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By Amanda Larson Company

Introducing a Suite of New Features to Make Compliance Oversight Easier Than Ever Before

3 minute read
Introducing a Suite of New Features to Make Compliance Oversight Easier Than Ever Before Featured Image

If you’ve been a follower of our blog for some time now you may remember back in March when we announced the launch of Providence V2. If you just started following along, here’s a quick recap: Providence V2 is a platform our team built specifically for broker-dealers and compliance teams to make the work between compliance and financial advisors more seamless. As an extension of the Twenty Over Ten platform, advisors can create custom, tailored websites with built-in, one-click compliance features to ensure all changes are reviewed and approved. This week we’re excited to share with you even more new features to our Providence platform!

Over the past 12 months, we’ve worked directly with our enterprise partners and their compliance teams to build out the features that matter most to our clients.”

Ryan Russell, Co-Founder of Twenty Over Ten

FINRA Compliant

We placed this feature first for a reason, it’s incredibly important! Maintaining FINRA compliance is an important and required step for financial advisors. Twenty Over Ten creates an archive of every publish, for every site using WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage. Compliance teams have the ability to search through an individual advisor’s archives and access both a printer-friendly version and a fully functional representation of an archive with a single click.

creating a website archive for FINRA compliance

Unlimited Officer Accounts

Working individually or as a team, users have the ability to create and quickly delegate advisors from one dashboard to streamline workflows. unlimited officer accounts with twenty over ten websites for financial advisors

Compare Tool

Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary compare tool enables compliance teams to drill down and easily identify content differences to quickly review and approve or disapprove requested changes. Compliance teams are able to access the advisor suggested changes via a private website URL or printer-friendly documentation.

Live Chat

When questions arise, advisors and compliance teams can communicate clearly via a live chat function, send attachments, and view archive history.

twenty over ten live chat feature

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