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By Savannah Brunette Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: October 30, 2017

7 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: October 30, 2017 Featured Image

Halloween is tomorrow! You are in for a treat in this week’s Five Little Things series. We have rounded up the best articles from last week in marketing for financial advisors.

1. The 5-Step Formula to Create A Client-Generating Video In 5 Minutes Or Less via FPA

Video is one of those things you must do in order to move your financial business forward. According to a DMN3 Study, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers spend up to two hours per week watching online TV and video. Forty-three percent of boomers watch a video on YouTube daily. Nearly half (48.7 percent) are watching videos to get information. If you aren’t providing regular video content or “tv show,” you can’t be found and you can’t help someone who needs it.

But what do you say and how can you always have something new to talk about? That’s a question we had to answer ourselves. My online TV show, The Ambitious Life has just crossed the 80-episode mark. Then there’s the hundreds of promotional videos, our reality show, Ambitious Adventures, and the 60-plus Ambitious Live courses we’ve created. And all we really talk about is video marketing.

Surely, we must run out of things to say! But we don’t.

FPA client generating video

2. Own Your Space: A Three Step Marketing Process for RIAs via Iris

The practice management session emphasized the need for RIAs to stand apart in this competitive market. Kristen detailed a step-by-step “how to” process for building a powerful narrative to tell your own story. The primary focus on messaging and website strategy to better capture the attention of a target market.

Part I refresher, ‘Own Your Space’ approach consists of three-steps aimed at taking client acquisition strategies to a new level:

1. Be specific about who you serve. It’s hard to have a compelling message that really resonates with investors if you say you are serving individuals and families broadly. Defining a narrower playing field and creating areas of specialty can provide the opportunity to relate to your target audiences in a more personalized manner.

2. Customize messages. In essence “Know Thy Customer”. If you are targeting business executives, they may be receptive to a message about maximizing the value of their stock options and minimizing taxes. Likewise, if you are targeting young parents, they may be interested in a message about how to pay for day care and/or the benefits of 529 plans.

3. Maximize impact with multichannel marketing. Savvy marketers use a combination of offline and online initiatives to help build the business. Among other things, your firms’ outreach activities can include events, blogs, online ads, and emails. Also, explore social media as a valuable approach for adding new clients.

Part II continued with the art of defining your firm’s ‘why’ or ‘core purpose’.


3. Uh-oh: What a New Survey Reveals About Advisors’ Marketing Plans via FiComm

Wondering what advisors are really doing for marketing this year? Want to know whether their service providers are in sync with their needs? If so, this post is for you.

FiComm recently got a look at survey data on both groups from a study conducted by Penton’s WealthManagement.com. I had the privilege of moderating a panel with powerhouse industry marketers at the WealthManagement.com Executive Forum and Industry Gala that discussed the surveys at length. I can’t share everything that’s in the report, but I can pass along some topline results you’ll probably find interesting—whether you’re an advisor or a marketing partner.

marketing plans for financial advisors

4. Why How You Answer “How’s It Going?” Affects Referrals via The Client Driven Practice

You are talking about your referability even when you’re not talking about referrals. Even small, offhand comments communicate a message and that message affects how clients think about recommending you, often when you don’t realize or expect it.

Take, for example, how you answer the question “how are things?” Seems pretty innocuous, right? I mean how could that possibly have an effect on referrals?

Referrals for Financial Advisors

5. 19 Technical SEO Facts for Beginners via Search Engine Land

Want to dip your toes into technical SEO? Columnist John Lincoln shares some fun tidbits for those just starting out.

Technical SEO is an awesome field. There are so many little nuances to it that make it exciting, and its practitioners are required to have excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

In this article, I cover some fun technical SEO facts. While they might not impress your date at a dinner party, they will beef up your technical SEO knowledge — and they could help you in making your website rank better in search results.


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