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By Alex Brooks Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: CGN Advisors

8 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: CGN Advisors Featured Image

When building a new website, the easiest way to get ideas is to look at examples of what other people have done. Accordingly, each week we showcase newly launched financial advisor websites, and this time around I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin, Mike and Chad from CGN Advisors to learn a little bit more about the dynamics of their firm and the process of building their new website with Twenty Over Ten.

1. How did you come up with the name CGN?

We wanted our names reflected in the name of our company, and it encompasses all of our last names (Chad Chase, Mike Greim, and Justin Nichols). We took the first letter of our last names and made it our own company, which is something we are really proud of.

Advisor Websites: CGN Advisors
The Team behind CGN Advisors: Chad Chase, Mike Greim, Justin Nichols

2. What surprises you most about being a financial advisor?

Since we are running our own business, it’s a lot of work. The long hours are worth it though, because we are putting our blood, sweat and tears into our own business and we are able to do our own thing.

“It’s hard work, but it’s fun work and it’s exactly what we want to be doing”

It’s also interesting and surprising to get different perspectives from our different clients, everyone we work with reacts differently to our ideas and we get to see different views on our ideas every single day.

3. What made you decide opening a practice was something you were passionate about?

The ability to create our own set of solutions and work with clients on our own terms was something we were very passionate about and something we really wanted to do. Being able to work with clients on our own terms and coming up with our own solutions for our clients is something we really enjoy doing, and not having to run it by anyone else is great. Being able to look back at the work we’ve done and be proud of it is so rewarding. We are able to figure out what works and then personalizing the way we do it to fit our clients’ needs is the best part of the job.

4. How did you decide on your website theme? What feedback have you gotten on it thus far?

We decided that we really liked the accessibility and layout of the single scrolling page, it’s easy to navigate and is professional and clean cut. With our logo, we wanted it to represent us and our fundamental beliefs of our practice, which are that we’re approachable, collaborative, and down to earth.

Financial Advisor Website Example: CGN
CGN Advisors single-page scrolling website features images of the Midwest that immediately allow visitors to understand a bit more about the advisors and their roots.

The flint hills we feature on our website represent those principals as well, we want people to know we’re from the Midwest (Kansas and Missouri) and incorporating the earth tones into our webpage and logo also drives home that point. We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from our website since it went live, everyone has been extremely impressed.

Images to use on your Advisor Website

5. Were there any differences in what you expected from Twenty Over Ten versus what you received?

We have worked with Twenty Over Ten in the past—the first time we did (on the Garrett Investment Advisors site) we were so surprised with how robust and friendly they were but the second time we were not surprised at all because we know how they operated.

We were very surprised with how quickly and efficiently Twenty Over Ten was able to produce our website content and get the website to go live, we’re also surprised with how easy it is for us to change things and modify our website on our own, it’s very user friendly and straightforward.

6. How do you continuously learn and stay up to date with current trends and news in the market?

We all cover various topics and collaborate together to ensure we are on top of current trends and news in the world of finance. Mike is our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and he is constantly doing active research and reading news on how to be better portfolio managers. Justin is our Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and he teaches financial planning classes and stays up to date through reading periodicals, and through our professional associations NAPFA and FPA. We all follow certain blogs and e-newsletters like Investment Advisors and other various online resources. The different feeds we all read keep us up to date on what is going on, and by collaborating together we’re able to understand better what’s happening in the financial world.


Thank you to Mike, Justin and Chad of CGN Advisors for their feedback and input! We are so excited to have you as Twenty Over Ten partners and have enjoyed working with you all on this project. Be sure to visit the CGN Advisors website to see more.

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