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By Blair Kelly Webinars

What Types Of Social Media Content Or Posts Actually Get Engagement? And More From This Live Q&A

11 minute read
What Types Of Social Media Content Or Posts Actually Get Engagement? And More From This Live Q&A Featured Image

Everyone that attended Samantha Russell’s Live Office Hours yesterday came with awesome questions! From asking about the types of social media content gets the most engagement to what the standard SEO practices are, you all came with 🔥 questions and Sam had great answers. If you were not able to attend, don’t worry, you can watch the replay right here or check it out below.


What Is The Average Amount That An Advisor Should Be Spending On Google Or Facebook Ads? 

When it comes to Facebook Ads, they aren’t really focused on the clicks on the website. The impressions don’t really matter, you want people to actually take some sort of action. The cost per click varies by industry, and the average small business in general is spending anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 a month on ads. For financial services, it can be even higher. We would suggest spending a minimum of $20 a day. Learn from that and see the type of engagement that you get and based on how that goes, you can tweak it.

You are moving people from “rented land” to a domain that you own and that you are in control of. The more niched down you are, the easier this will be and the less you will have to spend. If someone isn’t very niche specific then it won’t be as simple. The more specific you can be, the better. Interactive ads are a great way to connect with your audience, or a webinar registration. So, the more specific that you can be in your ad the better.

Depending on your audience, Facebook might not be the best platform, it might be somewhere else. YouTube is a great place for ads, which is highly effective. If you are running Facebook ads, they have Facebook pixel, you can embed the pixel once into the backend if you are using Lead Pilot. Anytime someone visits, you will be tracking them so you can show them ads later on facebook, so that is known as retargeting.

What Types Of Social Media Content Or Posts Actually Get Engagement? And How Do Algorithms Work? 

If you are looking to grow your engagement, getting creative with your posts is key.

Don’t just try to grow your company page, so you need a spokesperson to be the “face” of the company. We want there to be a face of the company which will really help to drive engagement. Every single day that you post, make sure you are leaving 5 comments and remember, “Comments are currency.”

What Is The Best Way To Connect With Your Target Market If You Currently Are Not Connected? (On LinkedIn And Instagram)

If you see that someone just viewed your profile and is in the same industry, then you should go ahead and connect and invite her to connect. When you connect with one person, you can see all their second-degree connections and go ahead and connect with them, as well.  You can also set up a newsletter and invite people to connect to your business page, personal page, etc. 

How Often Should You Update Your Profile Picture? And Should You Have Different Ones On Each Social Media Profile?  And Should It Always Be A Professional Picture Or Is Business Casual Good?

Optimizing your profile is key for engagement and when you want to make sure that the photo actually looks like you and wear what people would normally find you working with then wear that in your image. You want it to represent you as a working professional and make sure you are smiling. Using the FREE tool, Canva, you can optimize your banners and create them to use on your LinkedIn profile.

What Size Should Your Canva LinkedIn Banner Be? 

A LinkedIn banner is 1584 by 396 pixels but what’s great about Canva is that the templates are already set, so you don’t have to worry about sizing when creating your images. If you are on other social platforms, it works the same way, so you can choose templates based on the platform that you are using.

Is It Better To Avoid Politics Altogether In Digital Marketing In This Environment, Or Should You Embrace Your Beliefs And Market Them To Further Filter Down To Your Ideal Client?

As we become more of a polarized society, you might want to work with people who share your beliefs. She finds to make sure that everybody at the top is comfortable with it, if you are going to be more vocal with it, the rest of your staff understands what to do and why.

Answers From A Few Attendees:

We actually find some of our most successful ads have to do with politics. Especially with some of the new tax laws coming our way soon, we find people very interested in these things. We try not to be inflammatory at all since we have clients on both sides.

You run the risk of losing existing clients, if you talk about politics online.

Steer clear and avoid the risk of upsetting or losing someone.

Do You Prefer Using The Subscription Or The Free Service For LinkedIn? 

The paid subscription is worth it if you are going to be connecting with a lot of people but make sure you aren’t spamming peoples’ inboxes. 

How Important Are Google, Yelp And Other Review Sites For Advisors? Does It Matter If You’re Targeting A More Local Geographic Area Minus A Specific Niche Countrywide?

This blog about the SEC Ad Rule shares everything you need to know about using reviews on your website. Keep in mind that anyone can leave you a review if your business is on Google Maps if your company is listed on this. Reviews in incredibly important and the way that advisors have typically grown are through referrals. It’s important to note that being able to use reviews is a game-changer.

For example, if you and two other firms are all referred to one client, and one of you has 50 five-star reviews, one has zero reviews or one has a few with three star reviews, who will they believe? So, this shows just how important reviews are. Also, there have been firms that verbally ask clients for reviews, however, they might not put it in writing if compliance doesn’t allow it yet. And the number one thing to remember Is that you need to claim and verify your Google My Business Listing so that you can manage these reviews.

Would You Prioritize Yelp Or Google? 

It’s best to prioritize the things on Google since they own all the others, however, you should probably  set up both. 

What Are Standard SEO Best Practices That Advisors Should Be Able To Check Off In 2021? 

If you have a pretty defined or small niche, SEO for those keywords will rank much higher. In terms of the basic and best SEO practices, just make sure your website is following all of the SEO best practices. Make sure you are working with a company that is reputable and ranking really well. At least two times a month, add fresh content to your website that has the keywords you want. Think about the type of content that your niche would want to see and create that content. 

Thank you for coming with so many great questions today! We hope that this helped you and that you can start to use these tips to better serve your clients and boost your marketing and content creation.

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