you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, so you want your prospects to immediately know the niche you are serving so you can draw in the correct audience. Zuk Financial does a great job with this, and you know exactly what their services are and who their niche is with the headline, “Thoughtful Investment & Financial Guidance for Educators, Retirees and Business Owners.”

They have included a call-to-action on the hero image underneath the font with the phrase, “Sound Like You?” This unique CTA entices visitors to take the next step as it stands out boldly in gold and black against the hero image.

Zuk Financial

Zuk Financial has multiple branch locations and they do a great job of sharing information about each team member that serves each of their locations by creating subpages for their branch locations and including professional headshots and bios. (Looking for more information on how to position multiple locations on your advisor website? Check out our local SEO guide for multi-location advisor businesses).

Zuk Financial Team

3. Five Oceans Advisors

Five Oceans Advisors


The Twenty Over Ten process was thorough and iterative, helping us to create a website and logo we are very happy with. The team was very responsive and open to turning all of our visions for the website into a reality.

Jeff Locke, Five Oceans Advisors

Located in Los Angeles, California, Five Oceans Advisors works with a very unique niche that includes: company founders, actors and recording artists, professional athletes, and top online influencers and personalities.

Needless to say, they stay busy! We love how they’ve chosen to address the common pain points their clients face. Positioning their copy in this problem/solution format and emphasizing the benefits over features makes their website more engaging and compelling.

Five Oceans pain points

They’ve also used our tab switcher advanced element on their Life Strategy page to take a deeper look into their firm’s core beliefs so prospects can get a true feel for what it’s like to work with them.

Life strategy

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, they’ve made booking meetings easy with our one-click Calendly integration. Visitors can quickly and easily pick a time and day to meet with the Five Oceans team rather than going back and forth through email or phone to schedule a meeting. Their “Connect With Us” CTA at the top of every page stands out making it easy for visitors to book their meetings.

Five Oceans Advisors Calendly

4. BentOak Capital

BentOak Capital

Built on our popular Fresnel Framework, BentOak Capital uses a background video on their homepage, which looks great and is growing in popularity on websites. With three different locations in Texas, we love that they chose to go the extra mile and have a video created that portrays their local geographic area and their business to connect with their community. When you see In real-life people and clients having conversations and not just stock photos, it makes a big difference in how potential leads feel about working with a future advisor.

We know that content is king, but content goes beyond just blogging so we loved to see that BentOak is using a variety of content on their new site including videos and podcasts.

BentOak Capital

If you’ve been following our blog you know we’ve discussed the importance of including an “As Seen In” section on your advisor website. In fact, in a digital marketing survey we did in 2019, we found that roughly 50% of advisors who reported receiving 6-10 or 11+ or more clients per year included an “As Seen On” section on their site with logos of the publications/media appearances they’ve been featured in. BentOak Capital is a great example of how to tastefully incorporate one. They’ve included their media mentions just below the video on their homepage.

Bentoak Capital

5. WolfBridge Wealth

Wolfbridge Wealth

Built on our Iris framework, WolfBridge Wealth leverages a single-page scrolling experience boasting simple navigation. Another sort of “choose your own adventure” website, visitors can choose between financial planning or divorce financial planning when landing on the website making it easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for and discover the services WolfBridge provides.

Wolfbridge Wealth

As we are all continuing to social distance, it’s more important than ever to utilize technology to communicate and network, hosting webinars is a great way to do this. WolfBridge has devoted an entire section of its site to sharing webinar content to update, inform and connect with prospects and clients.

Webinars for Wolfbridge Wealth

An informative contact page is crucial to driving leads and WolfBridge Wealth provides visitors with multiple options when it comes to getting in touch with them. They provide a link and a call to action to schedule a call, a contact form, email address, phone number and a map. Additionally, there is a quick questionnaire for visitors to fill out in order to prepare for the initial meeting.

Contact page

6. Clark Asset Management

Clark Asset

With offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Clark Asset Management is built on our Fresnel framework, with a beautiful hero image that immediately puts visitors in a peaceful state of mind. The call-to-action is strategically placed with the simple phrase, “Let’s Talk.” Noting that they’re available for in-person or virtual meetings above the CTA shows the flexibility of their firm, which will be more appealing to prospects.

Clark Asset Management makes it easy for visitors to understand exactly who they work with – retirees and pre-retirees by asking the simple questions, “Retiring Soon?” or “Already Retired?”

Bradley Clark

We’ve discussed the importance of including fees on your advisor website as a means of being transparent and up-front with your prospects. Including fees on your website can make initial meetings more productive, as prospects will know if they can afford your services before even meeting with them. Additionally, if you don’t include fees on your site, it may create the impression that your fees are incredibly high, which is often not the case. Clark Asset Management is upfront about their flat fee rate and what that means for their clients.

Flat Fee on Clark Asset Management

Lastly, Clark Asset Management’s incredibly robust Frequently Asked Questions page uses our accordion feature to break down top questions making for a much more streamlined and enjoyable user experience. When you designate a page solely for FAQs, this directly caters to prospective clients, boosts the user-experience and positively impacts your brand. By simply clicking on the +, you can expand the answers and find out what you want to know. At the bottom, the CTA encourages visitors to reach out if they don’t find something that they are looking for.

FAQ page

7. Triadvise


Built on our Fresnel framework, Triadvise has a bold full-screen image with a fantastic photo of their President and CEO, Donald Walters, CFP® immediately giving visitors a more personal feel. Our fresnel framework is perfect for creating a website with accessible navigation and Donald’s made this incredibly simple by including three simple pages – “Resources,” “Working With Us” and “Contact.”

Triadvise Resources

We love their robust resources section to help clients in their financial journey, including a link to the TriAdvise YouTube channel, webinars and blog.

Contact page

Having a strong contact page is crucial for lead generation and you want to keep it fairly simple so that prospects can easily get in touch with you. Donald Walters chose to include his headshot with a quick welcome message on his contact page, which would give anyone the warm fuzzies. He includes his phone number, fax, email and a CTA to schedule a call in the bottom right-hand corner. His online scheduling system is powered by TimeTap and provides a great step-by-step user experience for visitors to book a 1:1 meeting with Donald.

8. Juncture Wealth Advisors

Juncture Wealth Advisors

We found the team at Twenty Over Ten was not only highly skilled at understanding our vision and ethos, but experts in their field in making that come to life on our website.  Twenty Over Ten definitely “walks-the-talk” with their own Social Media activities, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner as we expand our business.

Mahes Prasad, JUncture Wealth Strategies

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Juncture Wealth Advisors now has a beautiful website with strong images and bold brand colors that really make a lasting impression. In the spirit of the being located in Arizona, the colors in their palette used in their CTAs and elsewhere on across their website give their business a true Southwest feel, showcasing their authenticity and commitment to their local community.

best financial advisor websites

Who they serve


That’s a Wrap!

Phew, those websites were so good! We always have a hard time narrowing down our picks, but these websites are great examples of incorporating amazing design, strong calls to action and great content to make for a killer online, lead generating experience. We hope that these eight best financial advisor websites spark some inspiration for you and your firm to reposition and rebuild your online presence into something you can be proud of. That’s a wrap on summer and we cannot wait to see what fall has in store!

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Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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