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By Katrina Herrera Outreach

Top 3 Reasons Why Investors Read Blogs

8 minute read
Top 3 Reasons Why Investors Read Blogs Featured Image

It’s no question that blogs are effective. Consistently generating quality content is great for SEO rankings, lead generation, and establishing your company as a unique option amongst competitors. Employment in the financial advising industry is projected to grow at a rate of 7% by 2028-that’s faster than the average of all occupations combined. This goes to show just how important it is to set yourself apart in a growing industry.

Companies that blog get 97% more links to their website.

Still, simply having a blog doesn’t guarantee that investors will read it. For your audience, choosing to read a blog is goal-oriented. Whether that goal is merely satisfying their curiosity or something more practical, there’s a motivating factor. Here, we dive into the three biggest reasons why investors seek out blog content.

Reason #1: Investors Want to Learn

Blogging is an opportunity for advisors to share professional insight in a more conversational setting, and investors want that insight. It allows them to gain more knowledge about the industry from a credible source.

Graph investors trust financial advisors during COVID statistics
In the wake of COVID-19, investors trust financial advisors more than anyone else for financial guidance.

All of this considered it’s not surprising that how-to-articles are the most popular blog format. People like being able to apply what they read to their own lives. Investors don’t need to read about your services and experiences in every blog post, but they do want to learn how to apply your practices and see what they could be doing better. 

How to react to the recent stock market volatility

Including niche informational content, such as this blog by The Pocket Advisor, personalizes your blog and attracts investors that are eager to learn. 

Reason #2: Investors Want to Learn About Trends to Plan Ahead

Consistent blog content has a fresher feel to it than just a standalone website. Readers can usually see when blogs are published and by who, making blog posts a great tool to relay up-to-date information. Investors desire real-time advice that they can connect back to the real world. In fact, bloggers that publish content more frequently are proven to experience stronger results.

JPS Global Investments Blog
JPS Global Investments, a Twenty Over Ten client, does this by publishing regular newsletters about stock market trends and what to expect in the future.

The stock market is everchanging, and many investors want help knowing what to make of it. Finding a helpful, regularly updated blog that reports on market trends is a gold mine for investors.

Reason #3: Investors Need an Escape

The great part about blogs is that they allow you to embrace informality. In an industry such as finance, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being overly technical. Investors and advisors alike are people too, and readers enjoy seeing that reflected in blog content.

Lifestyle content is suggested by only 23% of marketing teams, yet it has the highest follower engagement.

Seeing lifestyle content interwoven with typical financial content is a breath of fresh air.

Silverman + Associates blog hobbies
Silverman + Associates Wealth Management takes a break from financial content to offer its readers advice on potential hobbies.

You don’t need to transform your finance blog into a lifestyle one, but offering some valuable lifestyle content humanizes your company. Investing, after all, isn’t just a game of numbers. Investments and lifestyle go hand in hand: many people invest to enjoy retirement, pay for their child’s college education, or provide for their family down the line. Catering to that fact, while still producing financial content, is something prospects like to see.

How Advisors Can Create an Effective Blog Strategy

Having a mix of blog content that addresses all the reasons above is the best blogging strategy to implement for your business. Still-we get it. It’s hard to create a steady flow of compelling blog posts, not to mention meeting all the needs of investors we’ve outlined here. After all, your professional responsibilities are focused on helping clients manage their finances and investments. You may have never taken a writing class or written a blog post in your life, much less learned the logistics behind running a blog. 

Not knowing how to execute successful blog content shouldn’t stop you from doing so, but advisors also shouldn’t have to access cookie-cutter content at the cost of being unable to put personality into their blogs. We understand this struggle, which is exactly why we were ecstatic to launch Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes marketing for advisors. If you find yourself struggling to come up with blog content, Lead Pilot offers a library of regularly updated content to choose from. This content is easy to navigate and well-versed in all topics finance-including that lifestyle content that investors appreciate. 

Lead Pilot customizable blog content library

You can completely customize this content in-app any way you want, giving you the liberty to add your own personal flair and specify blogs to your niche.


Lead pilot customizable blog content

Blogging doesn’t have to be a source of stress. It’s an opportunity to share your thoughts and engage prospects. In the end, investors are seeking out blog content just as you’re seeking an audience to benefit from your blog content.

Struggling With What Content to Share on Social Media or Via Email?

The best thing you can do is to be helpful – provide information in your area of expertise.

We are offering access to our content for advisors to use (via Lead Pilot) for 7-days completely free (even on our month to month plans).

About the author

Katrina Herrera 

A part of Twenty Over Ten’s digital marketing team, Katrina is passionate about creating content for others to enjoy. You can typically find her with an Americano in hand as she makes (yet another) bucket list, writes songs or watches wedding videos.