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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Spring Cleaning: The Best Financial Advisor Websites Spring 2019 Edition

10 minute read
Spring Cleaning: The Best Financial Advisor Websites Spring 2019 Edition Featured Image

If you follow us on social media, then you might have noticed that we started our #SpringCleaning website refresh in March. We really enjoyed being able to showcase our “before” and “after” so that we could help our clients “clean up” and start generating leads with their beautiful new advisor website!

1. K-Mack Financial, LLC

Located in Sarasota, Florida, K-Mack Financial, LLC, was an amazing client! The original website had an almost intimidating feel to it. When looking at it, it seemed as if you will be sitting in a dark office and that you aren’t really going to be forming a relationship with your advisor.

After working with Twenty Over Ten, K-Mack Financial’s website had an entirely different feel to it. Their hero image reflected the beautiful location of Sarasota, and you immediately feel the serenity and like you are in good hands when you work with this firm.

The single-page scrolling site makes navigation simple, with strong images and a compelling call to action that says “Is Your Investment Strategy Best for You?” The green color makes it stand out against the white background, and the wording is compelling enough to draw visitors in and make them take an actionable step.

2. Leap Wealth Management, LLC

Leap Wealth Management, LLC  has locations in both Dallas and Round Rock, Texas. As you can see in the below image, since there are two separate locations for Leap Wealth, they were sure to include a separate map, phone number, hours of operation, address and fax number for each individual office on the contact page.

Leap Wealth Management contact page

The older website homepage captured a nice photo, but it didn’t really capture the modern feel that Leap Wealth Management was going for. With the new page, it seems analytical, as if they will be able to crunch the numbers that you need and best figure out how to plan for your future, but they also include a photo of a woman on the page, giving them a more human feel, and not just “number crunchers.”

Since they have the tagline “Modern Solutions for a Competitive Advantage,” they want that to be shown on their homepage. The call to action that says, “Get in touch” is also strategically placed in that you see it as soon as you click on the page. As you scroll through, there are others that say, “Learn more,” or “Schedule a Meeting” in the bottom right-hand corner that never moves, so that you can constantly see it, making it easier to quickly in touch and schedule a meeting with an advisor.

The sense of professionalism of this website makes you feel as if you will be working with trust-worthy advisors right from the start.

3. Fisher & Wiens Wealth Management

Fisher & Wiens Wealth Management is based out of Danville, California and came to us in search of a new tailored design. The strong imagery that they use gives you a sense of adventure as you enter into this new part of your financial life.

Additionally, the drop-down menus in “Services” and “About Us” keep a concise feel to the website as it keeps the pages from being too cluttered. The services section includes a tab for “Investing,” “Financial Planning,” and “Corporate Planning,” all very different topics, so giving them their own sections but still maintaining the conciseness of the page is very important for a clean website.

We also love that they have an “Our Clients” section, as including this humanizes the people that they work with and puts a name to their faces, giving the work that they do a very authentic feel.

Fisher and Wiens clients

4. Woodside Wealth Management

Based out of Framingham, Massachusetts, Woodside Wealth Management, came to us in search of help with tailored design to fit their needs. As you know, we love single page scrolling sites, as they make navigation around the website quick and simple.

Additionally, their website is very comprehensive so visitors can easily see the plan once you work with them and understand their process, yet they are able to keep the site uncluttered.

We think that FAQ pages are very helpful, because if they are comprehensive enough, then visitors will be able to find the answer to their questions before they even need to reach out and then wait for a response. If you can provide answers as soon as someone lands on your page, that shows your efficiency and helps to turn leads into clients.

Woodside Wealth FAQ

5. Future Financial Wealth Management Group

Future Financial Wealth Management Group, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, has amazing imagery on their website. You know how important we find strong photos and the fresh website does just that, with rotating pictures throughout. This gives the feeling that wherever you may be, your advisors will be with you.

We like the bold text on the hero image, “Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Success,’ as this quote gives you the confidence that if you work with the advisors at Future Financial Wealth Management, they will help you get ready to succeed tomorrow. It gives you a sense of security and the confidence that you need to choose them as an advisor.

The CTA’s on the homepage gives you the option to find out more about the firm, as well as, easily contact them. Even though there is more than one call to action, you don’t feel overwhelmed as they are simple tasks and make navigation around the site simpler.

6. Droms Strauss Wealth Management

Located in Saint Louis, MO, Droms Strauss Wealth Management brings investment management to owners, individuals, and families around the world. Their original homepage is a simple photo background that looks almost scientific and “cold” as it’s a white background with graphs. Their new image is much more welcoming, you can envision advisors sitting in those chairs, discussing ways to best serve you and help with your future and finances.

In the “Services”  section, we love the infographic that breaks it down simply for personal wealth management, financial planning, and investment management. By clicking on each planning tool, you are able to find out more information. This allows for more details to be given but all in one concise location rather than cluttering the page.

Droms Strauss


The “Blog” section highlights the most recent three ones, with strong visuals to draw you in, and then if you want to see more blogs, you have the option to view all of them without too much excess on the pages.


Every client that we work with is so amazing, and we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we do. Sometimes even the best advisor site gets outdated, however, which is why we get excited when we can help a client create something fresh that will make their website a lead generating machine.

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