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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Financial Advisor Showcase: True Abundance Advisors

11 minute read
Financial Advisor Showcase: True Abundance Advisors Featured Image

Laura Rotter picture

As July comes to a close, we wanted to share one more financial advisor showcase to end the month. We are loving our most recent one, where we had the chance to catch up with Laura Rotter, CFA, MBA, CFPfounder of True Abundance Advisors. Their website was built on the Pupil framework, and they worked with the Twenty Over Ten team to create a unique, streamlined website.

From video marketing to their overall strategy and more, we take a deep dive into their site. Keep reading to find out more!



1. Can you tell us a bit more about the services that you provide, how you got your start and the foundation behind True Abundance Advisors?

I am a career changer, having spent many years as an institutional investor on Wall Street. 

I loved the work of analyzing companies and learning about different industries when I first started. Towards the end of that career, however, I was miserable. The work had become routine, and I did not share the personal values of many of the people I worked with.

As the primary breadwinner of a high overhead household, with a large house, a vacation home, and three children in private school, I was trapped in a life that made me feel exhausted and lifeless. I was afraid to earn less money, afraid I couldn’t possibly be happy.  As I began to care for myself, I made myself look at the numbers and realized that I could reduce my expenses enough to take the risk and start my own business. 

I knew then that I could help other professionals who were kicked out from or burnt out by their corporate jobs to live their lives on purpose by helping them organize and clarify their financial resources.

True Abundance Advisors was founded on the belief that, contrary to what Madison Avenue would have us believe, more money does NOT equal more happiness. I use financial life planning questions and tools that I have learned from Money Quotient, George Kinder and Susan Bradley (Financial Transitionist Institute) to help my clients identify what gives their lives meaning and purpose, and guide them to align their money with that meaning.

The services I provide include cash management planning, investment management, retirement planning, risk management planning, estate planning, tax planning, and education planning.

2. Do you feel that including “As Featured In” has helped to boost your credibility and lead generation? Secondly, what tips do you have for other advisors who are struggling to secure features?

It is important to build trust with potential clients; being featured in both print media and podcasts has certainly helped people learn about my services, as well as, understand my unique experience and perspective.

I write for a local publication and am often contacted by email or phone after someone reads my articles. I have been featured on podcasts that are geared towards mid-life professionals who are reinventing and continue to grow my reach by contacting podcasters who cater to my niche, sending a letter that describes who I am and what I can offer to their listeners.

As Featured In

3. Can you tell us more about your video strategy and any particular tools you recommend other advisors use? 

The first time I made a video, which is still on my website, it was shot by a professional, and I used a teleprompter. I have come a long way since then!

I now shoot videos using my webcam and QuickTime Player on my Mac. I research and prepare my thoughts ahead of time, but instead of using a teleprompter or memorizing what I have to say, I am much more casual. I realize that knowledge, presence and open-heartedness are what people are seeking, rather than polish and perfection. 

After recording, I upload the video to my YouTube channel and add subtitles. I look forward to recording “podcasts” like interviews with related professionals using Zoom and adding them to my YouTube channel in the coming year. True Abundance Video Strategy

4. We’re intrigued to hear more about your podcasting strategy and how you’ve found success developing content that caters to your audience?

My audience is motivated by stories of others who have successfully taken the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship, or to a lower-paying but more satisfying job. Most of the podcasts I have been interviewed on are interested in highlighting my experience of both facing my fears (and my finances) to leave a career that drained me, and the inevitable emotional and financial challenges of building a business.Podcast for True Abundance Advisors

5. We love your free eBook, “Live Life on Purpose.” How has this feature helped with your lead generation efforts?

It takes time to build a relationship with a prospect. I have a “Let’s Connect” button connected to my calendar on the home page of my website, but I recognize that it’s a big ask for someone to schedule a call when they’re still learning about my practice. 

Downloading a free eBook is a softer ask. The eBook was written to reflect my process and values and helps me build the relationship over time. Prospects that download the book are subscribed to my weekly newsletter, and, in addition, receive a series of emails that include other resources and describe in-depth how I work with clients. Live Life on Purpose

6. Can you share your social media strategy and discuss how it has helped your firm? 

My primary social media channel is LinkedIn, though I also post on Facebook and Twitter. I have worked to build my followers on LinkedIn by making a point of connecting to people that I meet at networking events, whether virtual or live.

It is my practice to comment on at least three posts of others before I post my own content. It is called social media for a reason – it is a place to be social rather than just focusing on our own content! And I have found that I receive more engagement when I write a long-form post, accented with emojis, rather than posting canned content from outside resources. True Abundance Advisors social media

7. If you could give other advisors that are looking to redesign their website just one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Spend time looking at websites of other advisors, or even of other industries, to see what you like and what you don’t like.

I love the look of my website, designed and implemented by the Twenty Over Ten team. The ease of use is phenomenal; it is so easy to add blog and video content.

-Laura Rotter,CFA, MBA, CFP™, True Abundance Advisors

8. Was there any part of the website design process that you were not looking forward to or thought might be difficult that turned out to be better than you initially thought?

I was excited to update my website. I had written a new copy, targeted my niche, and was eager to replace the canned photos on my site with newly taken photos of myself. That being said, I am not a particularly visual person and had no idea what the layout of the pages should be or what additional photos to use. 

I love the look of my website, designed and implemented by the Twenty Over Ten team. The ease of use is phenomenal; it is so easy to add a blog and video content. In addition, support is quick to respond whenever I have a question and even to execute my request, if appropriate. I could not be more pleased!

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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