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By Blair Kelly Outreach

What Makes a Great Advisor Website? 4 Examples That Work and Why

11 minute read
What Makes a Great Advisor Website? 4 Examples That Work and Why Featured Image

Unfortunately, financial advisor websites are not usually known as the “prettiest” of sites out there. They generally have been known to lack design, personality or may just be hard to navigate.

At Twenty Over Ten, we are proud to help advisors overcome this stereotype and have helped an incredible amount of advisors turn their websites into a work of art. We have worked with countless clients to achieve what they are looking for, but we have a few that really have stood out for us as great websites that leave a really good example for others who may be considering revamping their web presence. We take pride in the work that we’ve done, take a look below and see for yourself as to why we think these four websites are great!

1. Scott Advisory Group

Scott Advisory Group does a really great job of speaking directly to their niche, which is women. Creating a niche market may seem like a disadvantage to some, because there is the idea that this may limit the scope and number of clients that your firm can work with, but in reality, it can actually be extremely productive. It can turn your potential leads into ones that are of more quality, which then can allow you to work longer with client as you both continue to grow together.

In the case of Scott Advisory Group, as a woman in the financial industry, it can be a slightly different road to navigate. Women generally are more invested in making choices that will benefit children or family rather than earning as much money. Research shows that women also tend to face more challenges in the business world. These types of statistics can be enough to make any woman nervous when approaching a financial advisor.

Scott Advisory Group helps to cast these fears aside that women face when you choose to work with them. Knowing that you will be communicating with female advisors can add a level of comfort, because they will be able to relate to each other more. Scott Advisory Group makes this known throughout their website, and they include a dedicated “For Women” page, which provides visitors with a sense of well-being. After reading this section, potential customers immediately feel at ease and get the feeling that they will be working with someone who truly “gets them.”best advisor websites

As if the above wasn’t enough to make you feel comfortable and “at home” with your future advisor, Scott Advisory also took the extra step to personalize their website by including custom photography of the Scott sisters and their family.

Before even beginning to work with Scott Advisory Group, you really get the feeling that you are going to be treated as a human, or even a family member, and not just another number. A company that has been in business as long as this one and communicates that clearly via their website really shows to clients and prospects that they are doing something right!

best financial advisor websites
Twenty Over Ten client, Scott Advisory Group, shows the deep-rooted family ties that are invested in this advisory firm.

We love this website and the personalization that they show, and for that reason, we think they are preparing for success and have an all-around awesome site!

2. Fi-Care

We really enjoyed working with the Fi-Care team. This website does a great job of solving a problem that is specifically faced by employers in regards to their employee efficiency. Fi-care uses bold statistics to speak directly to employers as to why their employees deserve a better return on life and how they provide a solution to solve their problems.

best advisor website example

We love how they’ve decided to break down the Fi-Care Program with iconography to show, rather than tell, how they will help employers and employees to develop a plan, and provide them with guidance and support. The messaging used throughout their site helps instill an at ease feeling helping prospects and clients understand that with Fi-Care your employees will be in good hands, which in turn will help your company to gain productivity in the long run.

examples of the best financial advisor websitesVisiting the site, you’ll be shocked to learn that less than half of workers believe their employer cares about their financial well-being. That is not a stat that you want to hear as an employer! The next stat is fairly obvious, as 77% of Millennials, 73% of Gen X, and 55% of Baby Boomers say that they are more likely to be attracted to a company that does care, and who wouldn’t want those numbers?! When you work with the Fi-Care program, then you can be one of those companies that people want to work for because you are showing that you care.

Lastly, their site is laid out well so visitors can quickly speak with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for an initial and free consultation through a calendly integration. This is the type of fast and dependable service that we recommend all advisors adopt onto their websites!

3. Forward Thinking Wealth Management

Working with Forward Thinking Wealth Management was such a great experience for our team for so many reasons. One part of the site that really stands out was how clearly they articulated and explained the importance of flat fees and why they’re beneficial.

best financial advisor websites

Dan Johnson, CFP® uses the above conversation snippet to illustrate to clients and prospects his flat fee model and assures them that clients will always know exactly what they’re paying for. Through this you get the feeling that he is somebody that you can trust and that is key to convey as an advisor when it comes to copywriting for your website.

4. Retirement Matters

The Retirement Matters website is an oldie but goodie for our team at Twenty Over Ten. The site does a really great job organizing information into easily digestible sections. What we’re especially drawn to is their excellent use of calls to action (CTAs) with a relevant lead magnet, free retirement checklists, as seen in the screenshot below.best financial advisor website examples

Traditionally, lead magnets are not something we’ve seen done well on advisor websites but Retirement Matters does an excellent job. The key with lead magnets is you want to deliver something of value, something that will actually be compelling to your site visitors. Determining the action you want visitors to take once they land on your site is one of the most important decisions you can make when building your online presence.

A fairly large part of the visitors to your site may not yet be ready to work with you or are still just “shopping around” for an advisor to work with. But by encouraging them to sign-up for your blog updates or your monthly newsletter for instance, or in the case of Retirement Matters, free retirement checklists, you can keep in touch with them and show your value so that when they are ready for help with their financial planning, then your firm will be top of mind.

example of lead magnet on financial advisor website

Retirement Matters employs multiple CTA’s throughout their site with offers (aka lead magnets), which include things such as “Schedule an Appointment” and a free book download, “The (Almost) Complete Retirement Guide.” With all of these quick and simple ways to receive free guidance, Retirement Matters makes sure that they will be on the mind of potential customers when it is time for them to choose a financial advisor to lead them on the adventure of retirement.

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