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By Paige Jones Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 24, 2018

6 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 24, 2018 Featured Image

We can’t believe it’s the last week of September! As we transition into fall, it’s important to stay on top of your marketing game. Before we know it, the year will be ending and it’s important to finish out the year on a strong note! Take a few minutes this morning to check up on the latest tips in marketing, content creation, and how to stay ahead as the digital world is rapidly changing  🖥.

1. Security 101 – Information Security in the Digital Era via eMoney Advisor

With more and more emphasis on technology, the threat of cyber attacks is rapidly increasing. According to a report25 percent of financial service firms suffered a cybersecurity breach in 2017, up from 20 percent in 2016.

Watch the webinar replay from eMoney Advisor below to hear from Jason Novak, eMoney’s Head of Security & IT Operations, to learn strategies to protect yourself and your clients’ private data from cyber attacks. The webinar covers the most common threats and shares techniques to defend against them. Click the picture below to check it out.

eMoney advisor information security in the digital era

2. In Marketing Today, No Matter the Question, The Answer is Simple: More Content via Practice Management Blog

Content, content, content. It’s not like you haven’t heard this before. Yet, most financial planners aren’t doing anything about it. Everything has changed, so how do you enter the newsfeed of your prospects and local market? By creating and distributing more content. ESPECIALLY if you aren’t creating any now. Click the picture below to read more on the importance of content creation.

importance of content creation for financial advisors via practice management blog

3. 10 Amazing Uses for Media Monitoring via Cision

Using tools for media monitoring allows you to have greater insight into what’s being said about your brand, industry and competition online. The more data you have, the better you can shape future communication strategies to provide value to your audience. Here are their 10 ways to track:

  1. Stay on top of media mentions so you can track results
  2. Take the temperature of your target audience
  3. Tweak campaigns as needed
  4. Keep an eye on the competition
  5. Prevent a media crisis
  6. Build a loyal social media following
  7. Find content that’s useful to your audience
  8. Build a relationship with the right influencers and journalists
  9. Capture one-off opportunities
  10. Keep on top of trending news

For examples and more insight on these tactics, click the picture below! 

10 amazing uses for media monitoring via cision

4. Transparent Titles via Perfectly Planned Content

Titles set the tone for a work. They allow people to gauge what content to expect from reading your post. Picking the right title will enhance the writing you’re putting out for your audience even more! Here is what they say we should keep in mind when coming up with titles:

  • “Grab” your readers. Use language your target audience will be most gravitated toward to catch their attention.
  • Avoid click-bait. A click bait title could misrepresent your content and present a problem with SEO.
  • Stay true to the content. Similar to the point above, keep the title in line with the content you provide. This is the most honest and true way to engage with your audience.
  • Keep SEO in mind. It is important to keep an eye on how the title of your article can be found in organic searches from your audience.

To read more on the importance of your title and its transparency, click the picture below to read the article.

Transparent titles via perfectly planner content for financial advisors

5. Marketing in a Digital World via SEI

Marketing, what does that mean? To many it is a way to promote yourself to add new clients. Yet, most people don’t think of it as your first opportunity to create an experience for your existing and potential clients. SEI features Karim Rashwan, Director of Product Management at AdvisorStream, who is an expert on how you can use digital marketing in your firm to not only support your value prop as an expert and drive new business, but how to create a differentiating experience for them. Click the picture below to read his advice!

marketing in a digital world for financial advisors

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