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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The Best Financial Advisor Websites Valentine’s Day 2020 Edition

9 minute read
The Best Financial Advisor Websites Valentine’s Day 2020 Edition Featured Image

We love to showcase our amazing clients any chance that we can get, and with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of the websites that we just can’t get enough of! Check out these 5 websites and find out why we ❤️ them so much.

1. Luminary Financial Advisors

Located in Cocoa Beach, FL, Luminary Financial Advisors has a beautiful homepage that showcases the name of the firm perfectly with the video hero image of a string of lights. With the easy navigation of a single-page scrolling site, the user can easily move from section to section, which makes it very mobile-friendly websites. If you’re on your phone looking at a website, it is much more natural to scroll down than click on the different page tabs, so we love that usage.

In today’s technology-driven environment, being able to quickly and easily communicate with someone is key, which is why we love that Luminary Financial Advisors is taking advantage of our one-click Calendly integration on their website. In fact, in our recent research shows that advisors who incorporate a calendar link on their website just like Luminary Financial Advisors can generate 6-10 or 11+ more clients per year. Now, with the single click of a button, visitors can quickly schedule a 15-minute introductory call with the Luminary Financial team.

Luminary Financial Advisors

Something else we really love about this site is the use of real images of Warren Burger with his family. Clients and website visitors get to see a more personal side of him along with a short bio about what he likes to do when not at the office. This offers a “peek” into the life of who they will be working with allowing for more of a connection and personal feel even before you start to work with him and the team!

2. Harford Retirement Planners

Upon landing on this website, visitors immediately get a quaint feel with the small-town atmosphere for the hero image on the homepage.  Located in Bel Air, MD, Harford Retirement Planners, they specialize in providing financial services to pre-retirees and H.E.N.R.Ys. With easy to navigate calls to action throughout the website, visitors can easily find which route works best for them.

Harford Retirement Planners

We love how they have an “As Featured In” section right below the fold of the homepage, and according to a digital marketing survey we conducted, we found that roughly 50% of advisors who reported receiving 6-10 or 11+ or more clients per year included an “As Featured In” section on their site with logos of the publications/media appearances they’ve been featured in. Including this shows that you are a trusted expert and are prepared to serve clients.

Harford Retirement

Additionally, they have also utilized the one-click Calendly integration on their website, making it that much easier to schedule meetings and drive leads. 

Harford Retirement

3. Vertex Capital Advisors

Who wants to head out on the open road after seeing this video hero image of Vertex Capital Advisors? We know that we do! With a car driving off in the distance of the beautiful backdrop and the words, “Design. Retire. Live,” clients can get a sense of the type of freedom that they can experience when working with a financial advisor that can best help them to plan for their future and retirement dreams.

Vertex Capital

Including content on your website is great for driving leads to your site, and while blogging is always recommended to provide information and show that you are a thought-leader, we love when advisors use other forms of content, such as videos and podcasts.  In the below, podcast, listeners get to here over a half-hour segment on “How Can You Prep For Tax Season? We Ask a Pro?” Podcasts are such a simple way to reach thousands of listeners and it’s almost like having a personal conversation without actually meeting with them.

Vertex podcast

4. Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Located in Sonoma, CA, is there anything more relaxing than sitting out in a winery in Sonoma wine country? Landing on this homepage, clients can see the type of relaxation you can enjoy if you plan well and manage your finances.

Sonoma Wealth Advisors

As we mentioned above, it’s a great idea to include where your firm has been mentioned in the media to show that you are a trusted expert and are prepared to serve clients.

Sonoma Wealth Advisors

A strong call to action is so important to entice visitors to find out more and move further down the sales funnel. We love the strong message above the “Contact Us” button, as it goes beyond the generic message and says, “Is the Thought of Your Financial Future Keeping You Up At Night, Or Maybe You Just Need To Know You’re On The Right Track.” This message tells visitors that no matter what they need, even if they are on the right track, you can reach out to work with a financial advisor at the firm.

Sonoma Wealth Advisors

5. Robare & Jones Wealth Management

Who doesn’t want to be sitting on a serene beach on a beautiful day? As soon as you land on Robare & Jones Wealth Management homepage, you are immediately whisked away to island time without any worries in the world. Located in Houston, TX, this firm specializes in pre-retirees/retirees, business owners, individuals and families and energy executives. While they encompass a wide range of clients, focusing on a particular niche, such as an energy executive, can really help to narrow down the audience and help to stand out as an industry leader for a specific type of client.


Additionally, integrating tools onto your website is something we really encourage, both for the client and the advisor, so we were thrilled to see that they have integrated Riskalyze onto their website so that visitors can calculate their risk score and tolerance, while also allowing for the firm to capture email addresses for leads.


That’s a Wrap!

We hope that you enjoyed another roundup of amazing advisor website that we simply loved working on! Getting to work with our clients so closely and then seeing the finished product is one of the many reasons that we love our job. It’s always a bit difficult to narrow down our choices, but there will be opportunities to showcase others! We hope that you loved these sites as much as we did and that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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