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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The 6 Best Financial Advisor Websites: Canadian Advisory Firm Edition

10 minute read
The 6 Best Financial Advisor Websites: Canadian Advisory Firm Edition Featured Image

We have been incredibly busy so far in 2021, and in addition to working closely with independent RIAs across the United States, we also work with some of the largest dealerships in Canada. It has been an exciting adventure for us to expand into this market. Like our other websites, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with advisors to create their perfect site, which is why we couldn’t wait to showcase them. Here are 6 of our favorite Canadian advisor websites. 

6 of Our Favorite Websites from Canadian Advisory Firms

1. B&C Barker Wealth Group

Located in Vernon, British Columbia, B&C Barker Wealth Group provides wealth management, insurance and investment management for professionals, business owners and retirees. Using “real” photos instead of stock imagery is great for displaying the human side of your firm and showing your visitors who you will be working with before they even have their first meeting.

Barker Wealth

Along this same route, it’s all about transparency and not only are they showing the team right on the homepage in the hero image and below the fold, but they are also transparent and open about their fee structure in a section dedicated to fees. If you are upfront about what you charge then you are able to discuss your services and fees in person, rather than having them think that you may have high fees or that you have something to hide. In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever to be transparent about what you are charging.

Trasparent fees

2. Polaris Wealth

Including a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page is strongly advised for advisory firms and Polaris Wealth has just that. They are an independent, fiduciary wealth management firm out of Ottawa, Ontario, working to create a stronger financial future for their clients. Their FAQ section offers detailed answers to questions about their firm and the industry so that prospects can come in more prepared for a productive meeting.


Another aspect we love about their website is the use of video marketing. It is one of the most influential ways to get yourself out there, especially as we have had to find different ways to connect with each other throughout the pandemic and in an already increasingly digital world.

The video below, “Tuning out the noise,” discusses Polaris Wealth’s investment philosophy in a video, just over two minutes. It uses easy-to-read graphics and colors with subtitles which is important as many people that watch videos will do so without any sound, so it’s important to make sure they understand what you are trying to say.

Tuning out the noise video

3. LGK Investments

We’ve discussed the importance of a strong homepage with a powerful hero image, especially as you only have 7 seconds to draw someone in, and LGK Investments has done just this. The beautiful, scenic hero image immediately captivates website visitors. This is coupled with a motivating quote and strategically placed calls to action, which prompts leads to take explore the website and find out more about the firm.

LGK Investments

When you are going to be working with a financial advisor and trust them with your finances and the security of you and your family’s future, you want to understand what the planning process looks like. LGK Investments provides straightforward, step-by-step points that detail what to expect when working with them. When you know more about what you can expect, even before meeting with them, it brings about a sense of ease and trust as you head into the initial meeting and then when you continue to work with them.

Planning process

4. Bayview Financial Group

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bayview Financial Group specializes in strategic financial planning and employee benefits consulting for individuals and families, employers and those nearing or in retirement. While there are many aspects about their website that we love, their blog section really stands out.

It’s important that you are not only creating relevant content but that you are doing so consistently. Your readers come to expect content on certain days but Google rewards websites that put out strong content in a timely and consistent manner. Bayview Financial Group has done a great job of this, and they also have broken down their blogs into categories making it easier to find a topic that your readers may be searching for.

They are broken down into:

  • Business
  • Employee Benefits
  • Entrepreneur
  • Family Planning
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Investment
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Funding
  • Succession
  • Tax Law
  • Taxes

Readers can scroll through many different blogs and topics and also easily subscribe to receive the newsletter with content updates by simply including their name and email address.

Bayview Financial blog

5. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

Based in Calgary, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers uses a diversified approach to investing by combing both private and public investments. They also have a beautiful homepage with captivating scenery and when scrolling down, prospects see Pinnacle’s proven track record of success, CTAs to see the team and join the team if looking to work for them plus the option to sign up for their newsletter by simply entering your email address.

Pinnacle Wealth

All of this information is included on the homepage in an organized and succinct manner, prompting leads to stay on the website and find out more.

Another thing that we love about Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is that they have a commitment to giving back. It’s important to help others with their financial planning, but when advisors take the time to volunteer and give back to the community, that’s even more amazing.

The Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation helps people in need locally and in Honduras by providing education, lunch programs, training and equipment, as well as, empowering people to create their own self-sustainability. They have included a short video with a CTA to get involved, and we think this is a pretty incredible part of their website.

Pinnacle 20/20 Wealth Foundation

6. Integral Financial Services, INc.

Based out of Surrey, British Columbia, Integral Financial Services, Inc. provides extensive benefits to employees such as life insurance, health care spending accounts, disability management and a lot more. Their website offerings are incredibly robust, as not only do they provide an insights section that includes pertinent categories, such as:

  • Estate Planning
  • Insights
  • Investment
  • Living Benefits
  • Planning
  • Retirement Funding

But they also have included a Client Resources section full of incredibly useful tools. These include:

  • Travel Plans and Insurance
  • Benefits Health Spending Accounts
  • SFU Alumni Benefits
  • Health and Dental Insurance

Client Resources

On their website, they provide a lot of information in a streamlined manner so that visitors and clients can easily find everything that they need without having to scroll through a cluttered website.

That’s a Wrap!

Wow, we loved those websites and hope that you did too! We are thrilled when our designers can take the dreams of our advisors and make them a reality. Expanding to the Canadian market and designing websites for advisory firms has been incredibly exciting for our team. We think this is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for Twenty Over Ten with more advisory firms.

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