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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Best Financial Advisor Websites: Spring 2020 Edition

18 minute read
Best Financial Advisor Websites: Spring 2020 Edition Featured Image

It has been a very long spring, but throughout everything that has taken place in the world, we are so grateful that we have continued to work with talented financial advisors to create beautiful, lead-generating, compliant websites. The events of Spring 2020 have propelled more advisors to embrace digital marketing than ever before, and we saw a massive increase in both the number of new websites created and updates being made to old sites.

The first official day of summer is June 20, 2020, so we wanted to close out the season before heading into summer with some of the best examples of financial advisor websites that were created during these turbulent times. fLooking for the best examples of financial advisor websites that drive traffic and convert leads? Look no further! Looking for the best examples of financial advisor websites that drive traffic and convert leads? Look no further!

1. The Wise Investor Group

The Wise Investor Group

Based out on Reston, VA, you can tell that the Wise Investor Group has a unique website. The images portray a “fun” feel to the site while also perfectly depicting each section of your website. In web design, we often talk about the importance of imagery and not just defaulting to using generic stock photos, so this addition really makes the site stand out.

Something we often stress is how important it is to build credibility, and from a 2019 study, we found that advisors who include sections like this on their websites receive 6-10 or 11+ clients per year, and so it’s great that they have included an entire “Recognitions” section.

Recognitions section for Wise Investor Group

Including this shows your credibility and professionalism right from the start, which shows a firm is trustworthy, so this is a great asset to include on an advisor website.

As you know, content creation and including media on your site is so important when it comes to driving traffic, and not only does The Wise Investor Group keep up with blogging, but they have a podcast, The Wise Investor Show, which is broadcast live every Sunday. Regularity is key, as listeners will know when to tune-in, and they are able to cover a multitude of financial topics, catering to their niche in the conversational form of a podcast.

The Wise Investor Show podcast

2. Guide Financial Planning


Guide Financial Planning

Guide Financial Planning is a unique firm and you get a sense that you are in good hands right when landing on their homepage. The video hero image shows Ben Wacek, CFP®, founder of Guide Financial Planning having multiple conversations with a wide range of clients, portraying the sense that he truly cares about his clients right from the start.

He brings his Christian values to financial planning, which is made evident in the hero banner typography, “Money is confusing. We’ll help you figure it out. From a biblical perspective.” The CTA is directly below in a bold font, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the site, where visitors will be taken to a Calendly scheduling page, allowing them to very easily schedule a meeting with Ben.

Guide Financial Planning podcast

As you can see, Guide Financial Planning does a great job of keeping up with a podcast, “The Dollar Derail,” where Ben Wacek chats with Zach Ashburn of Reach Strategic Wealth for some conversations to change your financial train of thought. As we mentioned above, podcasts are such a great way to get information out to a wide audience, so including this on their website is a great way to drive traffic and build a following.

It was great to work with one of Twenty Over Ten’s professional designers, but even afterward when we were on our own, their Support team has been essential in providing the tools we need to continue to update and improve our site.

-Ben Wacek, Guide Financial Planning

3. Oxford Financial Partners

Oxford Financial Planners

Immediately upon landing on Oxford Financial Partners homepage you notice the rotating hero image with inspiring text and a call-to-action to “Build Your Investment Plan.” Placing a CTA boldly on the hero image is a great way to catch the eye of your visitors. Upon clicking on it, prospects are taken to a very straight-forward plan, where you simply need to enter your age and your gross income to get started on building your investment plan with them.

Built on the Fresnel framework, this plan is perfect for a website like this one, as it features an accessible navigation menu, so the website will be equipped with subpages for additional content, and Oxford Financial Partners has a lot to dive into.

Our goal was to create a website that makes an impactful first impression with a fresh design and seamless experience for visitors and Twenty Over Ten made that happen.  Prospects can easily determine if Oxford is a good fit for their needs, with clear understanding of what we offer, what it costs and the benefits of working with us.

-Alison McLaren, Oxford Financial Partners

There are so many features to like about this website, and one, in particular, is the “Power of 5 Investing,” where they have based their investment philosophy into this proprietary investing system. It includes:

  1. Five Steps of Investing
  2. Live on Five Percent
  3. Five Years of Stability
  4. The Five Percent Limit
  5. Five Words of Wisdom

Each section is broken down for visitors so clients know what to expect when it comes to their values and investment plans.

Power of 5 Investing

4. Blueprint Financial Services

Blueprint Financial Services

Based in beautiful Arvada, CO, just outside of Denver, Blueprint Financial Services is chock full of awesome features. The question placed directly on the homepage, “Are You Leaving Your Retirement Up To Chance?” Asking an important question as this right when landing on the homepage is a great way to get prospects really thinking about their future and understand that they need to work with a strong team to ensure their retirement is not left up to chance.

Blueprint Financial Services

As seen above, when visitors check out the different pages, the block of texts slides over the image, either asking questions or telling future clients what the next step in the process will be as seen on each page.  Even as you scroll through each page, the call-to-action, “Schedule Your Free Consultation” moves with you, making it very quick and enticing to book a meeting with Victor Guettlein, CFP® using Calendly.

