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By Ryan Russell Company

Launch of the Twenty Over Ten Blog

4 minute read
Launch of the Twenty Over Ten Blog Featured Image

It’s been 8 months since we’ve launched and it’s been an incredible and exciting time for us at Twenty Over Ten. We have a lot of incredible things that have been happening in our offices and are excited to have an outlet to share them with you. As a startup we’ve been working with some incredible people, partners, and clients to bring great design and accessibility to an industry that desperately needs it.

We’re excited to launch this blog as a way to connect with you, alerting you about our own company news and expanding platform features, and offering great insight, tips, and strategies for you to use in your daily practices.

Some News & Updates

We’ve been continually adding new partners to bring our services to advisors and professionals across industries and we’re always looking to grow our network. If you are part of an independent producer group, a broker dealer, or another organization that we aren’t affiliated with yet, please let us know. We’re happy to reach out with your help. Additionally we are also willing to give back to the groups that we partner with through sponsorships, webinars, consultations and more.

We’ve also expanded our platform capabilities. A LOT. Our platform is now completely elastic and can integrate most 3rd party services that many of our clients use. We’ve listened to your feedback and made changes that are relevant to your industry and clients to ensure that the user experience is unlike any other available to you. We’ve made some changes to our infrastructure as well – we’ve moved our servers to make our service even more secure and reliable for our users.

We’ve brought on some new people! Don’t be surprised if you hear from someone other than Ryan, Nick, or Samantha. We’ve found some of the very best people to help get you thorough and speedy answers to any and all of your questions. To help ensure that our customer service stays great we’ve added a number of outlets to direct your inquiries to help get the right answer right away.

Here’s a short list to help you remember:

for all questions related to our product, partnership opportunities, or just to say hello.

for all technical questions related to your website or our platform.

also offers a lot of information for various questions and will be updated often as new platform capabilities are introduced.[/well]

We want to thank those who have supported us and we continue to be committed to offering the best experience to financial advisors and professionals. We are dedicated to help those professionals build the strongest and most unique digital identities on the web. So bookmark us immediately. And make sure to visit us often!

Co-Founders Ryan Russell & Nick DiMatteo