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By Savannah Brunette Outreach

Top 4 Client Expectations for Advisor Websites in 2018

10 minute read
Top 4 Client Expectations for Advisor Websites in 2018 Featured Image

As the new year approaches, our team at Twenty Over Ten is anticipating many changes in the financial services industry. Good changes, of course! Our research shows that clients are looking for authentic advisory businesses that they can trust and a user-friendly digital experience. It may seem like this has always been the case, but clients are upping the ante and expecting great experiences in the New Year.

Although the four client expectations we cover below have always been important to the client experience, they will be absoultely essential in 2018 to retrain and attract new clientele for your financial planning firm. Read on to discover the top four client expectations for the financial services industry in the year ahead. Because we know your clients won’t settle for anything less!

1. Security

When you are working with confidential information everyday, all of your online platforms must be secure. Especially in the financial services industry, the sensitive data you may capture from clients makes your website and business a target for third-parties who may be looking to steal sensitive information. Your clients are trusting your firm to carefully transfer their personal and financial information, whether it’s in-depth documentation or a simple form with their contact information. Clients will expect your website is secure and we don’t blame them!

If your website still uses HTTP, the data that is transferred from server to browser where online visitors view is not encrypted. Not properly securing your site makes it easy for third-parties to collect the information while in transfer. Your website might also contain links out to client portals or other trusted websites, but when using HTTP, the users path to get there may interrupted. Third-parties can endanger your clients by bringing them to similar looking websites that ask for their private information.

Because of the lack of security HTTP websites have, it is essential that financial advisors have SSL certifications, or HTTPS websites. In fact, Google’s search algorithm will rank your website lower if it does not have an SSL certification. Google will now also warn visitors when they go to load your website that it is not secure and this will most likely scare off any prospective clients. So what is SSL? SSL or a Secure Sockets Layer encrypts data when transferring it between the server and browser. Here at Twenty Over Ten, we integrate SSL in every website we create and design to keep you and your clients secure.

best financial advisor websites Financial Planning Done Right
All Twenty Over Ten websites include free SSL certificates for added security.

2. Client Portals

In a world of fast paced innovation and ever changing technology, the financial services industry is no exception. There is an increasing demand for digital investing platforms and online wealth management systems from your clients. Now more than ever, they expect to find all of this in one place. To enhance their user experience, your website should streamline the financial planning process through online client portals.

These platforms can be considered an extension of your core service, as they provide the tools necessary for your clients to communicate with you, view their portfolios, understand changes, personalize their goals, and manage documentation. Client portals are both convenient for advisors and a way to better serve clients.

If your advisory firm doesn’t provide a client portal, you risk losing clientele who value convenience and accessibility. We understand how influential this piece is to your business. That’s why users on our platform have the ability to seamlessly integrate whatever client portal software they’re using onto their website, such as eMoney.

Silverman and Associates Advisor Website has a client portal
Twenty Over Ten client, Silverman and Associates, integrates a client portal on their website for clients to eaisly access their portfolio online.

3. Mobile Optimization

It shouldn’t be a surprise that mobile optimization is on this list. Think about how often you pick up your cell phone and search for something through your mobile browser. Search Engine Land reported last year that already 60% of searches were from mobile devices and the numbers keep rising.

This is now a necessity for all clients and prospects of the financial planning industry. To find your business, they are likely to search for it from the convenience of their cell phone. Not only can it be disappointing for users when the text is chaotic or the pictures are out of place, but they may not even be able to contact you if your website is not optimized. Developing a website that can be viewed and easily explored on any device is crucial to increase your conversion rate and improve your client experience.

All of our frameworks are created with a mobile-first approach. When developing our frameworks, our designers held priority on a seamless experience regardless of the device a user was viewing the website on. Through our platform, advisors can choose the framework that best fits their business and leverage it on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, and any device.

Mobile Responsive Website Golden Pine Advisory
All Twenty Over Ten websites are mobile responsive. The above example is from Twenty Over Ten client, Golden Pine Advisory, and their site as seen across multiple devices.

4. High Quality Editorial

Clients are becoming more independent and want to learn as they work with you to plan their financial future. Whether they are planning for their children’s college funds, taxes in the upcoming year, or retirement, your market segment wants to be informed. Not only is creating content a great way to educate clients (and improve your SEO!) but it showcases your expertise to prospects.

It may seem like developing landing pages and writing blogs can be a waste of time and enegery, but this long-term invest pays off, we promise! By positioning yourself as a thought leader, you give yourself and your financial planning firm credibility and it also provides a great first impression to visitors. Blog posts don’t only have to be about the market and relevant industry topics, but you can discuss your company culture, office updates, and seasonal topics that build trust in your client relationships. Overall, clients are asking for this type of content and it is a great way to market your advisory firm.

Our platform makes it easy to add and update content on your website. You can add a landing page at anytime to invite clients to your holiday open house or to inform them of your new office location. Some of out advisors create new blog posts every week to keep clients engaged. Content is still king and we’ve made it easy.

Blogging capabilities of Twenty Over Ten

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