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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Best Financial Advisor Websites: Dimensional Fund Advisors Edition

11 minute read
Best Financial Advisor Websites: Dimensional Fund Advisors Edition Featured Image

You probably know by now that at Twenty Over Ten, we love any chance we can get to showcase our amazing clients and their websites. We have done many different roundups, from LPL to Manulife Securities and many others. For today’s blog, we are going to showcase websites of members of the Dimensional Fund Advisors. What does this mean? Read on!

Foundation Behind Dimensional Fund Advisors

You might be asking what it means to be a part of the Dimensional Fund Advisors. DAF was founded 39 years ago with over 1,400 employees in 13 global offices. They have been helping investors to translate compelling research into real-world investment solutions.

Their investment approach draws information from about the expected returns from the market and takes a more systematic approach towards investing in order to better serve their clients.

Dimensional Investing is about providing a successful investment experience.

Some of the Dimensional Fund Investing clients that we get to work with are below. They have the opportunity to serve their clients working with the economic theory that DAF advisors work under so that they can get the best returns and give the strongest investment advice possible.

4 Examples of Dimensional Fund Advisors

The advisors below sure clients by helping them to design a more evidence-based portfolio and offer strong investment strategies based on stock market research from professionals.

Dorsey Wealth Management

Dorsey Wealth Management, founded by Angela Dorsey, CFP®, MBA is based in Torrance, CA. She provides a supportive environment for women to work in so that they can feel safe and comfortable regardless of what question they may be asking. 

Dorsey Wealth Management

Additionally, her firm is a part of the Dimensional Fund Advisors. As you can see in the “Investments” section on their website, they go into detail about evidence-based investing and offer guidance for how to invest intelligently. At this firm, they discuss the importance of investing based on facts rather than based on emotions. They stress how it is important to do this so that you can plan and invest in the long-term rather than emotionally and how you are feeling about the stock market at the present time.

Dorsey Wealth Investment

Evidence-Based Investing

With evidence-based investing, they help clients make their investment decisions based on evidence-based research and build evidence-based portfolios that are low cost, diversified and can capture market returns. Some of the areas that they focus on are:

  • Diversification
  • Costs
  • Tax-Efficiency

Dorsey Wealth Management utilizes low-cost investments from Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard. They work hard to minimize the costs of their investments and help clients to achieve the most balanced, evidence-based portfolios out there so that they can plan for a stronger financial future.

Attune Financial Planning

Attune Financial Planning is based out of San Rafael, CA and led by Paul Cordero, CFP®, EA. They serve a multitude of clients including:

  • Retired people or those nearing retirement
  • Working professionals
  • Good savers
  • Homeowners
  • Those looking for a trusted partner
  • Those looking to make a difference

They offer objective and long-term advice for all the above and additionally, they are aligned with the Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Attune Financial Planning

They have showcased their alliance in the “Evidence-Based Investment Management” tab. Their “Investment Philosophy” includes:

  • Advance with science
  • Let markets work for you
  • Consider expenses and turnover
  • Diversify
  • Stay disciplined

The fundamental core of our investment philosophy lies in the belief that Markets are efficient and that in the long-run it is difficult to consistently do better than the overall Market.

The economists that have come to the above conclusion are Nobel Prize-winning economists and they have done many studies showing that the most important determining factor in how your investments will perform in the long-run is how your investments are allocated, in a mix between stocks, bonds and cash. They encourage a well-diversified portfolio and work on behalf of their clients by following these 10 core principles.

  1.   We embrace Market pricing
  2.   We don’t try to outguess the Market
  3.   We resist chasing past performance
  4.   We let the Markets work for you
  5.   We diversify across the five dimensions of expected returns
  6.   We diversify globally
  7.   We avoid Market timing
  8.   We help you manage your emotions
  9.   We look beyond the headlines
  10.   We focus on what can be controlled

As you can see, this is all strategically displayed in an easy-to-read manner with everything laid out clearly so that prospects understand what is behind their investment philosophy. They include a call-to-action at the end of the blog so that people can learn more about Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Attune FP

Channel Your Wealth

Channel Your Wealth is based out of Golden Valley, MN and led by  Josh Wolberg, CFP®, RICP®, MBA, Financial Planner and Investment Manager. At this firm, they focus on retirement income planning and evidence-based investment management, which is where they align with Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Channel Your Wealth

On the “Evidence-Based Investment Management” section, they include a video so that prospects can learn more about the investing strategies that come with being aligned with DFA. They invest using index funds from DFA and make investments based on scientific research rather than hunches and emotions.

The best portfolio is one you can stick with.

The above statement rings true, and during the stock decline from 2008-2009, few investors wanted to sell their bonds in order to buy stocks, and they found that that was the right move. The rebalancing of their portfolios was tested during this stock market crisis, and it passed, proving the stretch in the evidence-based investing.

Channel Your Wealth Investment Management

Clark Asset Management

Clark Asset Management is a wealth management firm with several offices in the Northeast, led by CEO and founder, Bradley Clark, CFP®, RICP®, MBA.


Clark Asset Management

While Clark Asset Management’s mention of being associated with Dimensional Fund Advisors is more subtle, it’s included in their “About” in a resume format as their audience can see the qualifications and experience that are possessed by Bradley Clark and the team at Clark Asset Management. When someone is trying to choose a financial advisor, it is not always an easy process, since you are trying to find someone that you trust to manage your funds and help you and your family better prepare for the future.

In an industry that is becoming more saturated, financial advisors want to be able to offer something that sets them apart from others, so including a “What sets you apart?” heading at the bottom is a great way to showcase this.

We are one of a small percentage of firms approved to offer funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, the leader in evidence-based investing.

This simple statement shows that only a small percentage of firms are approved to offer funds from the DFA, based on their evidence-based investing, therefore setting them apart from the competition.

Bradley Clark About section

That’s a Wrap!

Like all of our clients, the financial advisors above are working to create a stronger financial future for their clients by teaching them more about the science behind the economics that is built on years and years of empirical research. When dealing with the stock market, there can be many emotions involved, which will cause your portfolios and economic future to be much less stable. When working with an advisor that is a part of the Dimensional Fund Advisors, you know that you are in good hands and they will help you make the best investment decisions possible based on research.

If you are an advisory firm that aligns with DFA, the above advisors did a great job of showcasing their alliance on their website, in an easy-to-read, explanatory way with the option of clicking call-to-actions to find out more or watch quick videos that explain their investment strategies.

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