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By Andrei Paras Videos

What Should Financial Advisors Post on Social Media? | 10 Blog/Podcast/Video Content Ideas for 2021

14 minute read
What Should Financial Advisors Post on Social Media? | 10 Blog/Podcast/Video Content Ideas for 2021 Featured Image

With social content becoming more prevalent, many financial advisors are left wondering “What content should I create for today or for the week?”. In today’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares ten blog/podcast/video ideas for your financial advisory firm.

10 Blog/Podcast/Video Ideas

What should financial advisors be posting on social media? What types of blogs, podcasts and videos get the most engagement and are the most searched types of content from investors and consumers. I’m Samantha Russell, the Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten. And today I’m going to give you ten content types that are proven to work for financial advisors with your digital marketing. Okay. So let’s hop right in. And for each one of these, I’m going to give you the idea and then give you some actual examples of others that have done it really well so that it will get the creative just as flowing.

1. Your Take on Recent News Headlines

So the first one is right now I think more relevant than ever, which is your take on a recent news headline. So the reason this works is timely and relevant. Content studies have shown that what has really exploded is the content type that consumers prefer over anything else, especially as we spend more and more of our time online on social media. We want to be part of the conversation about what’s happening in the news. So you can do this by taking a news headline, taking a research report, a stat, something that’s breaking news and giving your opinion on it.

So I love this example here from my friend Benjamin Brant. He did a podcast episode where he was saying, “Boomers Want to Stay Home.” Senior housing now faces a budding Glut, and he’s talking about some different research that was done about senior living and what it means for planning for your own retirement. Right. I love that example.

Here’s another one from 2050 Wealth Partners, and they have basic investment principles we can learn from Game Stop. So last year, when there was all of the Game Stop mean stock drama, they created this quick blog post that they then could share on social media. So I love that one as well.

2. Summarize Breaking News & Potential Impact

Okay. Idea number two, it’s sort of a spin on Idea number one, which is to summarize breaking news and the potential impact it would have on your class. So it’s a little bit different than number one, which is taking just any sort of headlines and applying it to what you do. This one is, let’s say Congress, I just recently put out new legislation, new tax legislation, even though it’s not a law yet. You want to be part of this conversation and show that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. So you create a piece of content that summarizes what the legislation proposed is and what it could mean for your clients, clients or prospects if it were to go through, as is, even though it’s not already the law. Right. So this is a really great way again to show you on top of things and that you are constantly reading what’s happening in the news and staying in front of it. So I have this example here from Dan Johnson, a forward-thinking. Well, management did just that with the recent Biden tax proposal.

3. Interview an Expert

Okay. The third type of content that is really great for engagement is to interview an expert. This is one I don’t see done as often with blogs as with videos or podcasts, but it can certainly be done with a Q amp for a blog post as well.

So here’s a great example from Heller Wealth Management, a client of ours. They have how to avoid litigation. A must-have strategy for employers. And it’s a podcast where they brought on a litigation attorney expert. And he talked about a lot of their clients or business owners. What do you need to know? So doing an interview is great not only because it takes some of the pressure off you to create all this original content, but also because when you go to share that, most likely the expert that you’ve interviewed is also going to share it with their own channels. Right? So, you’re going to get double the exposure.

4. Answer a Highly Specific Question

All right. Number four, do a Q and A with a member of your own team. The reason I love that is most likely you have multiple people on your team who have different areas of expertise. You can tap into this. And it also gives people who are visiting your website or learning about your firm a new way to get to know the people that work for your company.

So here’s a great example from the financial gym. They have this “Financially Naked Series” where they have people keep track of everything they spend for a day, a week or a certain time period. And they have one of their what they call trainers do just that while she was on vacation and they turn it into a great blog post.

5. Q&A With a Team Member

Okay. Number five, answer, should I do X or Y type question? So here’s a great example from another one of our clients, Retirement Matters, Illinois, and you can see they have a very specific question.

They work with employees of a company called Abby. And so should I purchase long-term care insurance or buy my own? So these are the type of queries, especially that you want to think about what our consumer is going to be searching for. Right. Should I do this, or should I do that? This can apply very niche down or broad level.

6. Should I Do “X” or “Y”?

Okay, number six, how to do X. So how-to posts are really popular. It’s one of the top ways that we search for things. And so whatever the case, it is that you’re an expert in is a great type of content to create.

So here’s a great example from Quarry Hill Advisors, a Twenty Over Ten customer. They have “How to Avoid Taxes Like a Billionaire.” So this also was playing into some of the recent headlines recently about how little taxes the billionaires of the world are actually paying. But it’s a great how-to piece as well.

7. How to “X”

Number seven is what we call elliptical. I kind of hate that word, but it works. So you’ve seen this all the time, right? Five times. It’s okay to dip into your 401K or top six mistakes that XYZ people make these work, and we like being able to just scan them really quickly. This could work for a podcast, a video or a blog post. Here’s a great example from Taylor Schulte of Define Financial eleven Insanely Easy Ways to Make Money in 2021. The insanely easy is also really great copy. And that’s just another way to get people’s attention.

Here’s another one, though, from Nick. I’m going to say his name wrong. He has the nine best income-producing assets to grow your wealth. You know him of dollars in data, the Blam. And again, these are just lists of roundups of different tactics and strategies people can use.

8. Listicle

Okay, idea number eight, a post or a video or a piece of content that answers, what is the difference between X and Y or a verse type of post? So you might say, should I use a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA? Or what is the difference between a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA? Those are very popular types of posts. But you can do this again, that applies to any area in which you’re giving your expertise.

And here’s another great example from our friend Nick from Know My Plan. He has this as both a video and a blog post, so he can use that to share on social media, getting double the bang for his buck.

9. What Is the Difference Between “X” and “Y”?

Okay. And number nine, what we call top mistake posts. So people always want to know, what do other people do that they shouldn’t do? What can they avoid? We want to learn from other people’s mistakes.

I love this example here from our friend Chad at WealthKeel. He has top-six money errors that doctors make. So Chad works with physicians. But again, it could be seven of the most common mistakes that pre-retirees in New York State make whatever your niche audience is, that is what you can focus on. The mistakes you’ve seen people make over and over again and advise people how not to make them.

10. Top Mistakes “X” Make

And then number ten, probably my favorite right now is to answer a highly specific question. So in this case, you’re not going to get a ton of people searching for this. But for your particular niche audience, it’s going to just hit home and help reinforce that you work with people just like them.

So, here’s an example from MYRA Wealth, another one of our customers, and they really serve a lot of tax and immigrants. And their question how specific question that they turned into content was, do I have to pay taxes on an inheritance from a foreign relative? You can check out their blog and see all kinds of great content they have for this niche audience. But whatever your particular audience is creating content for that group right here’s another one from forward-thinking wealth management. Their question was, Should I accept nonqualified stock options?

I know Quarry Hill Advisors has one “Can Capital Gains Push Me Into a Higher Tax Market?” So the more specific, the better in answering that question, I hope you found these ten ideas and these examples really helpful. If you did give us a thumbs up on this video and make sure you subscribe and let us know in the comments below. Which one you’re excited to try out this month.

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