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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: February 22, 2021

6 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: February 22, 2021 Featured Image

February is the shortest month of the year, and we surely felt that this year. This month flew by, and it’s hard to believe that this is the last Five Little Things article of February. Let’s send the month off on a high note with an article about using TikTok to provide financial advice, digital marketing and the ROI involved, marketing opportunities due to the SEC Ad rule, how to attract clients and so much more.

1. Viral or vicious? Financial advice blows up on TikTok via InvestmentNews

In the past, financial advisors saw social media as a marketing tool that targeted only younger generations, however, that narrative is definitely changing. If you type in the hashtag #personalfinance into TikTok, thousands of 60-second videos that provide financial advice and explanations of keywords will come up on the platform. Is this going to be the way of the future or a downfall? Find out what others have to say about this social media trend.

InvestmentNews TikTok

2. Can You Hold My Attention? via Advisorpedia

Samatha Russell caught up with Advisorpedia to discuss why digital marketing matters and how to measure return on investment. In this podcast, she discusses:

  • How to leverage both business and personal messages most effectively across the different social media outlets
  • Why it is important to engage on social media rather than simply posting and then waiting for followers
  • How you can gauge what the most effective digital medium is for your message
  • How you should be measuring success in your digital marketing efforts

Tune in and start boosting your digital marketing efforts.

Advisorpedia podcast with Samantha Russell

3. Five of Biggest Marketing Opportunities From the Updated SEC Ad Rule via WealthManagement.com

The updated SEC Ad Rule is going to hold great opportunities for financial advisors that are looking to market themselves through reviews and testimonials. What does this mean for your firm? Samantha Russell weighs to discuss five of the biggest marketing opportunities thanks to the rule.

  1. Google Reviews
  2. Client Videos
  3. Social Media
  4. Testimonials on your Website
  5. Repurpose Reviews and Testimonials in Other Marketing Materials

The video below offers up more details on how advisors can capitalize on this newly passed rule.

4. How to Attract New Clients to Your Financial Advisor Practice with Fintech via Covisum

Technology is changing the way that we connect with others and attract new clients. It is going to be a way to keep pace with the ever-changing financial landscape. So, if you are trying to decide if you should use Fintech at your firm, here are several benefits to it.

  • You can automate certain tasks to save time and boost productivity
  • Provide clients with the collaborative tools they need to use
  • Generate new insights and strategy recommendations
  • Improve lead generation through automatic marketing
  • Consolidate leads and track the relationships
  • Streamline data management

For more insight into each of these processes plus examples of how firms are using them, check out the full article!

Covisum blog post

5. The Key Difference Between Wanting & Receiving Referrals (and it’s not asking!) via Red Zone Marketing

Why should a potential client choose you over someone else or why would someone recommend you to others?

Answer: The Client Experience

Referrals are one of the biggest drivers of new clients, and much of this comes from a positive experience. In fact, in a research series conducted by Red Zone Marketing of over 2,000 financial advisors, they found that 51% of advisors received the same amount of referrals in 2020 as in 2019 and 33% of the top producers received more than in 2019. So, what was the difference?

Answer: Commitment to the clients. 

To find out more about this and how to do this, check out the full article and entire video below.

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