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By Emily Matyas Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: The Cogent Advisor

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: The Cogent Advisor Featured Image

The Cogent Advisor Michael J Evans Twenty Over Ten


Every week we walk numerous clients through our website design process. Once our clients have successfully completed the process, we enjoy featuring all of their hard work through advisor website showcases. This week we spoke with The Cogent Advisor.

Tell us about Cogent Advisor – what’s the story behind the name?

Michael J. Evans founded The Cogent Advisor in 2010 based on a successful career for 20+ years as a proprietary trader. The firm was created when he positioned his own family’s success by capturing stellar earnings and creating durable wealth. He recognizes that the mindset needed to accumulate wealth is much different than the one necessary to preserve it and that balancing the risks in your personal life and the risks in your professional career is a whole different ballgame. This is true for all investors, but it’s especially important for professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes and others whose careers hinge on high-risk ventures or on an individual’s unique abilities.

Seeing the word cogent one day – years before he started the firm, he was intrigued by the word and its meaning: relevant, well-reasoned, convincing. He believed this is the exact type of advice he would provide to his fellow professionals.

What’s your ultimate goal when helping each of your clients?

At The Cogent Advisor, our mission is to partner with successful professionals who are motivated to dramatically simplify their financial lives in this increasingly complex world, so that they may focus on the people they love and the activities that give them joy.

Cogent Advising Twenty Over Ten

How does the Cogent Course of Action™ differ from other processes & what’s your company’s differentiator?

Our Cogent Course of Action™ will help you connect all of your available assets with your highest aspirations. We coordinate a team of specialized professionals and design specific solutions to address your challenges. Together, we develop a Cogent Course of Action that is unique to you and your goals. We actually work as a team with estate attorneys, insurance professionals, CPAs etc. to ensure that they are held accountable and that all are working in a coordinated effort. We also are instrumental in getting our clients to activate their plans.

We’re loving your blog! Can you tell us about that process & your content strategy?

We offer a variety of topics, some original content written by us that address topics and challenges faced by our clients. We love to educate and we share all of our information and content. We believe in giving away 90% of what we have developed. Other blogs are taken from our strategic partners: Dimensional Fund Advisors and The BAM Alliance.

Cogent Advisor Twenty Over Ten

Who do you consider your ideal client?

We truly enjoy helping entrepreneurs, credentialed professionals, pro-athletes, and celebrities who have had personal and professional success. We work best with those who are intelligent, inquisitive and fun. They are seeking to dramatically simplify their financial life in this increasingly complex world. Our clients find that collaborating with The Cogent Advisor by having Cogent Conversations allows them to attain all that is important to them, freeing them to focus on the people they love and the activities that give them joy.

Why did you choose to use work with Twenty Over Ten?

We heard about Twenty Over Ten from several sources as a website provider. We really liked the look of your sites and we were also attracted by the ease of use and pricing. After talking to Samantha (in sales), we realized this was exactly what we were looking for. We LOVE everything so far!!

The Cogent Advisor Cogent Conversation Twenty Over Ten

What is your favorite aspect of your new site?

The ability to tweak and make changes ourselves. It’s so easy and the support has been great.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about redoing their company’s site?

Work with Twenty Over Ten – the process was great. And I mean it!

We had a great time working with you too, Mike! Thank you for all the feedback and we hope to work with many more clients just as delightful as you!

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Twenty Over Ten Showcase

"The Twenty Over Ten website continues to deliver results, both in activity, and more recently in client acquisition."

Josh Null - Gulf Coast Financial Advisors

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