Schedule a Meeting with Victor

The idea of “breaking ground” on your financial feature, shown on the “Contact” page and the print overlay shows prospects that when you work with the team at Blueprint Financial Services, you are going to dig right in and start planning a stronger financial future.

Blueprint Financial Services contact page

5. Newground Social Investment

NewGround Social Investment homepage

Based out of Seattle, WA, Newground Social Investment works with clients who practice ESG/Socially Responsible Investing. At Twenty Over Ten, we discuss the importance of serving a niche, as this adds value to your marketing dollar while creating more quality leads. As can be seen in the “How We Help” section, they offer “Conservative Investing for Liberal People,” which is simple yet powerful headline, showing visitors their values and what they are about at work.

Newground Social Investment

When it comes to ESG Investing, this niche involves matters that are:

  1. Environmental
  2. Social
  3. Governance

In the above video, Bruce Herbert, AIF briefly discusses the 3 levels of responsible impact investing. When there is a niche this specific, people generally know exactly what they are looking for in a firm, so when they land on the website, it’s simple to navigate with only five subheaders at the top, making for easy navigation. 

With the world going almost completely digital, as of late, social media is more important than ever, and Newground Social Investment is not only active on the “Big Three,” which are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but they also use Vimeo, Instagram and YouTube. They are incredibly active on their social platforms, sharing blogs, videos and third-party sources that show what they are passionate about at their firm.

New Ground Social Investment instagram

6. Ankeny Financial Planning


Ankeny Financial Planning

Built on the Iris framework, Ankeny Financial Planning utilizes the single-page scrolling site for clean and crisp navigation. As users scroll through, they land on several strategically placed calls to action to entice leads to take that next step down the sales funnel. Their unique logo really stands out as it’s not only in the left-hand corner but just above the fold as you start to scroll down the page.

Fee Structure

When choosing a financial advisor to work with you and your family, there are often many questions that come into play in the initial meeting, which is why it’s so important to be as transparent as possible. Because of this, including fees on your website is crucial, as it can really improve the quality of your leads before the initial meeting, and Ankeny Financial Planning does a great job of breaking down their fee structure right on their site.

Working with Twenty Over Ten was really great throughout the whole process. They have a great structure to work through all the design steps, and were able to take the ideas I had and transform them into an end result that I’m very happy with.

-Ryan Watermiller, Ankeny Financial Planning

7. Wheels Up Wealth


Wheels Up Wealth
When you are choosing a financial advisor, it can also be a stressful decision, so landing on a website with a hero image as serene as the one seen on Wheels Up Wealth is always a nice welcome. With rolling clouds, build on the Iris framework, visitors can scroll down the site to find exactly what they are looking for with the smooth navigation.

We are passionate about helping financial advisors create beautiful websites, so when clients combine their passions with their firm and website, we love that. As seen in the “About Us” section, President and CIO Bridget Harkins, CFP® is passionate about airplane piloting, and she along with Frances Harkins, CFP®, AIF® have made their mark in a field that is generally male-dominated.

Wheels Up Wealth

As visitors scroll down the single-page scrolling site, they have integrated graphics that pop-up when scrolling down to show they offer:

  1. Comprehensive Financial Planning
  2. Wealth Management
  3. Project-Based Planning

It’s eye-catching and makes you pause before continuing to scroll through the rest of the page. As you continue to scroll down this page and explore the offerings, it’s simple to book a meeting as they have integrated Calendly on their website, so visitors simply need to click on the “Schedule a Meeting” CTA to easily book with Bridget.

8. Novare Capital Management


Novare Capital

When you land on Novare Capital Management’s homepage, you’re immediately put at ease. Whether it makes you want to go on a long jog or a drive, you immediately see the Southern charm of this firm based out of Charlotte, NC. We stress the importance of professional headshots, and so we love how the entire team is shown on the “Our Team” section.

Team at Novare Capital Management

It exudes a strong sense of professionalism and puts a smiling face to a name even before the initial meeting, which makes prospects feel more comfortable. When clicking on their image, you are taken to the bio, where you can find out more about each team member’s background. Immediately before this section, there is a CTA with the opportunity to schedule a meeting in a bold green standing out from the rest of the page.

Being actively involved in your community is so important, as it allows you to help those in the community less fortunate, assist charities that help very important causes and also allow you to connect more with those around you. As seen in the “In The Community” section, the team at Novare Capital Management is very involved with local charities, so it’s great that they have listed this out in a dedicated section, as well! At the bottom of the page, they ask for the feedback of their readers, “Have Additional Ideas for How We Can Help?” followed by the CTA “Get In Touch With Us.” They are showing that your voice matters and want to continue to give back to others, so we love that this was included at the end of the section!

In the Community Novare Capital Management

That’s a Wrap!

Wow! That was quite the round-up. Like always, it’s hard to narrow it down, since we work with so many amazing clients. We felt as those these particular websites were incredibly well-designed, have strong unique value propositions, great copy, are visually appealing, so we just had to show them off! We hope that you enjoyed this roundup, and let us know if you have any questions or there were any websites that you wish you had seen featured!

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