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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: How to Drive Better Pipeline Conversions in 2020 Through Inbound Marketing With Johnny Sandquist

20 minute read
Webinar Replay: How to Drive Better Pipeline Conversions in 2020 Through Inbound Marketing With Johnny Sandquist Featured Image

We all want to grow our business and drive more leads, and what if you could do even while you are sleeping? What’s even more, is that you can generate 54% more leads using inbound marketing versus outbound marketing. If you haven’t already started using inbound marketing or you want to tweak your marketing strategy, then check out the video and blog below.

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Johnny Sandquist of Three Crowns Copywriting & Marketing discuss how to drive better pipeline conversions by using inbound marketing tactics. If you missed the webinar, click here to watch the replay and don’t forget to take a look at the slides, as well! 

How to Drive Better Pipeline Conversions in 2020 With Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? [7:49]

I like to think of it as a very easy way, is what isn’t it/ to get started? When we think of very classic marketing… I refer to that as interruption marketing. It’s a thing that interrupts you in your day, to get your attention. An example is a telemarketer, email, or a billboard that you see. Or an ad pops up. It’s all about the brand or the business that is trying to sell you something. 

Inbound flips the script and attracts people to you where you are the expert, the source of knowledge. People come to you because they want your expertise and knowledge that you have, so they seek you out. 

The tool we use are SEO, content creation, blogging, videos, podcasts. We’re attracting, it’s customer-centric and about providing value. 

what is inbound marketing?

how the most successful advisors use it

Watch the Video 

Why is inbound more effective? 

We are all very focused on ourselves. Our brain on inbound focuses very differently than outbound. When on outbound, we don’t trust them immediately, put up a wall immediately and are skeptical. With inbound, nobody is pushing their agenda on you…you are the ones who find them. You do a search or you look at their social media. You’re like who is this person is an expert, I want to be connected. You are much more excited to talk to them. 


We want to provide useful information to the right place at the right time to be helpful to people, such as: 

  • Webinars
  • Blogs and ebooks
  • Videos and podcats
  • Infographics
  • Email marketing

If you check out the Twenty Over Ten website, everything is free, and its a hope that people will see our content and want to work with us. 

Take a Look at our previous webinars

Check our Webinars 

According to Hubspot, 54% more leads are gained in inbound versus outbound, and inbound costs 61% less than outbound marketing. You can create one piece of content and repurpose it in so many ways. Time is an investment, but with real upfront dollars, inbound is cheaper. 

What Does it Cost to Run Inbound Marketing? [13:19]

The average firm spends 1-2% of revenue on marketing is what most people are spending on things, such as website, live events and CRM. 

On the other hand, at a growth-focused firm, they generally spend 4-10%, which is where you really start to see impactful results. Growth-focused firms are going way beyond baseline budget concerns, they are spending on money on buying technology, really content creation they are spending a lot, such as website content, digital advertising and marketing technology.

Automation tools are the areas where most people are not spending any money. There are also free tools that you can use at different levels, but some sort of content that helps you push content out, capture leads and schedule out social media. That is probably one of the biggest areas that we see people, not spending money. We think events are a great way to target the local audience in the area. 

How Does Inbound Marketing Work? [18:06]

What are the stages of inbound?

How does the funnel work?  At the top, we have an overall awareness of your firm. They are just aware. Once they actually go to your website and do some type of action that allows them to know, that once a lead. The next step is when that lead becomes a prospect. In order to get here, provide them with personal valuable content and drip on them over time. 

A prospect becomes a client when they sign on. At all stages, we want to think about all of the stages that they are at. Inbound marketing is the process by which we attract them and pull them down this funnel. 

If you’re just getting started with inbound marketing at a bare minimum what do you need to do?


  • Posting Content to a blog, website, somewhere where it will live and represent you.
  • Have a call-to-action so you can capture people. Never include more than two questions for leads capture, so name and email that you ask for, even just email. For every extra form you have, your rate will go down.
  • Make sure you are posting on social and promoting it there.
  • Make sure you promote it on email.

As you get more advanced, for those initial elements, you will be able to think more creatively of more areas that your firm might want to expand to. Do you need to get more awareness of your firm? You may to invest in things like ads, social ads, places to get you quotes in publications, SEO. you may need to do more content, webinars, videos, help them make a personal connection with you. 

Dive deep…maybe do a case study so people can see the problem that you solve. 

google reviews for financial advisors

Watch the Video

Email is so powerful for getting people to convert. I love Google Reviews because we trust strangers saying how great a company is. Try and get those types of reviews. 

SEO for financial advisors

everything you need to know about google reviews

Read the Blog

How do you drive better pipeline conversions?


1-Write fantastic copy that is specific to your audience


incredibly creative copy

5 examples on financial advisors’ website

Read the Blog

2-use strong visuals

We have short attention spans, and our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, showing how important it is to include visuals.

3-make sure you personalize everything: 

 This includes your:

  • Website
  • Calls to Actions
  • Newsletter Sign-Ups


Keep the copy upfront highly personalized. When we want to convert, we want people to know that we understand why we are helping them int the first place and that we are qualified to help them. 

5 ways to use personalization in your marketing

Read the Blog

Automizing is key. It allows you to automate some of those things that make it feel more personal. The largest amount of conversions comes from email. You always want to be adding to your email addresses. 

