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By Amanda Larson Company

What We’re Thankful For – 2017 Edition

6 minute read
What We’re Thankful For – 2017 Edition Featured Image

We’re a big family at Twenty Over Ten and while many families begin their Thanksgiving by sharing one thing they’re thankful for we like to share more than one thing we’re grateful for. Simply because we’re a happy bunch and we have a ton to be thankful for this year. But more than anything, we give thanks for you! Our clients, our readers and followers, and our friends. With your help we have continued to grow our community to 3,000+ advisors on our quest to ban cookie cutter websites and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Enough of the sappy stuff let’s get onto the list! This year we’re thankful for …

what we're thankful for

Ryan Russell

Co-Founder & Designer

Evernote. I make lists for everything. Literally everything. And an awesome (very supportive) family. It’s expanding to four in March!

Nick DiMatteo

Co-Founder & Designer/Developer

Spotify, helps me stay focused and motivated & MY CAT!

Samantha Russell Twenty Over Ten

Samantha Russell

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Trello. We’d be lost as a team without it keeping track of client progress, marketing assignments, due dates and I love the way it lets teams collaborate while watching progress unfold! My non-work item is definitely family – my wonderful Husband (ahem Ryan) and our crazy 2-year old Hudson, and now we are SO excited to welcome a little GIRL to the mix in March!

Dave Squires

Lead Developer

Lot of tools I use are needed, but slack is very helpful to keep the flow of thing going quickly. This year I’m thankful for our new daughter who will get to experience the holiday season for the first time and discover the joy of wrapping paper.

Ed Russell

Co-founder & Project Manager

Family and Health.

Nate Sobiech

Sales Development Representative

Great supportive team at Twenty Over Ten that makes my job in sales much easier. I’m thankful for my wife and two daughters, who make each day feel like an amusement park that never closes.

Heidi Pernett

Logo Designer

I’m grateful for Google apps as these make my everyday work very smooth. Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Docs, hands down, you have shown to be irreplaceable. I’m also grateful for this life and everyone who has crossed this crazy path. Oh! Almost forgot, thank you Earl Grey tea!

Chelsea Casareale

Lead Designer

Definitely coffee & my planner, so I can stay organized.

Elizabeth Ritger

Marketing Intern

Work related, I’m thankful for Canva because I love how easy it is to use and how the pictures turn out. Outside of work, I’m thankful for my boston terrier puppy, Sadie.

Amanda Larson

Associate Director of Digital Marketing

Google everything! Mostly Google Analytics & Google Search Console to help me analyze content performance and shares. I got married in September and am beyond thankful for my supportive, loving husband and new family members!

Savannah Brunette

Marketing Intern

My sister and to-do lists!

Emily Matyas


I’m thankful for the app Grammerly, it always spell checks my emails. And I’ve been super thankful for my parent’s unwavering support since I’ve graduated!

Michael Biggers

Web Designer/Developer

My standing desk and cold brew coffee.

Kelly Crupi


Grammerly, too. It’s so nice having the second check to make sure everything is polished! As for what I’m personally thankful for, I’d say my cold brew coffee maker, which has saved me SO much money.

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