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By Paige Jones Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: New Gen Financial

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: New Gen Financial Featured Image

Here at Twenty Over Ten, we get so excited to show off newly launched websites that we worked with our clients on. We feel grateful for the opportunity to work with so many great advisors, so we jump at the chance to hear about their experience with us. Recently, we caught up with Alicia Jegede from New Gen Financial. Interested in finding out about how the process went? Keep reading to find out more!





Tell me a little about New Gen Financial. How did you start and how would you describe your work?

New Gen Financial Planning started out of my desire to provide not only accounting services, but to also advise my clients on how to properly plan in the future. I love doing accounting and tax work but always felt like I was looking backwards and not forwards. Doing financial planning helps my clients become better prepared for their futures.

You work with a range of clients but place a special focus on authors, physicians, and young adults. Tell us more about your work with these niche segments and how you began working with these groups?

As an accountant, I had a small number of friends turned clients who were authors/professors and physicians. I found that they were able to get the most out of my planning services. Many of them were in school for an extended period of time, neglected their finances and needed help! I was able to help those clients change their outlook from fear of dealing with financial matters into feeling confident about their financial future. They have become centers of influence for my business. I also work with young adults because I am one and I understand their needs and challenges.

Like any advisor, you have a lot of moving pieces to take care of. Why did you prioritize designing a new website in the beginning stages of your business?

I realized early on that even with referrals, younger clients always look for you on the internet. I wanted to let my clients see me and get to know a little about my business before they decide whether or not they want to have a consultation.

We love how you decided to use a call-to-action (CTA) button to promote your free 20 minute introductory calls. Why did you choose to offer this to leads? How has it helped grow your business?

It has given leads an opportunity to speak to me without having to contact me on the phone or through email. I think it makes it easier for them to decide to have that first conversation.

You already have an awesome start to your blog! Tell me a little about your plans for it and what your blogging process looks like.

I try to write a post at least once a month that targets my client base. I choose topics that I know me, my friends, and my client base would be interested in.

With a stellar site and a blog, you’re off to a great start in building your online presence! Do you have any other marketing plans for your firm?

I haven’t done as much marketing as I would have like, but thankfully I have become busy fairly quickly. In the summer when things slow down for me I would like to do more seminars and speaking engagements!

When you were building your site, what were some of your biggest challenges? Was anything easier than you anticipated?

I knew what I wanted to say but felt a little overwhelmed when thinking about the format, page structure etc. Maintaining the actual site and making changes once I went live was super easy.

At Twenty Over Ten, it’s important to us that we’re delivering the best service to our clients. Is there anything about the process that you would change?

I had an excellent experience with Twenty Over Ten and I can’t think of anything that I would change.

What is your favorite part of your new Twenty Over Ten website?

I like the about me page because it feels very personal!

The web design process can be somewhat intimidating. What is one piece of advice you would give other advisors who are looking into building a new site?

Seek help! It is also important to just get started!

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