  1. Welcome email immediately with automation
  2. Nurture with personalized content
  3. Always be adding to your email list
  4. Don’t fill a leaky bucket…people will fall out of the process


5 biggest marketing automation fails

How to avoid them

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What Are Some Examples of Successful Inbound Marketing? [31:38]


They are a great example of people use a podcast. They release one weekly, but they also release a video.

DIY podcasting for financial advisors

4 steps to get started

Read the Blog

They also make some recommendation clips in videos that aren’t necessarily related to wealth management at all. It balances meaningful info with a bit of fun which makes for great engagement. 

webinar replay

How to start your own financial podcast

Read the Blog

2: RLS Wealth Management 

He has really built his business from content marketing. He does blogs, videos and podcasts. In 4.5 years, he has seen his business grow and he can trace his 3 largest clients to his blog. 100% of growth came from blogs, videos, podcasts, emails. 

3 tips to help advisors create more content

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He also works with clients on a subscription basis. I know think that those are up and coming. Inbound marketing really enhances the referral experience


modernizing referrals for financial advisors

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When someone has the ability to review your content, who they are working with, they want to be able to research their decisions and there is no better way than to come to your blog, podcast, and give them the confidence to go ahead. 

how important is regular client communications

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3: Advisor Growth Community


They attribute 100% of growth to content. Their email list went from 0-650 subscribers in one month. All of the experience has compounded on itself as advisors develop more advanced content, it shows just what you can do to launch things. 

How Do I Plan an Inbound Marketing Calendar? [39:23]

how to create a marketing calendar for 2020

template included

Read the Blog

Creating content that is consistent is so important. 

The most effective way to create content is to identify ways to use the content that you go is to approach it with a few set frameworks. You need to get yourself past the starting line. 

1-The first way is to document

Don’t waste time coming up with your own ideas. Your conversions are your content. Use the convos you have with clients to fuel your content ideas. If you feed off of times with your clients that can search as your brainstorming time. record your notes. Make sure you just generalize and don’t use client names. Once you have that, then you have content that other people are interested in. MOst convos will probably be relevant to other people like them.

2-Refine your thoughts and edit it

3-Publish your content

Interview: share the perspectives with others.
If you see someone having success with another strategy, then just take that strategy and make it your own. Put your own spin on it.  When you stop trying to appeal to everyone then you make it easier to appeal to a particular someone. Everything always comes back to your niche.
The fewer people your content applies to, the greater the impact it can make on your business.

Create content that your audience cares about

Preview: the art of looking ahead. When you show the past year, say don’t look too closely as this, bc we can’t guarantee the future will be like this. Move your eyes forward…talk to people about what they care about as it is happening. 

Some things to keep in mind: tailor it to what people care about. It doesn’t always have to be serious but it can be fun, as well. Ask clients what they care about? Focus on the people and your calendar content will never stop. 

6 reasons why financial advisors don’t create content

Read the Blog

Getting past 3 main roadblocks:

1-I don’t have enough time

This is a matter of scheduling and making time for it. 

2- I’m not creative

Creativity can be overrated. An over-emphasis on creativity can be due to a misunderstanding of what marketing really is. Of course, you want to leave an impression, and those can be great tools, but the goal is to educate and communicate relevant and valuable information. You are giving away free information so that people will learn from you and trust you. You are building a relationship with communication models.  

What does your audience care about? What will help them understand? Be concerned that you are providing answers first and foremost. 

3-there’s already too much content out there


  • There are 49, 380 Instagram pictures posted
  • 4,333,560 YouTube videos watched
  • 12,986,11 texts sent
  • 79,740 Tumblr posts published
  • 3,877,140 items are searched for on Google

None of these numbers matter to what you produce. Truly if you know who you are talking to, you’re not competing with a large number of pictures and content.  Don’t be afraid to get small and focus on real people. This is how you catch the attention of someone.

Pillar content

Take snippets out of the content and turn that into your social media post. When you get to distribution you are not recreating the wheel. 

Content Calendar:

Identify your content channels 

Track deadlines, project owners and status

Organize by theme or topic. 

Learn more about Lead Pilot

All of the content is completely editable. If you are trying to build that content calendar and are trying to build something. You can come in there and completely edit the piece.

Learn more about lead pilot

Check it Out

When its time to go ahead and share it to your social profiles, you can easily do that with the click of a button. Who you are sending it to you, what it says, etc. 

We are offering an early access discount. It is a tool to manage all the different elements of inbound marketing. Landing page creating, all the different pieces. You can upload all of your own content in here and just have one place to disseminate all your information. You can schedule the posts down to the day and time.
It includes:

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Lead Management
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Customizable Content Library
  5. Editorial videos, quizzes, infographics
  6. Archive content scheduled

You can go back and check analytics to see conversions, who clicked on it, so this is all in one platform, actionable insights to help you know what content to schedule. It will be formally announced next month. 

Thank you for joining us today! In order to learn more about Three Crowns Marketing, go here.

Find out more about Twenty Over Ten, here

What are good ways to capture email? Ther are actually tools that they can just txt to opt-in. or you can say to the audience, just tell the audience. Do you have a checklist that you want to share with them? In order to get that checklist, they have to go to the website and click that to opt it. 

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