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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Best Financial Advisor Websites: 2019 Summer Edition

15 minute read
Best Financial Advisor Websites: 2019 Summer Edition Featured Image

How is it already the end of September? Not only did the summer fly by, but the year has, as well. I guess that’s what happens when you are busy working on things that you love. We had an incredibly busy summer working with some amazing clients, so we wanted to take the time to showcase some of our favorite advisor websites with all of our favorite aspects that we loved about them.

1. Medicus Wealth Planning
As soon as you land on Medicus Wealth Planning’s website, you notice their strong hero image with the tagline, “Financial Wellness Elevated.” It portrays the power of a great background image right off the bat with a phrase like that can really reel in leads and make them feel as if they are in good hands.

Medicus Wealth Planning

Founder, David Luke, CMP™ started a fee-only fiduciary financial firm in 2010, where he specializes in helping physicians and successful retirees with financial planning, investment management and risk management.

Their use of a call to action, with the button, “Schedule A Consultation Now” to entice clients to take the next step is made easier with the use of Calendly.

Medicus Wealth Planning-Our Process

Additionally, we love when websites break down the steps for potential leads so that they go into meetings fully understanding what they will be getting out of this partnership. Many times, hiring a financial advisor can be a very large step and one that people move towards tentatively. When they see that advisors will be with them for the long run and can explain what will be done in layman’s terms, it will make the jump to hire an advisor much easier.

2. Pathways Financial Partners

Based in Tucson, AZ, Pathways Financial Partners has a single-page scrolling site, which cuts down on the clutter and makes navigation so much easier. We love the imagery that they have chosen for their images, as it really shows off the beauty of Arizona. They include the image of a cactus in their resources, which we also feel really draws in an audience.

Patheways Financial Partners

No matter what part of the website you scroll through, there is a call to action in the bottom right-hand corner, “Schedule a Free Consultation.” Including the word free in there is always a good idea, as people love free, also, depending on which part of the website causes them to want to take the next step, the CTA is always there and easily accessible. That’s not the only one though, as it’s a good idea to have more than one strong CTA.

Additional Services and Solutions

Under “Additional Services & Solutions,” there is another one that stands out against the white space and simply says, ‘Let’s Chat.” It’s unassuming and not pushy, merely asking if visitors are interested after finding out what the firm offers.

Podcast-Mind Over Money

By now, you know how much we love podcasts and think that they are a great way to discuss important material, tips and tricks or whatever you want to chat about. It’s a different way to get information out there and changes things up from the usual blog or video. “Mind Over Money” with Brian Murphy and Blake Davelaar CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ gives visitors insights on timely topics in the industry and shares experiences with their listeners. It’s just another great way to connect with people and offer up as many resources as possible.

3. Sammut Wealth Management

Upon landing on the website of Sammut Wealth Management, you’re instantly at ease. With the serene, fall background and simple tagline, “You Drive. We’ll Navigate,” you know that you will be in good hands with this team.

Sammut Wealth


Twenty Over Ten took the time to really understand our business and helped us realize our vision of a modern and interactive communications “hub” for clients and prospective clients.  Importantly, their platform makes it easy for us to make periodic updates and their webinars provide valuable insight on how to enhance our web presence.  We’ve had a great experience and see them as a key partner in our digital marketing efforts going forward.

– John sammut, sammut wealth management

There is a call to action, above the fold, that says, “Learn More About Who We Help,” which takes visitors to see which clients they serve, which are, Executives, Business Owners an Families. Under each section, they provide case studies, which are a great way to really put into “real life” scenarios, making situations much easier for clients to understand. Finances can be confusing, so if you can see how a certain situation can pertain to you, that makes it much easier.

Clients served by Sammut

4. Steinkuhler Financial Group

Dealing with your financial future can be stressful, but the serenity of the moving image in the background starts to remove your anxieties. Don’t you want to see what you could be doing in retirement if you weren’t worried about money? The hero image on the homepage shows just that. You know the values as they are displayed on the homepage: Confidence. Discipline. Patience. Money matters can be confusing, so the way they mention patience is a great value, as this shows that they will work with their clients to do what is best for your future.

