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By Blair Kelly Outreach

9 Tips for Creating a Millennial-Friendly Website

14 minute read
9 Tips for Creating a Millennial-Friendly Website Featured Image

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are the largest generation in the labor force. As of 2017, 56 million Millennials were working or looking for work. With those types of high numbers, it’s essential that your website is millennial-friendly. So, what are some ways that you can make your site a lead generation machine for millennials? Check out these tips below.

How Do You Create a Millennial-Friendly Website?

These 9 tips can help you create a killer website that has millennials flocking to your page.

Tip #1: Make sure information is easy to find

The information that your visitors are looking for should be easy to find! Nobody, especially busy millennials want to be stuck navigating through a clunky website. They may not even want to scroll all the way to the bottom, so put the valuable information “above the fold.”

Fourfront Advisors

Twenty Over Ten client, FourFront Advisors, includes many call to action buttons above the fold, so prospects won’t even need to scroll down to find the “Contact Us,” button or to click on the others entitled, “Questions” or “Situations.” Strategically placed CTAs are a great way to get leads headed down the sales funnel and converting them to clients, and placing them right on the homepage is a great way to do this.

Tip #2: Ensure that they can find what they want quickly

Just like most people, millennials are always on the go and want to find what they need as quickly as possible. However, many millennials, especially the ones on the younger side are used to having information at the tip of their fingers, so your website should be no different. They want their answers and they want them now, or they will be moving on to a competitor where they can find what they need. What’s a way to do this? One thing, we love is the use of Chatbots.

Why are Chatbots so helpful?

A lot of websites have an FAQ page, a contact form and several other ways to answer questions your visitors may have, there may be other times that they can’t quite find the answer to what they are looking for.  If your website can’t answer their questions, especially in a timely manner, then you may be losing a potential client to a competitor that does have what they want.

Incorporating a live chat feature as a part of your website allows for you or your team members to answer questions that pop up in real-time, which obviously cuts down on the wait time of an email or the hassle of a fun call.  Additionally,  this feature adds a “personal touch,” and “humanizes” your firm, which is so important when you are trying to turn leads into customers and hopefully engage in a long-term relationship.

Online chat increases the conversions of both existing customers and prospects doing their researching, resulting in more customers and new relationships. Live chat is particularly effective for high-value financial services since the shoppers are generally seeking more information.

NorthLanding Financial Partners

Twenty Over Ten client, NorthLanding Financial Partners, uses LiveChat to assist prospects! It’s so simple to simply type in your name and email address to begin chatting with a live employee and getting the answers that you need, and that is a speed that we can get behind.

Tip #3: include several methods to contact them

Your standard “contact us” page that includes a phone number isn’t the best way to go about connecting with millennials. While, it’s important to always have a phone number, that is not the top way that a younger person will want to connect with your firm! Once they are done researching your business and checking out everything that your page has to offer, then they will want to reach out! Be sure list your company’s email address or the addresses of individual employees. Also, don’t forget to include forms on multiple pages. It’s pertinent that you use a lead generation form that will capture real time information about site visitors and what they are most interested in.

Divorce Financial Solutions

We love the contact page of Divorce Financial Solutions, as they added CTAs to their page, as well. Not only do they have their phone number, fax number and a lead form, but they included CTA’s to “Schedule a Free 30-Minute Consultation” on the page, which will give advisors the change to get to know their leads better, and including the word FREE is always a smart choice, as people love free things.

Tip #4: include innovative designs that are visually appealing

Obviously, we love this pointer, as this is what we are all about at Twenty Over Ten. You want a website that is innovative and takes your firm to the next level. Gone are the days of boring sites that simply list off services, but rather, millennials want to see something that will really grab their attention and reel them in.

Include strong blog sections, enticing call to action buttons, videos with interesting information…the list goes on! Going out of your way to create a strong advisor website with innovative designs is key to staying ahead of the competition.

Tip #5: make sure they learn something

Millennials want to absorb information and find out all that they can. They are savvy and want to find out everything that they can before taking the plunge and using your services. Including a strong blog section with a lot of content is a great way to boost your firm’s SEO rankings and drive traffic to your site.

If someone is typing in a question in the search engine, and your site pops up, giving them the information that they want and teaching something new, then you can expect that they will continue to visit your site and may even refer it to their colleagues.

Brian Plain blog

Twenty Over Ten client, Brian Plain, has a strong blog section that not only includes blog content, but it has a relatable spin to it, and he includes podcasts. When you feed your leads content in multiple ways, you can really connect with them and give information in more than one way, since many people probably prefer it one way versus another kind of way.

Tip #6: don’t forget visible social media icons

Millennials love social media and often this is the way that the prefer to reach out and communicate! According to this article from Quick Marketing, it is estimated that 88% of millennials use social media. That’s a HUGE chunk of people, so you need to ensure that you are connecting to them in this way. A simple way to do this is to include visible social media icons on your site that are easy to find, so they can simply click on them and be directed to that platform.

Arista Wealth

Twenty Over Ten client, Arista Wealth Management, has their social media icons displayed right at the top of their homepage, so there is no searching or scrolling required! What’s even better is that they are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, so they are hitting all of the main ones, which really expands their reach.

Tip #7: include incentives to buy

Millennials are thrifty and like a bargain and are good at negotiations. If they land on your webiste and see a promotion, coupon, discount, or limited time sale, then this will grab their attention. This is something that can be done with a call to action button or a link, or in another creative one.

C.L. Sheldon

In the above image, C.L. Sheldon & Company, provides the option to download a whitepaper, which in turn will allow for you to capture the information that you need.

Tip #8: include a meet our team section

It’s all about forming relationships and knowing who you will be working with! If you are speaking with someone that will be working closely with you, helping with finances and planning your future, then don’t you want to put a face to a name?  If there is a “team” section, then this adds that personal touch that millennials desire and really humanizes them, and that’s so important for starting out on the right and forming a strong relationship right from the start.

Northern Westchester Financial Services Team Page

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten client, Northern Westchester Financial Services, has an “Our Team” section, that includes images of the team, and if you click on them it goes into more detail in their bio. Before speaking to them or meeting in person, it helps to know a bit about them, so you will feel more at ease, and that’s so important to form a strong relationship right off the bat.

Tip #9: Keep it professional yet friendly

You obviously want to show that you are extremely trustworthy and professional, but that you have a “fun side” to you as well, as this will make prospects more at ease. We’re all humans and it’s important to convey on your advisory website, otherwise, you could come off as looking like a robot. There’s a balance between showing that you really know what you are doing and are an expert in the field, but when the time is right, you know how to have fun.

Do you Have What Millennials Want?

We live and work in a fast-paced society, and this especially rings true for millennials. If your website is missing some of these components, then this is a great time to add them! If you already have most of them, then you are off to a great start when it comes to turning your millennial leads into clients.

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