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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: August 27, 2018

5 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: August 27, 2018 Featured Image

Summer has come and gone, as we enter our last week of August. Where did the time go!? This season always goes by way too fast, but don’t let it slip away from you before you read our favorite articles from this week on efficient communication, branding and finances.

1. Client Communication: Less is More via Paul Kingsman

Communication with clients is key, but when does it become too much? While it is important to keep in touch, frequency does not always make for the most efficient process.

  • Let oncoming clients know how often they will hear from you.
  • Assure them if something unusual arises, you will provide them relevant details.
  • Keep clients focused on their long-term objectives.

This short video can provide more information on the best way to keep in touch with clients and provide them with the best service.

2. When Should I Get a Financial Advisor and Which One Is Best For Me? via GuideVine

There are so many busy parts to your day, so when are you supposed to find time to make sure your finances are in order? This is not something that you have to go about alone, so at what point should you think about getting a financial advisor to make sense of everything?

There are certain questions that you should ask yourself before taking on this task and understand the different type of advisors. Read on to find out more below and see which is the best type for you and your family.

3. How Häagen-Dazs is reimagining the brand for the Instagram generation via Marketing Week

Brand positioning is an extremely important part of marketing, and as things are quickly changing and new products are entering the marketing, it is crucial that your company or brand changes with the times.

Haagen-Dazs realized that they were becoming a bit stagnant, so they changed in order to fit in with the younger millennials who want to ensure that their products they are using are “Instagrammable.”

You don’t want to be unattainable and I think that’s where we got to a little bit in the past.

Jennifer Jorgensen, Häagen-Dazs

So, what did they do in order to “keep up with the times?” They changed up the logo, as well as, streamlined the inside of their shops. They are going after “really tight messaging” across branding, communications and packaging. Read below to learn more about how they are keeping up with the times and updating their brand.

4. How your clients are discussing money with their children via Advicent Solutions

A survey was published last month by Capital Group about how parents are discussing money with their Generation X and Millennial children. The study was to show what can be done to create a more financially savvy generation, and here were some of the findings.

  • The younger generation is engaging in household finances earlier than in past decades
  • It’s never too early to talk retirement
  • Financial advisors aren’t only expected to educate their clients

5. #TBT-Advisors: If You Don’t Have One, You Can’t Be Effective via SEI

This advisor is about to take his family on a vacation before the summer is over, but he has chosen to do share a throwback article to a time when he could not have done such a thing as a younger advisor.

The reason that he has chosen to do this is to show that there is big a difference in being busy and working effectively. Check out his article below to find out why.

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