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By Stuart Farst Outreach

Website Showcase – Best Financial Advisor Websites: Philadelphia

11 minute read
Website Showcase – Best Financial Advisor Websites: Philadelphia Featured Image

There are plenty of fantastic advisor websites and firms based out of Philadelphia. But today we’re focusing on three Twenty Over Ten clients that stand out.

Each of these websites uses features and design to attract new leads, retain clients and stand out from other advisor sites. But they also share a few things in common. So, let’s dive in with our first site to see what makes them all stand out. 

1. WealthKeel

Founded by Chad Chubb CFP®, CSLP®, WealthKeel is the perfect example of an advisor site serving a niche audience – in this case, Physicians. This is because the site draws attention to the exact financial needs of Physicians. Then, supports these needs through transparent services and site features designed to build trust and clarify the process. Here are a few of those features:

Awards and Recommendations

Trust is one of the fundamental requirements for clients to choose an advisor – after all, you’re handing over your savings. Your website needs to show both proficiency and reliability to instill trust in a new visitor.

For most businesses, that’s accomplished through testimonials. But, prior to the new SEC rule, many advisors could not even consider using testimonials on their site. So, to instill trust in clients, advisors had to look at other options.

For WealthKeel, this took the form of awards, accolades and recommendations. The praise of well-known publications and websites effectively acts as a testimonial to the quality of services. For this reason, WealthKeel features their awards on the front page:

WealthKeel Awards and Accolades

Use of video

We all know how powerful video is. It’s one of the best ways to connect with leads and give a glimpse into what it’s like to work with your firm. It also gives your site a sense of quality by going the extra step to set up and record a video.

WealthKeel uses video on their homepage to provide introductory and background information in an alternative format. Check out the video on the WealthKeel homepage, or watch it here:


Clear Services and Fees

Transparency is key to an effective services and fees page. Clearing displaying the cost of your services helps leads self-qualify, saving you both time and effort. It also helps build trust, as most people are suspicious of marketing, and know that a site that doesn’t display prices is only trying to collect your contact information.

The WealthKeel site shows the cost of services and offers two routes. Providing options in this way gives clients the opportunity to decide which option is right for them before reaching out.:

Wealthkeel services and fees example

FAQ and Blog for SEO

Blogging and FAQ pages are beneficial to your website’s SEO. Both give you the opportunity to answer specific, keyword-related questions, show that your site is up-to-date, and more. There are many other ways to improve SEO, but these are two of the best and most consistent methods.

The WealthKeel site leverages both options to help improve SEO providing both a blog page and an FAQ page:

WealthKeel FAQ Page Example

2. Livelihood

Operated and owned by managing partners, Carey Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®, and Megan Kiesel, CFP ®, CSLP ®, Livelihood uses our Iris Framework to provide a one-page user experience. This framework and the features below, support the overall message of Livelihood – to reduce the complexity and stress of financial planning. Here are a few of the exact features that help communicate this message.

Differentiation through Imagery and Navigation

Differentiation is the key to standing out against competitors. There are many ways to differentiate. But one of the best is to appeal to your ideal client’s biggest pain points and to showcase you and your firm’s personality. 

Livelihood differentiates itself by providing site and design features that support the firm’s underlying goal – to simplify and reduce the stress of financial planning. The homepage image stands out from other advisor sites while telling us exactly who the firm is for. And if an image of a French Bulldog in banana pajamas doesn’t reduce stress, I don’t know what will:

Livelihood Homepage

Consistency Through Copy

Copy and image should always support one another. Together they set the tone of a site. This includes the language you choose as well as its location, color, font, etc.

The Livelihood site does exactly this by providing language that supports the site’s tone:

Livelihood mission examples

Clear Processes

As mentioned earlier in our discussion of WealthKeel, clear prices and processes are essential to creating an effective advisor site.

The Livelihood site provides this through three options. One of the best parts about this is that the copy beneath each service tells readers exactly who the service is designed for:

Livelihood service options example

Thrive Wealth Management

If Livelihood uses design to compliment tone, then Thrive Wealth Management uses design to organize complex topics and make them engaging. The result is a well-structured site housing a variety of resources. Below are just a few of the features that make Thrive Wealth Management stand out.

Case studies

Case studies are a perfect way to show how your services affect those you work with. For example, Twenty Over Ten provides an SEO case study to demonstrate the results of our SEO package. Case studies provide some of the same benefits as testimonials. What makes them different though, is often the data that backs a case study. And in an industry dominated by numbers and metrics, exact performance metrics is certainly beneficial.

This is exactly why Thrive Wealth Management provides a case studies page. Not only do these case studies cover a variety of situations, they also coincide with the exact services Thrive Wealth Management provides:

Thrive case studies example

Engaging Services Pages

Creating a memorable site is one way to attract clients to your firm, especially if they are deciding between a few different advisors. There are many ways to be deemed memorable, but one key way is through web design. Unique features and resources can be the difference between a site standing out or not.

The Thrive Wealth Management site stands out by making navigation engaging. For example, the planning page doesn’t provide a list of sections to filter through. Rather, you receive the large text “Planning” orbited by a scatter-plot of other pages under this topic:


Thrive Planning Example

Unique Blog and Video Presence

Content is key to SEO and attracting and retaining customers. In the financial services industry, this often comes in the form of advice and education articles.

For Thrive Wealth Management, both of these content types are present, with both articles and videos utilized to create an engaging client experience. Best of all, content is consistent and up-to-date, with a new post or video every 1-2 weeks.

Thrive Resources Example

Wrapping Things Up

These three sites are unique in their own right. But what they do share is a sense of design – elements that provide clarity and appeal to the firm’s ideal audience. Looking to create a site that does this for your firm? Twenty Over Ten’s Website Engine was built just for financial advisors to provide you with a customized and compliant site designed. Drive traffic and showcase what makes your firm unique, visit our Website Engine page to learn more.

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