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By Namisha Goel Outreach

5 Examples Of Incredibly Creative Copy On Financial Advisors’ Websites

6 minute read
5 Examples Of Incredibly Creative Copy On Financial Advisors’ Websites Featured Image

Creating a website is already a tough job, but what’s even tougher is to make sure that your website has great copy! There are many ways to do this, including being creative, avoiding financial jargon, making your copy scannable, and focusing on your customer. Below, we will showcase 5 examples of incredibly creative copy from our clients’ websites.

#1) Investment Advisory Group

As you can see below, Investment Advisory Group’s home page is written very creatively. They focus on the concept of looking at the big picture first-that is the picture on the puzzle box- before attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Their content is also very customer-oriented. When you take a look at their homepage, their headline “Who’s Looking at the Big Picture For You?” immediately pops out. This headline conveys that IAG understands their clients, and can satisfy a need that other advisors perhaps can’t. Not only is their puzzle analogy creative, but it is also something that everyone can relate to and understand. When viewers look at their website, they will easily be able to understand what the Investment Advisory Group does. 

#2) FourFront Advisor

Here is another amazing example of creative copy. FourFront Advisor‘s “answers” section is a place where customers can find typical scenarios that they may find themselves in. These scenarios are followed by some of the ways that FourFront will help customers navigate through the situation. The answers section also includes typical questions that customers have, followed by services that FourFront believes will solve their concerns. As you can see below, this is a really creative way to reach customers and show that you are customer-oriented.


#3) CBD Wealth Management

When talking about creative copy, another great website to look at is CBD Wealth Management. As you can see below, they have a very unique way of explaining the process that a customer will go through with CBD. The client and advisor will first get to know each other, then the client will become a part of the family, and third, the client will get continued support. This “process” section showcases that CBD sees interactions as an ongoing relationship. By phrasing the headlines “Getting to Know Each Other,” “Becoming a Part of the Family,” and “With You Every Step of the Way,” CBD creates a welcoming atmosphere that clients won’t be able to resist.


#4) Drucker Wealth Management

Take a look at another wonderful example of creative copy from Drucker Wealth Management. By using the acronyms H.E.N.R.Y and H.E.R.B., Drucker creatively outlines who they serve and what they help with. The acronyms are easy to read and they create a light-hearted tone. Moreover, readers get a good laugh out of it.


#5) Lynn S. Evans, CFP

Last but definitely not least, we have an example from Lynn S. Evans, CFP.  An important part of your advisor website is your bio, and Lynn’s bio is incredibly creative, featuring a story that led up to her decision of becoming a CFP. The story is short, sweet, and simple, and also includes dialogues which make the story more powerful. Unline Lynn, a lot of financial advisors detail out their education and qualifications in their bio, which limits their relatability. From Lynn’s bio, we get a clear sense of who she is as a person, and we are able to connect with her more. Here is a part of her bio:


Hopefully, these examples spurred your imagination. But, If you want more help on how to create compelling copy, check out 4 Common Copywriting Mistakes We See Financial Advisors Make


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