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By Nora Bowen Outreach

The Importance of Call to Action for Financial Advisors

5 minute read

You can have a wonderful, visually appealing website, but if you do not ask your visitors to take some action once they land on your page, your site is failing you.  Determining the Call To Action (CTA) you want visitors to take once they land on your site is one of the most important decisions you can make when building your online presence.

A good portion of your site visitors may not yet be ready to engage your services, but by having them sign up for your blog or newsletter for instance, you can keep in touch with them and show your value so that when they are ready for financial guidance, you will come to mind first.

The importance of Call to Action for Financial Advisors


A CTA is text or a graphic strategically placed on a website to entice visitors to take a proactive step in engaging with your business. When used successfully, CTAs can be one of the strongest inbound marketing strategies. Benefits include: lead generation, increased engagement, and lead capture.  Popular CTAs include “schedule a meeting” button, “subscribe to newsletter”, or “download our whitepaper now.”

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The location of a CTA is just as important as what the CTA is.  It should be located in easily seen places like the right or middle side of the homepage or even directly in the header. While they can be used in more than one place on your website, they should also be utilized on your:

  • Blog
  • Newsletter / Email Blast
  • Social Media
  • Guest Articles (your featured article on another website)

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A CTA is viable marketing tool for any firm, no matter the stage or size. When creating your CTA make sure that it always refers to the benefits and not the features. You don’t want a CTA to sound like too much of a sales ploy, this can make the potential client lose trust in your firm. A good Call to Action needs to:

  • Add value
  • Be straightforward
  • Stress how the call to action will benefit the user

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Already have a Call to Action button?

Considering how it might be improved through alignment and placement

  • Ensure Alignment: Make sure that you have similar or same wording in the call-to-action that describes the subject matter that relates back to your website’s language.
  • Placement: Make it as easy a possible for your website visitors to find the call to action


The purpose of any Call to Action is for people to go down the sales pipeline to become a lead and eventually a client of your financial firm. While an increase in traffic, subscribers and followers is important, it doesn’t measure success. A good Call to Action can measure success by turning leads in to clients.

As a financial advisor, you probably have clients who are referred to your site in some way but may not yet be ready to engage your services just yet. If you can engage those visitors through your blog, or have them sign up for your newsletter, or download a whitepaper, you can keep your business front of mind for them. This way, when they ARE ready to work with a financial advisor, your firm will be the one that comes to mind first.

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