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By Samantha Russell Outreach

10 POC-Owned Advisory Businesses With Insanely Great Marketing

7 minute read
10 POC-Owned Advisory Businesses With Insanely Great Marketing Featured Image

Did you know that right now, African American and Latino CFP® professionals represent less than 4% of over 87,000 CFP® professionals? The future of the financial planning profession calls for inclusion, diversity and innovation. I recently asked our community on twitter to share financial advisory businesses with great marketing run by POC and got a ton of great suggestions. Honestly, way too many to capture in a single blog post so today I wanted to highlight a few that really stood out to me, and what makes their websites so compelling.

1. Dream Financial Planning

✔️Gorgeous homepage.
✔️Great use of icons makes the site easy to scan and find the information you’re looking for.
✔️Compelling UVP (unique value proposition) “Serving the needs of young professionals & minorities who typically don’t have access to fiduciary financial advice.”

dream financial planning poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Dream Financial Planning

2. Mark Sharp Retirement

✔️Compelling CTA (call-to-action) above the fold on the homepage “Let’s start plotting your retirement.”
✔️Straight forward pricing page (read more: Financial Advisor Fees: How to Include Them On Your Website).
✔️Robust insights section with the inclusion of video resources and branded “1-minute retirement tip” videos.mark sharp retirement poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Mark Sharp Retirement

3. MYRA Wealth

✔️Tasteful, non-invasive popup in an effort to grow their email list.
✔️Compelling UVP “Personal Finances for International & Multicultural Individuals.”
✔️Seamless inclusion of live chat.myra wealth poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Myra Wealth

4. Dorsey Wealth

✔️Personal yet professional homepage video.
✔️Compelling UVP “Fee-Only Wealth Management and Retirement Planning for Women and Couples.”
✔️Incorporation of case studies.dorsey wealth management poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Dorsey Wealth

5. Kelly Financial Planning

✔️Integration with meeting scheduler making it easy for clients and prospects to schedule a call.
✔️Use of original photography with diversity vs. stock photography.
✔️Robust yet helpful FAQ page.kelly financial planning poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Kelly Financial Planning


6. 2050 Wealth Partners

✔️Moving homepage background is captivating, unique and original.
✔️Straight forward, clear pricing page with annual retainer fees.
✔️Laser-focused on communicating their four primary target audiences -those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, first-generation wealth builders, thriving professionals and sandwich generation wealth protectors.2050 wealth partners poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit 2050 Wealth Partners

7. Build a Better Financial Future

✔️Compelling eBook download to drive website engagement and capture more leads.
✔️”As seen on” section on homepage builds credibility and bolsters thought leadership (Pro tip: About 50% of advisors who get 6-10 or 11+ clients per year include an “as seen on” section on their websites.)
✔️Robust insights section with the inclusion of podcasts giving visitors a variety of ways to engage and consume information.

build a better financial future financial advisor website

Visit Build A Better Financial Future

8. Capital Wize

✔️Compelling UVP “We help Self-Made Entrepreneurs, Tech Founders and Public Figures own a business that doesn’t run them, while simultaneously increasing their net worth.”
✔️”Start here” CTA draws visitors focus as Taylor Schulte, founder, and CEO of Define Financial put it the magic of having a start here button is a “smart way to let potential clients find out everything you want them to know, but it’s important to think bigger than that.”
✔️Case studies reinforce their niche and showcase their capability and thought leadership.capital wize poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit CapitalWize

9. Atlas Park Consulting & Finance

✔️Multiple squeeze pages for downloads to capture email addresses from prospects.
✔️Dedicated press page showcases authored editorials and honors in addition to an awards and accolades page.
✔️Clear, streamlined navigation is user-friendly.atlas park consulting and finance poc people of color financial advisor website

Visit Atlas Park

10. Earn Into Wealth

✔️Incredibly effective, strong copy “Being a bread-winning woman is hard. Getting help with your finances is an act of self-care.”
✔️Interactive flip cards on the services page gives prospects a clear sense of what to expect.
✔️Clear UVP “Financial Guidance For High-Earning Women & Dual-Career Couples.”

earn into wealth financial advisor website

Visit Earn Into Wealth

Support Your Fellow Advisors From All Backgrounds

I encourage you to further your own education by diving into this reading list of anti-racism resources. In addition, an actionable way to support your POC allies is to sign a petition (or two) or donate to an organization. As always, please connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter and share a financial advisory business with great marketing run by a POC so we can continue to build out this list and lift up our peers. Lastly, I will add that the journey in tackling racism in America is ongoing but we are in this together.

Want to Include More Diversity In Your Own Marketing?

Here Are Some Resources That Can Help:

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About the author

Samantha Russell

As the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer for Twenty Over Ten Samantha’s focus is on helping business owners and others in financial services understand the value of their online presence and connecting them with the marketing tools and digital solutions they need to effectively manage their brand.

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