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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 29, 2017

6 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 29, 2017 Featured Image

Happy Monday and happy Memorial Day, everyone! Before diving into this week’s Five Little Things, our Twenty Over Ten team would like to express our appreciation to both those who have served and those who continue to serve in our country’s military. We thank you all!

Today’s post covers Facebook, email marketing, artificial intelligence, and leadership. Have a look!

1. Does Your Practice Have a High-Performance Team? via Fpa

A high-performance team is a concept within organizational development which refers to a team, organization or virtual group that is highly focused on its goals to achieve superior business results. A high-performance team is one in which you have the right people doing the right things the right ways for the right clients at the right times for the right reasons. Do you have a high-performance team? This checklist of behaviors and attributes of high-performance teams can help you figure that out.

2. How to Write Facebook Status Updates That Will Leave Your Audience Coming Back for More via neil patel

Ever feel like you don’t get that much attention on Facebook? Every marketer wants more attention. After all, that’s the goal of social media marketing, right? The problem is, it can be difficult to get some time in Facebook’s spotlight unless you know exactly what to do. The trick sounds simple: You have to optimize your status updates to stand out.

In reality, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea — optimizing your updates. The way you optimize your fan page updates is not super obvious by any means. So don’t beat yourself up for not “doing it right.” In this article, Neil shows you how to consistently create status updates that get attention. No more waiting for likes and comments. No more spending 20 minutes on each update. Just an easy process that gets results.

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3. Not getting what you want from your outreach emails? Follow these 10 steps. via marketing land

We send emails for a lot of reasons. Sales teams send them to generate new leads. Content marketers send them to try to get a link or encourage an influencer to share something on one of their social accounts. Point is, we rely heavily on emails to try to convince others to do something for us. Unfortunately, someone’s inbox isn’t always the most persuasive channel.

But don’t panic! In this post, contributor Andrea Lehr walks you through 10 easy tricks that will help you overcome common obstacles — like how to spark interest and motivate action — in order to get your content from the bottom of someone’s inbox to their front page.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

4. Why Small Business Should Be Paying Attention to Artificial Intelligence via entrepreneur

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of business. No longer a futuristic concept, its impact is real. From tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon to user-centric behemoths like Uber and Starbucks, everyone seems to be using AI technology to transform the customer experience (CX). But, it’s not just corporate giants that are deploying AI. Smaller organizations are following suit.

Across industries, small businesses are investigating how AI can help them drive down costs, better accommodate customers and remain competitive with their increasingly tech-driven peers. For small businesses unfamiliar with AI, the prospect of rolling it out can be daunting. But, by adopting a strategic approach, small businesses can get a head start on harnessing AI and reaping the benefits it offers.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

5. 10 Behaviors That Highlight Your Leadership Ability via the huffington post

Based on contributor Martin Zwilling’s years of experience as a new business advisor, he always find leadership to be more important to business success than any new technology or innovative solution. The challenge is to adequately define leadership in terms of everyday activities. Most entrepreneurs believe they are leaders, even though feedback from their team and partners may indicate otherwise.

This article identifies ten specific behaviors of exemplary business leaders that Zwilling believes every entrepreneur and business professional must focus on to improve their leadership abilities, as well as the perception of others around them as a leader.

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