Steinkuhler Financial

The helpful roadmap and infographic that they have included on their site is simple and clean, which makes for a much clearer path about how Steinkuhler helps their clients when working with them.

5. INPAC Wealth Solutions

Upon landing on Inpac Wealth Solutions’ website, you are immediately whisked away to a place without any worries. With four locations in Hawaii: Oahu, Kauai, Hilo and Maui, you get that sense just from landing on the page.

Inpac Wealth Solutions

They have several different clients that they work with, and a very specific niche that they work with are Hawaiin Electric Employees. With the unique image that they include on this page, that really evokes the “Hawaiian” feel, and additionally, since this is such a unique niche, it is easily broken down for visitors to understand.

Hawaiian ElectricAs you know, we are big fans are having a strong social media presence to expand your digital footprint, and they have included the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook image on the bottom of this page, which quickly takes visitors to these individuals platforms.

6. Drucker Wealth Management

Drucker Wealth Management, based out of New York City is a third-generation financial planning business started in 1959. So, they know a thing or two about financial planning. CEO and President, Lance Drucker, ChFC ®, CLU ® has a special focus on women going through different life changes, while Gideon Drucker, CFP® serves as the firm’s Director of the Wealth-Builder Division, working with young professionals to cure them of H.E.N.R.Y. Syndrome.

Drucker Wealth Management

The team was super creative, and it helped that they know our industry so well and can make recommendations based on what other advisors have tried out. I was scarred from previous experiences in the industry, but feel like I finally found the right platform that has the forward-thinking mindset that can keep up with all of Drucker Wealth’s out of the box ideas!

– Lance Drucker, drucker wealth management

So, the firm focuses on pre-retirees, divorcees and widows, and have uniquely segmented their “Who We Serve” section into those Born Before the 1970s and those Born After the 1970s. Since Lance and Gideon focus on such different niches, this helps to really break it out into sections where they can focus on each individual client and serve them as best as they can.

As we know that one of their specialties is assisting women financially that are going through life changes, we love the strong call to action at the end of “Who We Serve,” with a simple sign-up, appropriate emoji usage to add some character, and people that sign up, will see what they are going to be receiving when they enter their information. Additionally, it only asks visitors to fill out two lines, which is what we recommend at Twenty Over Ten, so that really nails it!

Who We Serve section-Avoid BLS

The above book is encouraging and really showcases how much the team at Drucker Wealth Management wants to help their clients and goes above and beyond to provide them with additional resources.

Drift Chatbot

Also, they have integrated Drift into their website to make it even easier for clients to get in touch with them. They don’t have to look for a contact page or scroll through additional tabs, as the ChatBot pops us, making it easy for visitors to instantly receive a message. If it happens to be after hours, then you can still leave a message, and they will get back to you.

7. ReFrame Financial Planning

Based in Howard County, MD, Mary Thompson, CFP ®, CASL®, Founder of ReFrame Financial Planning came to us in search of help building a website that really caters to a particular niche, and those are “Encore Adults.” This timeframe, which is generally around ages 50-75,  is an emerging phase in our lives, which increased longevity and improvements in healthy aging that is allowing us to extend our contributions beyond typical retirement age.  With this coming into play, it shows how much clients need to extend their retirement funds so that they can live out their golden years staying active and really doing what they love.

ReFrame Financial Planning

I love that the site is fresh, fun and inviting without overwhelming a site visitor with too much information and too much jargon.

– Mary Thompson, Reframe financial planning

We love the incorporation of the strong tagline, “Jargon-free financial planning.” It really discusses the feel and attitude of working with Mary, as she she wants to have conversations with her clients without using all the financial jargon. It’s important to speak in ways that your clients can understand so that they know what they are doing with their finances and feel comfortable doing it.

Some additional aspects we really loved about this site were the great ways that she integrated lead capture tools into her pages. The Return of Life Index Survey is a great way to help clients to live the best life possible with the funds that they have at the moment.

Return of Life Index Survey

Website Overview

We hope that you enjoyed checking out these awesome websites, especially since we had a blast working on them.

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Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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