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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: PRO Wealth Management

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: PRO Wealth Management Featured Image

Are there specific clients that you work particularly well with? Is there a specific clientele that you understand the best? With so many advisors competing for clients, it is becoming increasingly common for advisors to differentiate their practice by establishing a niche market.

For this week’s advisor showcase, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Jennings, from PRO Wealth Management. As a former NFL athlete, Kelly has a really unique story and it was fascinating to learn about his career and how he transitioned from a professional athlete to becoming a financial advisor. Interestingly enough, it turns out his career change may not be all that drastic after all.

Developing Your Niche Market

At PRO Wealth Management, Kelly focuses on an array of financial planning services specifically geared towards Professional Athletes. Their mission? “…alleviate the financial stress of long term planning for professional athletes and help you reach your goals both during your active professional career as well as into retirement.

Financial Planning for Professional Athelets
By using both specific images and text related to your niche market, you can reinforce your firm’s ability to serve that specific clientele. Image: ProWealthInvest.com


“As a former professional athlete, I understand the lifestyle of this particular niche market. By working specifically with this group, I can apply my financial knowledge while also understanding the fundamental needs of my client.” – Kelly Jennings

Our previous blog post on niche marketing delves into the “Why’s” and “How-To’s” when creating a niche market for your particular financial planning service. As the digital world grows, it’s important to understand that potential clients are not always looking for geographical convenience, but rather, a planner who is best able to meet their individual needs.

Kelly stressed the importance of developing a niche market as a key to success, and found this to be the core element to his business strategy. “By working with professional athletes, I have been able to share my own expertise and experience. This has allowed me to develop a strong and personal relationship with each of my clients.”

financial advisor for professional athlete website
Kelly’s bio combines professional and personal information in a relaxed way to show other professional athletes why he would make a good fit for them as their advisor.

Your Website Should Speak To Your Target Audience

At Twenty Over Ten, we always say you are actually the second most important person to take into consideration when developing your website. First and foremost are your current and prospective clients. By using images that feature people your own target audience, as well as text that speaks directly to them, you can quickly position yourself as someone who understands their unique needs and is there to serve them. According to Kelly, one of his favorite features is the moving image of an athlete playing football on the home page:

websites for financial advisors
Moving Images right on your homepage can be a great way to quickly capture attention. In this case, it also establishes the firm’s knowledge and understanding of their clientele.

“Because I am looking to appeal to professional athletes, the moving image that a visitor sees immediately when landing on the home page really catches the eye. Right away, the potential client understands my core purpose and knows they have found an advisor who will understand their questions and concerns.”

The sleek, modern website design has been catching the eye of Kelly’s colleagues, clients, and potential clients.

“I have been receiving nothing but positive feedback, and I have nothing but positive feedback for the Twenty Over Ten team. They were even able to work on my site throughout the Holidays. Overall, A+ Service.”

Thanks Kelly! We’re happy to help and be apart of your transition. Best of luck as you continue to tackle the next big stage in your life.

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