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By Savannah Brunette Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Pivotal Financial Services

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Pivotal Financial Services Featured Image

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Here at Twenty Over Ten, our clients make up who we are. Every couple of weeks we like to interview our clients to showcase their financial advisory business and their new website. We had the pleasure of working with Pivotal Financial Services and gained insight into what it was like embarking on a website design project and working with our team.

We loved working with Clarke Hendrick from Pivotal Financial Services. This New York based firm is an independent fee-based employee benefit and financial planning firm. They have made huge strides in changing their online presence and it seems clients are impressed. Take a look at what we learned:

financial advisor website showcase

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the Pivotal team.

We are a truly independent fee-based financial planning and consulting firm. We offer clients access to the finest unbiased advice, products and services. Because of our advisory role, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and our only goal is satisfying the clients’ needs and best interests. Pivotal Financial Services is not subject to any sales quotas, not subject to sell proprietary products and most important, and not subject to upper management red tape. We are a small independent minded boutique firm with the ability to make the pivotal choices needed to provide our clients with superior personalized, professional services that maintains our advantage over the larger impersonal, one size fits all firms.

Pivotal Financial Service Advisor Website

You worked closely with our team to develop your new brand identity through a new logo. It looks great! Tell us about that experience and how your clients have reacted to the new look so far.

The entire experience was GREAT!!! We needed a fresh, bold and young look and your team hit it out of the park!! I had a focus group of clients that all participated in the review and selection of the final logo, which got narrowed down to two logos. We got such wonderful advice from the focus group and then your team made some adjustments. We then put it to a vote and the final logo is nothing but SPECTACULAR!! We are getting tremendous positive responses from the community, just awesome!!

What pushed you to re-think your online presence to develop a new website and brand identity?

We felt we needed a change and different perspective….the original logo design and website were done in house and I don’t think you get a clear perspective of the image we wanted to display and present to the public. Sometimes when you are too close to it, your message does not come across. We really like the young team at Twenty Over Ten and they provided that “30,000-foot View,” that was lacking in the old site and definitely the old logo. We have been in business for 25+ years and our look and marketing methods were just as old. We needed to embrace technology and the digital world.

What would you say is your favorite aspect of your new website and why?

The home page! Clean, crisp and vibrant, short and to the point!

Pivotal Financial Services Home Website

Having been live for a few weeks now we’re interested to hear if you’ve experienced any increase in site visits, sales inquiries, etc. from your new site.

Just launched last week and still waiting on training…so not sure if new traffic has happened. BUT, from my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and clients, we have gotten many many compliments!

If you could share one piece of advice with other financial advisors embarking on redesigning their website and/or their firm’s brand identity what would you share?

Take pride in you site, use it as a tool for attracting prospects and interest in your services. WEB presence is everything in today’s digital world, so embrace it, don’t fight it.

Pivotal Financial Services Contact

What’s next on your to-do list to further improve upon your digital marketing efforts for Pivotal?

I am going to continue posting interesting articles, start writing my own and want to do at least monthly videos…1-2 minutes in length to drive more potential clients to our site.


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