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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Love at First Site: The Best Financial Advisor Websites Valentine’s Day Edition

8 minute read
Love at First Site: The Best Financial Advisor Websites Valentine’s Day Edition Featured Image

With Valentine’s Day just one week away we wanted to do a quick round-up of five top advisor websites that we’ve been swooning over and chat more in-depth about what makes each one so special. We might be biased but we think that once you see them you’ll have love at first site too!

1. Build A Better Financial Future, LLC

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Build A Better Financial Future, LLC, was amazing to work with! Owner and CFP® EA Luis F. Rosa, CFP created the firm with the mindset that people are unique and require individual attention. He prides himself in working with his clients to understand their individual situations and develop customized plans that suit their individual needs and goals.

best advisor websites, Build a Better Financial Future, LLC

Luis took advantage of our Content Assist add-on to assist in creating customizable blog content and he even took it one step further by incorporating video 📹 at the top of each post. This super creative move had us swooning and it really helps his firm stand out offering a more personal and humanistic value to his blog posts. Video and blogging are two digital marketing tactics we absolutely adore and Build a Better Financial Future does a great job of melding the two integrate different technology to ultimately drive more traffic and convert prospects into sales!

best financial advisor websites, build a better financial future llc

2. Cordis Financial

Cordis Financial located in Minneapolis, MN, is a fee-only, independent RIA. It’s made clear that their intentions are to help their clients achieve the best possible outcome with their money and a strong future. They share their story of how they came about as a firm, which is a piece of their new site that we personally enjoyed because it really helps humanize their brand.

When it comes to contact pages, Cordis Financial’s is certainly up to par. With simplistic form fields, Google Map integration and all the “must-have’s” for a killer contact page. In addition to the pertinent information, they take it a step further by letting their visitors know about recent construction in the area which is changing the best way to reach their building. This short paragraph shows that if they will go the extra mile for something as simple as directions, then just think about how they will treat you as a client.

best advisor websites, Cordis Financial

3. Ruggaard & Associates

Ruggaard & Associates is based out of Twinsburg, Ohio and came to us in search of not only a website redesign but a new logo.  While redesigning, there are so many things to love about both but we’re immediately drawn to the clean, crisp look of their single-page scrolling site

That’s not the only part we love though! Their blog page is front and center on the homepage giving visitors an opportunity to see their latest articles to encourage engagement. They even encourage blog sign-ups through a handy lead capture form, bonus! 🙌

best advisor websites, Ruggaard & Associates, Inc.

4. Avaii Wealth Management

Avaii Wealth Management is located in Appleton, WI, and came to us in search of a website refresh and some copywriting help. Like Ruggaard & Associates, they also chose to leverage our single-page scrolling framework to give their visitors a simple way to find important information.

best financial advisor website, Avaii Wealth Management

By now you well know the importance of humanizing your brand and personalizing your site and how crucial it is to building trust with future clients. Avaii does just that by including a picture of their team right on the homepage. In addition, Avaii’s use of Call-to-Action buttons throughout is another trait we really love. They use actionable and enticing phrases to encourage action from visitors such as “What’s Your Risk Tolerance?” and “Start Life Planning Today.”

best advisor websites, avaii wealth management

5. C.L. Sheldon & Company

Curtis Sheldon is the president and lead planner of C.L. Sheldon & Company. He and his team specialize in providing financial advice to retired military professionals. As you know, we are huge fans of niche marketing as it’s a great way to market to a certain group and actually draws in potential clients more efficiently then if you cater to a broader base. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, C.L. Sheldon offers services such as investment and tax planning, risk management, and retirement planning that are designed to meet the needs of retired military personnel and their families.

best advisor website, C.L. Sheldon & Company

Something we really ❤️ about this site is the blog section. When it comes to running a blog for a firm like this, you have to be sure that your posts cater to your niche audience, and the blog section for C.L. Sheldon does exactly that. We also are huge fans of the regularity and timely cadence of their posts. 

example of financial advisor blog section on website, C.L. Sheldon & Company

They’ve also segmented their blog page into different categories from veterans benefits, military pay and benefits, TSP and more, which makes perusing the topics much easier and more efficient for visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

We are extremely lucky to work with so many awesome financial advisors on a daily basis, so it was really hard to narrow this list down just 5️⃣ but we somehow managed to do it! We hope that you enjoyed finding out some of the reasons that we love what we do just as much as we liked working on these sites!

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