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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Lago Wealth Management

12 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Lago Wealth Management Featured Image

Paul Dunnicliffe

As we move towards the end of 2020, we are continuing on with our “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” series blog. For today’s showcase, we caught up with Paul Dunnicliffe, founder and financial planner at Lago Wealth Management to find out more about his advisory firm and how he operates.

Built on our Iris framework, Lago Wealth Management’s website is full of beautiful images and unique features that we just had to share. To find out about their design process, marketing strategies and more, continue reading!


1. You touch on the name “Lago,” and how your firm got its meaning but can you go into more detail about this and discuss how it has shaped your business and how you serve your clients?

When I started my own firm, I wanted to be different and wanted to go to work every day and remind myself why I am in this business. When I am at work, I am all in, but when I am at the lake it allows me to disconnect and spend time with my family while making memories.

The lake is the one place I can go and unwind, and when I tell clients why I named the company Lago Wealth Management and how it ties into my family’s goals, I notice they start to open up more about things they are passionate about. Every client I have ever interacted with has a purpose for their money, and even if clients cannot articulate their goal, they do have one. When I can relate to my clients and learn more about their goals and values, I notice the relationships are deeper.

2. Using video in the background of websites is growing in popularity, as it’s not only visually appealing but can convey your company’s values in a unique and succinct way. Based on your firm’s name, can you tell us more about your decision to use the lake as the backdrop?

 For me, the lake is a huge part of my family’s life. “Lago” is Italian for lake and represents my Italian heritage. All of this allows me to:

  • Talk about my firm
  • Discuss why I chose the name
  • Tell people about my goals
  • Tell them how I plan to achieve them

I wanted to be relatable and let clients know that this is more than a business for me. This is truly about helping my clients achieve their goals (“their lake”). Additionally, I wanted my site to be unique, and this video is stimulating. I hope it makes clients feel engaged when they get to my site while also making sure the theme of my site is tied into my company name.

Lago Wealth video homepage

3. Having a page dedicated solely to frequently asked questions directly caters to your prospects and boosts the overall user-experience, so we were thrilled to see that you have an FAQ page. Have you noticed that you get fewer questions upfront or visitors that are more prepared due to this section?

I would not say I get fewer questions, but rather, many clients and prospects come to the meetings and ask better and more thoughtful questions. The FAQ section allows me to answer the questions I am hearing the most, and when I make initial calls or introductions I always direct clients to that part of my site.

Lago Wealth FAQ

4. A strong social media presence is so important to growing your overall marketing strategy, and we noticed that you are using the big three-LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Since you are new to social media, can you discuss your plans for the future and how you plan to use them to boost engagement and make more connections?

I want my clients to think of Lago Wealth Management as a resource for any financial question they might have. My plans for social media are to put out timely and relevant:

  • Blog content
  • Articles
  • Resources

My vision for social media is to make my content a “must-read” for clients and prospects.

5. We noticed that you are using content from our Content Assist library, which is great! Can you tell us how this tool has helped you to develop your social strategy, as well, and are there any useful blogs that you have discovered in the process?

The content library is great because the content in it is informative and customizable. It allows me to easily add content to my site and to social media in a timely manner, making it easier to focus on my daily tasks. Without this library, I am not sure how much time I would be able to devote to my online presence.

Going forward I think to grow we will need to be better online, and any advisor looking to succeed in the industry needs to embrace technology, however, I don’t want the tech to take up too much of my time. I enjoy meeting with clients and talking to them about what’s important to them. Things like the content library are there to make me more efficient and help more people.

6. We always encourage advisors to blog since it’s so important to boosting your overall SEO. Can you tell us more about your content schedule and how manage to create and post blogs consistently?

I want to post something every week and have I created a time slot on my calendar that reminds me to put out content and information, which I look at every Friday. When it comes to this, I feel as though I can improve on this aspect in order to boost my content creation efforts.

Lago Wealth blog

7. We suggest that advisors include “real” images so that they can connect more with their leads and show their “human” side, so we love the picture that you have included of you and your family along with a bio. Do you feel that this has helped you to connect with your leads and helps them to feel more comfortable?

As you can see I want to be relatable, and the picture with my family shows a “real” side to me. I want clients to feel comfortable with me and know that I am like them. I want to be professional, but I do not want my firm or site to feel pretentious. The industry is changing and it’s important for our firm to evolve with it.

Paul Dunnicliffe and family

8. What has been the best business advice that you have ever received that you have been able to apply to your firm to help things run more smoothly?

The best advice I ever received was “if you say you are going to do something, do it,” and I pride myself on this. When I follow this rule things just happen. I believe clients, colleagues, friends, and family can always rely on me to do what I said I was going to do. This drives more business and results than you would imagine.

Working with the Twenty Over Ten design team was fantastic. I was able to talk about my vision for Lago Wealth Management’s website with the designer. The final product came out perfect. I would not have been able to design a website like this on my own. Twenty Over Ten’s expertise in the financial services field allowed me to get a site that is tailored to me, but with all the features needed to be a well respected wealth management firm.

Paul Dunnicliffe, Lago Wealth Management

9. If you could share one tip for advisors that are looking to redesign their website, what would it be?

Keep the website simple. The purpose of the site is to start to tell your story and have people want to meet with you. It should also build trust with your firm. Finally, design a site that you love and are passionate about. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about your website, vision for your firm, and what you are doing clients will follow.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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