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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

From the Archives: Our 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2016

6 minute read
From the Archives: Our 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2016 Featured Image

The beginning of the new year is in sight and as part of our Countdown to 2017, we are recapping our 10 most popular posts from the year. Enjoy!

Succeeding on Facebook

1. Succeeding on Facebook: 3 Simple Steps for Financial Advisors

Is your Facebook presence helping your brand? Make sure your company page is optimized with these three easy steps.

2. How to Use Riskalyze To Improve Lead Capture

Riskalyze allows a financial advisor to fully grasp both a client’s risk aversion and tolerance. Likewise, clients receive a portfolio tailored to their risk level. This results in both parties gaining a greater understanding of each other and the market. Check out this post to learn more about why we love this tool so much.

What is Riskalyze

3. A New Client Experience for Financial Advisors: eMoneyWhat is eMoney

Over the past decade, we have seen a tremendous change in the way financial advisors do business – and financial planning technology is one of the areas leading the way. Advisors now have many options when it comes to financial planning technology, learn more about one such option: eMoney.

Meet the team: Samantha Russell

4. Meet the Team: Samantha Russell

Learn a little bit more about our Director of Marketing and Sales, Samantha Russell. Samantha is the mastermind in everything marketing and is a huge asset to Twenty Over Ten.

5. Back to Basics: Google Analytics for Financial Advisors

Google Analytics is an important free tool that many business owners are not utilizing. If you regularly check and understand Google Analytics, it will help you to be more effective in your online marketing, better understand your website’s performance, and make changes that improve your SEO and the user experience. But what are the most important Google Analytics metrics for financial advisors? How does your site compare to others in the industry? This post breaks it all down for you.

What is Google Analytics

6. The Best Advisor Websites

It is now imperative that you differentiate yourself from other advisors online – both in your brand messaging and the way you communicate it. The following advisors have all developed websites and digital marketing that do just that. They tell a story, speak directly to their audience, and most importantly – are 100% authentic.

What are examples of effective financial advisor websites?

What is virtual reality?

7. How Virtual Reality Will Change Financial Planning

The way in which we interact with video games and alternate realities has changed. With the release of powerful virtual reality (VR) headsets and cases that turn cell phones into VR capable machines, a new way of consuming and interacting with media is now being unleashed. But what does this have to do with financial planning? Nothing now, but in the future – everything.

8. How to Write a Strong Bio for Your Website (It’s one of the top pages read on advisors’ sites after all!)

Bio pages are typically the second most visited pages on a financial advisor’s website (the homepage being the most-viewed). Make sure your bio is sending the right message to prospective clients.

how to write a strong bio

9. 10 Best Sites For Free Stock Photos

Images are one of the most engaging (and therefore important) components of online marketing, but unless you’re willing to pay significant costs for access to a database, trying to find good quality, high-resolution images can be incredibly time-consuming. But your website, blog and social media posts need great images, so what do you do?

We’re helping you out by rounding up our 10 Go-To Websites for free high-quality, beautiful stock photos. These are our own personal favorite places to find photos when we need images for our own blogs, social media, or client websites. You can use any photos from these websites however you wish!

Free stock photo websites

What are online marketing tips?

10. Three Tips for Online Marketing for Financial Advisors

In this industry, it can be easy for financial disclaimers and language to overpower the character and passion of an advisors’ brand. By utilizing blogging and social media (which tend to be more informal modes of communication), advisors can further showcase their personality and in turn build trustworthiness and authenticity with prospective clients.


There you have it- our top 10 most popular posts of 2016! We hope these and our other blog posts from throughout the year have provided you with some guidance and insight into a variety of areas. Now, back to our Countdown to 2017- just 36 days left!

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